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Hi, Is it possible to link directly to the review form? We used a module before that did that, but with your theme this does not work unfortunately.

The default link to a review form would be<productid>/#review-form

Is there a way to get this to work again?

Kind regards, Ed

Okay, I fixed this by changing the code in app/design/frontend/fortis/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 334:

<?php //Open the "Reviews" tab, when "X Review(s)" or "Be the first to review this product" links are clicked ?>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            jQuery(function($){$("#goto-reviews, #goto-reviews-form").click(function(){if($("#product-tabs").hasClass("accor")){$("#product-tabs .tabs-panels").data("tabs").click($(".tabs-panels .acctab").index($("#acctab-tabreviews")))}else{$("#product-tabs .tabs").data("tabs").click($("#tab-tabreviews").index())}})});
            //jQuery(function($){$(document).ready(function(){if($("#product-tabs").hasClass("accor")){$("#product-tabs .tabs-panels").data("tabs").click($(".tabs-panels .acctab").index($("#acctab-tabreviews")))}else{$("#product-tabs .tabs").data("tabs").click($("#tab-tabreviews").index())}})});

            // Check if the review form is called through url params. If so, open the reviews tab. | Ed de Tollenaer /
                    $(document).ready(function() {
                        if (/#review-form/.test(self.location.href)) {
                           ($("#product-tabs .tabs").data("tabs").click($("#tab-tabreviews").index()));

Calling the product page with #review-form added to the url will now open the Reviews tab on load.

Hope this helps. Ed


Thanks for sharing with others.

Kind regards

Hello, I’ll make you a clear question, answer me clearly without me suggesting links to tutorials. Can I combine all css files in only 1? or will it conflict? If yes, which files should I edit, only local.xml or have more? (Yes, I know, do not want to use the merge css magento)

1. Have you checked the user guide? There is a slider for new products.

2. Not sure I understand you correctly. But you can’t hard-code image size in responsive theme, this can break the layout.

Yes, I checked the user guide, I do not want to use slider, I want to use product list in 4 columns in the home, is it possible?

There is no such feature in Magneto. But there’s a simple workaround: create additional category “New”, add there all new products and display that category using grid:

{{block type='catalog/product_list' category_id='99' template='catalog/product/list.phtml'}}

Hello, how can I make my logo look good in the iPhone? I know I have to make it twice bigger so in retina displays it looks good, but how can I control the size to be appropriate for my website in any device?


Width of the logo is limited in CSS, otherwise it would overlap other elements. Please use Firebug in case you want to customize the CSS, search for this selector: .header .logo

Currently maximum width of logo for page width of 1024px is 220px, and for wider pages it’s 350px. So you can change those limits or remove them completely.

Limits can be found in skin\frontend\fortis\default\css\styles.css and app\design\frontend\base\default\template\infortis\fortis\css\laouyt.phtml (after making changes in that second file you will need to re-save config in System > Configuration > Theme Layout to rebuilt stylesheets).

You can for example replace all limits with width: 100%;

We’re planning some changes in this element in next releases.

Best regards

Hi, Is it possible to add article type content for every brand page? The articles would be text, pictures maybe even videos.


You can create any number of custom pages in Magneto (with any content: text, HTML, videos etc.). Then you can set brand module to link to those custom pages. In that case the URL of each brand page has to match the brand name in product brand attribute.

By default brand logo links to the search results.

Best regards

Is this theme support rtl ??


Not out of the box, but it can be customized.

Best regards

Is it possible to have a link on the bottom that allows users to ‘View Full Website’ instead of the mobile version if they don’t want the mobile version on their phone?

Also, I am having trouble showing the related products and upsell products. I have tried having the static block ‘block_product_replace_related’ enabled and disabled, and I my current settings for Theme Settings>Product Page>Related Products:

-Don’t Replace with Static Block -Slider: Multiple Thumbnails -Position: At the side of the tabs -Number of products: 3

I have also enabled multiple related products in the product management, but I still do not see the related or upsell products. Any ideas? Thanks!


1. No, there is no such feature. Responsiveness can only be disabled completely in the admin panel.

2. You may need to re-index your Magneto and flush all caches to show related/up-sell products. You need to do that from time to time after making changes in catalog.

Kind regards

I’m running a multi-store setup with Ultimo 1.5.6 on one store and Fortis 1.3.2 on an other store on the same Magento installation.

Now I just noticed in the Fortis v2 user guide that the same block identifiers are being used.

Obviously the different stores don’t have the same information in the blocks.

How can I upgrade to Fortis v2 without getting a conflict?


In Magento you can create many versions of the same static block – each version for different store view. Simply import the blocks, then select a block and create another version of that block: with the same ID but with different content. You just need to assign each version of the block to a different store view (you can select it in the “Store View” field). Don’t forget to flush the cache after that.

Best regards

Any update on the Fortis 2.0 facelift?


We’re finishing it, new version should be available for download after this weekend.

Kind regards

Hi there, I am wanting to change the heading text for the Brand slider. My store isn’t using brands, it is using “Clubs” instead, so how do I change this heading to not say “Product Brands” and say something else? Let me know Thanks


You have full control over the slider name, please check the user guide: 12.1.3 Brand Slider

Kind regards

Logo brand not showing in the product detail page at the right ? it is showing in homepage and product page except product detail page.


You must have disabled it in admin panel: System > Configuration > Brands > Show Brand on Product Page. Also, re-index your Magneto and flush all caches.

Kindest regards

When the new update will be available for the magento ??


We’ve just uploaded it, now it has to be approved by ThemeForest staff (it can take a few hours). Demo will be upgraded tomorrow.

Best regards

It’s now available for download.


if my static block “Footer primary top – social links” have no deliberate delete,how i want to get back the html code?


In case you need the original content of some blocks, XML file with all static blocks can be found in the following directory: app\code\local\Infortis\<ThemeName>\etc\import\. You can also re-import all static blocks, please see chapter Theme Installation in the user guide for details.

Kind regards

Hi, is there any chance to display the category text below the products and not above?



This is Magento’s default, you would need to customize the template which displays the category.

When you want to customize a theme in Magento, you can display the name of template file of every block in the front-end by enabling the “Template Path Hints”. This way you can easily check which template files you need to edit to customize specific sections of Magento. Please see this short video tutorial for more details:

Kind regards

Hello, Is it possible to apply the 12 column grid div classes to the product descriptions? I would like to add a heading for product overview that stretches 12 columns. Then below this i would like to have a heading for Features & Benefits that stretches 6 columns and a heading for Technical Specifications that stretches 6 columns (so the two div’s each take up half of the page and sit next to each other). I tried although the background shading doesn’t run the full height and the other tabs near the product description don’t function correctly on smaller screen sizes. How do we apply the 12 column grid classes to the product descriptions?


In the latest version (2.1.0) you can wrapp all grid units inside grid-container class to clear floats:

<div class="grid-container">
  <div class="grid12-12">Heading...</div>
  <div class="grid12-6">Sample column...</div>
  <div class="grid12-6">Sample column...</div>

in previous versions you can try to add this HTML below all the grid units to clear floats:

<div class="clearer" />

Kind regards

Hi, I was working on the menus, and I went to disable the cache (as suggested in the documentation) and suddenly broke the site. I am getting Error in file: ”.../app/code/core/Mage/Cms/data/cms_setup/data-upgrade-” – A page URL key for specified store already exists.

Any ideas?

where? It says it wont be available until later this week…

Please re-download the theme from your account. Description and the demo are not updated yet.

Demo has been updated.


We have menus of different lengths (see URL above) How to reduce the space between the menus. Is it possible?



All blocks of categories are displayed from left to right (starting at top left corner) and blocks from the same row are aligned automatically on the same level, so unfortunately there’s no simple way to change it, you would need to customize the CSS of the menu to change the layout.

Kind regards

Hello Infortis,

I’ve just downloaded and installed Fortis 2.1 for my development installation. I’m testing it with Magento CE

I seem to have some styling issues with the Orders & Returns Page (sales/guest/form/). Could you please check this out?

Thank you!


Magento adds some inline styling to their template for that sales/guest/form/ page so it breaks the default form styles. Sorry for that, we’ll fix it in the next update.

Regarding translation, titles of these two blocks can be specified directly in theme admin panel (sidebar menu in the menu settings, and brand slider directly in the slider code).

Kind regards

Okay, got it! New sidebar category menu functionality looks great b.t.w.!

Any guidance on the timeline for the sales/guest/form fix? I’d like to update my production store to Magento CE a.s.a.p. :)


We’ll upload an update for this within a few days.

Hi, we are getting the following error on home page. Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_Fortis_Helper_Cssgen’ not found in /home/zealshop/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 546

The web url is

Please advice what to do.


  • Magento’s compilation mode was not disabled in System > Tools > Compilation before theme installation,
  • or not all theme files were uploaded or Magento doesn’t have access to theme files because of incorrect file permissions on your server,
  • or theme wasn’t enabled properly. Theme should only be enabled in System > Configuration > Design. Refer to chapter 4.3 How to enable the theme in the user guide for more details.

Kind regards

Hi, thank you for your reply. I am also not able to see the Fortis Menu in the Config page, so does that mean there are file permission problems? because all files exist at their locations.

Yes, or some problems with Magento cache or other server issues. Please check the list of possible problems and solutions in “Troubleshooting” chapter: 14.1.1.


After upgrade to Fortis 2.1 we have the following error :

Invalid method Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links::removeLinkBlock

Thank you Quentin


Which version of Magneto you are using? Please kindly contact our support via the contact form on our profile page and provide more details (link to the site would be useful).

Kind regards

An update for this issue is now ready for download.

So if someone is using Fortis in Magento 1.5 or 1.6, you can re-download the latest version of Fortis and replace this file in your installation app/design/frontend/fortis/default/layout/local.xml with the new version of that file.

We’re very sorry for all the inconvenience.

Best regards

Hi, We upgraded to Fortis 2.1

In the previous version we had moved the location of search bar and top links, but are not able to do so in the 2.1

The example is as follows:

We have tried moving everything in headers.phtml but are not getting any results.

Please guide what to do.


All these elements are still in the header.phtml, not much changed here. Maybe you just didn’t flush the cache?

Best regards

I tried everything, but its not working. Can you please guide me what code to exactly?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Code of the header.phtml in version 2.1 is almost the same as in version 2.0.x. So if you changed it in previous version, do similar changes in current version. if your changes don’t take any effect, then you’re not editing the correct file or your cache wasn’t fully refreshed.