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Can you help me with some link with explanation how to show layered category navigation on single product page, thx And I alsa wonder how to achieve according effect on yours layered navigation on DEMO with plus icont etc, thx a lot User Manual is awesome !


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What file would I edit to get the Product Rich Snippets to wrap the Meta Title tag instead of the Item Name ?


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Can’t seen to have the grids display on categories that have products. it works fine on categories that do not have products, only sub cats..

How would I get the grid to display on category content block on pages that have products.

Example –

can’t get the grid to display on that page. It just shows a large solid blue block.

Currently having an issue with mobile side of the site. menu shows up but also the category blocks, just need to know how to remove the category blocks from the mobile site. thank you in advance

who is the best software for large size shopping website ? Magento ,woo commerce, opencart


On the image of the product page, I have a label “loading” remains indefinitely. Yet the picture is loaded. Why does it not disappear?

See screenshot :

1.9.2 was just released and must be installed. Have you tried the update?

Fortis Team,

We have noticed that on the product page with the default template, after the user selects a new product image using the thumbnails, and then the browser is resized for any reason. The main image will swap back to the default image of the item. This presents a problem for our mobile users. Is there anyway to disable this function of switching the image back to default automatically, even though the user is not requesting that to happen?

If anybody else sees this as an issue, the Fortis team got back to me via email. Their solution seem to have worked perfectly:


We don’t have ready solution but you can try this:

in this file: \app\design\frontend\fortis\default\template\infortis\cloudzoom\product\view\media.phtml

remove this line:

var t; $(window).resize(function() { clearTimeout(t); t = setTimeout(function() { $(”.more-images .cloud-zoom-gallery”).first().click(); }, 200); });

and flush the cache.

Hi, i would like to know whether you provide android and iphone app templates as well along with web templates.

Product star rating rich snippet will not show within google search because the element is behind a “hidden” tag within the theme.

What suggestions do you have to correct this?

Does it work with 1.9.2 regards

it seems seller doesn’t update this theme and only work on another theme!!

12.a. NEW: Omit this step if you are not using Magento, I have a fresh install of do I still need to upload the patches meant for ?

The theme currently has a major issue on 1.9.2. As of 1.9.2 static blocks are cached, and this results in multi-view stores for the static blocks not to change between stores. This is a major issue since things like main menu and checkout sidebar are static blocks, and if those do not work, a shop is for all intents and purposes useless. Please make an update where you change static blocks id’s correctly for the cache.


It’s not theme related, it is Magento bug:

Kind regards


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Some time ago I ask about issues using mobile. But unfortunately nobody replied. Now I got email from google:

Fix mobile usability issues found on July 23, 2015 To: Webmaster of, Google systems have tested 1 pages from your site and found that 100% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 1 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users. Fix this now: 1 Find problematic pages View a report of the non-mobile-friendly pages found on your site, and the issues discovered View a report 2 Learn about mobile-friendly design There are a variety of techniques you can use to make your site mobile-friendly. Specifically, look for information about the issues brought up in Search Console make your site mobile-friendly 3 Fix mobile usability issues on your site Fix the issues preventing your site from being mobile-friendly. ------

As I can see this theme not supporting anymore! I would like to know is this issues will be fixed on the earliest convenience?

Thank you very much.


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Hi, we just bought this theme and have the error SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘main_table.umm_dd_type’ in ‘field list’ in the frontend.

Can you please advice?

The rich snippets feature seems to only show the lowest price for configurable products. Is there a way to show all options, or at least show “from” for the price? Thanks!


Thanks for great theme! I have a small question, can not find that in user guide. Is it possible to create two different menus? So, one set of categories for top menu and another one for side bar menu?

Thanks in advance for answer! Regards, Alena