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Hi how did you set up cookie notice as I would like to insert one on Forte theme

Hi I meant the slideshow on the homepage. Did you use 16:9 on the demo website?

Oh I see, yes, 16:9.

Manuel :-)


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Hi I have just done seo check up analysis and results say “Your page contains H1 headings but all of them have blank content’. How do I change these headings on forte

After the recent update, my portfolio section is all messed up. The wall feature works but the other layouts mesh all weird like. see attached link


Sorry, I don’t see any issue… am I missing something?

Manuel :-)

Hi! sorry but I have a new problem… I can’t enable the option Hide the title section of the page, I active this option but when I save the changes it appears disable.

Hi, since I still have the WP login details I tried to tick the checkbox on this page: http://www.eventosdealgodon.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5201&action=edit and it worked fine… so I don’t know. What page are you referring too?

Manuel :-)

Hi Manual, I have a problem with a submenu. It should show a list of collection brands. I added two brands and now the submenu is empty on the website. In admin area I can still see the list of brands. https://www.cocon-utrecht.nl/gallery/collectie/

I flushed the cache and tried a different browser, so I guess it is something with the code.

Sorry, just checked, and no menu is selected. What should the menu be?

Manuel :-)

Thanks for looking into it! My mistake, I forgotten to select the correct menu in the widget section when I created a new submenu. Thanks again for your time!

Another FORTE update? Where can I view the change log before i apply the update? Thanks.

Thanks buddy.

Have a problem with your “Use the Forte resident SEO feature”. If I deactivate SEO, my featured products disappear from the front page of the website. With SEO activated, the products appear normally. This is the only symptom I can see, but I presume other functionality is/will be affected with SEO deactivated

Ok – looks like I fixed it – it took MULTIPLE tries a clearing the cache, but it finally works – on a side note – do you know about this product http://themeforest.net/item/forte-a-stylish-wordpress-theme-for-writers/10244599 it looks like someone else is also using “Forte”

Thank you, I know: unfortunately there isn’t a rule about theme names on ThemeForest and it could happen.

Manuel :-)

Hi There! There are a few issues with the latest update to Forte that I am hoping will be fixed very soon! The first one is that the pop up window added to the page builder tool freezes some browsers. Some icons are no longer rendering. If you visit my website http://sound-freqs.com (Must login first. Please contact me for login. I have sent you an email, too.) you will see that there are a couple of visible issues on the home page. One is that the YouTube icon is no longer present on the lefthand side-bar (bottom icon, colored red). You will also notice that the shopping car icon is no longer being presented, directly under the slideshow header. Looking at the back end, and the code I have used, there should be no issues at all.

Can you please help me? I am happy to provide you with login information for the site so you can see these issues.

Sorry, where in particular? What sections?

Manuel :-)

For instance, whenever I try to open a Page to edit on the backend, a popup window appears with all of the code used to build the page, but there is no way to exit out of that popup so it kills Safari. In Chrome is functions fine, but the popup window is annoying. Every time something is saved or refreshed the popup appears. There is really no need for a popup window at all. There are also various little interface bugs in Safari after the last update.

I see, sorry for the issue, an automatic update should be already available in your backend. Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi. I used a responsive menu plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-menu/) in this theme. In the main theme its works fine but in the child theme its not showing. Is there any other setting that I should change.

I used this plugin in my other theme(apicona). Its works for both main theme and child theme.

kindly guide me.


Hi, Its done. I added a some javascript in my footer.php for my child theme. Thanks for your help.

Sorry, just tried on my end, I installed the plugin you mentioned, activated a child theme and it worked fine. The only thing: after activating the child theme you have to go to Apperance -> Menu and save the menu in the right location since it loses the parent theme value.

Manuel :-)

Ah, ok. Glad to have fixed in this case.

Manuel :-)


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Hello, I have tried a number of twitter widgets (including the one that twitter provides) that are supposed to auto-expand images in the tweets so the images show automatically in the twitter posts, but to no avail. Its a big issue for me because when I use twitter card, the cards are not visible in the twitter feed. In order to see the images/cards, a user would have to expand the tweet, which normal users don’t take the time to do.

Is Forte set up to allow auto-expand of images? or is theer something in its code that limits tweets to show only text.


wardas Purchased

I might add that I have set up forte with OAuth tokens so that not the probem


wardas Purchased

ok – figured it – ithemes security plugin was causing conflict with twitter images -

Awesome, thank you for updating.

Manuel :-)

I just attempted to update your theme via the WordPress Updates panel. And I got a few errors and failed to update. My site seems ok for the moment but wanted to know why this would happen?

The message: An error occurred while updating Enfinity by Pixedelic: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

I create a new version of the zip file, please, try again and let me know. Sorry for the issue, don’t know what happened.

Manuel :-)

Like a charm. Thanks.


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Hi Manuel! Your latest update will not install. Keep getting this very specific error: http://i.imgur.com/tsg1u60.png?1

Thank you, it seems a problem with the server where the zip files are hosted. Could you try now and let me know please?

Manuel :-)

Hi, I am not the one who build this website and this was just being pass on me, when I create a new slideshow it doesnt save anything how would you address this issue? this is the website url http://www.urbanff.com.au

Sorry, I need to be contacted by the owner of the license code and, since it seems an javascript issue, I should enter your backend and take a look. Maybe a conflict with a 3rd party plugin. Log in with the same account you used to purchase the theme and contact me from the form you can find here: http://themeforest.net/user/pixedelic to provide the login details.

Manuel :-)

Hi, my menu seems to have lost part of its animation on the home page. An update may have broken it? Any ideas?



some icons are changed because of a recent update. Please, add the missing icons again on your menu and (I guess) the alignment will be fixed as well.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Fixed thanks!