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Clean and beautiful! Nice theme! Good luck with sales!


thank you!

pigduck Purchased

I purchased this theme and would like to know:-

1. Printer-friendly – so far I previewed it in IE and Chrome and it’s not very aligned for printing 2. Icons for social media – LinkedIn, etc. Is it possible to incorporate so it doesn’t look cluttered?


Contact me through the form on my user page and I will take a look at your cv and help you improve the print stylesheet and integrate the linkedin social button in an non cluttered way.

Fantastic theme. Very easy to work with.


Thank you very much!

gamark Purchased

Well… it looks good in the browser… but when you print it then it’s a whole different story… The point of a resume is also to look good on paper or?

I tried Opera and Chrome preview and print to PDF and the css looses coherence… this template could be really improved to look good on paper.


I print previewed it in chrome and opera and everything looks great to me. Can you supply a screenshot of the problem areas or maybe describe them?

Hi, do you plan to add any new features in the near future? I don’t feel any major changes are needed, but I was thinking sth like download pdf and profile picture, linkedin icon?


I will keep this in mind for a future update. maybe make an alternative version with a picture and social icons in the “header” and/or contact section.

Schroder Purchased

Hats off to completethemes

There is a big support library, and resident jQuery and JavaScript to deploy.

Adjusting some of the .css can be tricky, perhaps in v0.2 we will see ul li hanging indents instead of default left…but, hey, for $9 who’s arguing.


I’m trilled you like it. Will keep this in mind for a future update.

I can confirm that this is easy to work with. Great theme. One additional option I’d like to see in future update is ‘download as pdf’


Thank you! Will consider that for a future update.

cuzzlor Purchased

G’day Complete Themes,

Firstly, congrats on a very elegant template. Looked through tons of resume templates and yours was the best for me, certainly most likely to come out well printed..

I have two questions:

1. Can offer any print-friendly css tips? For example it would be great if the portfolio items could split out for printing.

2. Can you suggest layout / markup for a ‘References’ section – I would like to list people along with their position title & description and contact details.

Thanks again, love your work. Sam.



Thank you for the purchase!

1. The template already comes with a print stylesheet. I did my best to make it look as great as possible.

2. You could duplicate the Personal interests section’s source code and change the content to do this.

beautiful job;


Thank you, I’m glad you like it!