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Hello, Just upgraded my site to the new version. Is it possible to disable the slides for the thumbnail product images? Thanks



The slider for thumbnails is always enabled, it can’t be turned off.

Hello, I am having trouble placing static blocks in the slideshow, I want to place an image with a link. I followed the instructions in the pdf but something weird is going on:

1) After placing the code as in the example:

<a href="{{store url='about-us.html'}}"> <img src="{{media url='infortis/_home/slideshow/test01.png'}}" /> </a>

When I replace the about-us.html and the infortis/_home/slideshow/test.01png with my own html and image, after saving it, it replaces everything with weird addresses from mysite.com/admin/blablablabla….

2) How did you place an html button in an exact position on your slideshow?

Please help.


Thank you, will do all of that right away. But the buttons you use in your slideshows are pre-made buttons in your design software or did you write a code to place a button with the provided text? If so, how to do so?


In the demo we’re using simple image as a button, but you can use any HTML in your slides. You can always see the source code and simply copy it to your site. :)


Of course I mean the source code on our demo site. :)

How do I edit the top links to show the CMS pages that are at the bottom like About Us etc.?

I can hard code them in topmenu.phtml like this <li class="nav-custom-link level0 level-top"> <a class="level-top" href="#"><span><?php echo 'About Us'; ?></span></a> </li>

but I would like them to update automatically as pages are added or deleted.



Unfortunately there’s no such feature in Magento.

Hi Fortis,

I nedd some help. I need to put information on the custom tab of the products, but the information need to be different for every product. How can I set this? If i put the content on CMS all products have the same information.



Individual product information can be added to the product description. There’s also “additional information” tab which displays all individual product attributes which are set to be visible on product page.

Custom tabs are only for static content (the same information for all products).

Hi, On your Fortis site, under each category’s how many products can I show? is it 30 products as it says show 30 or can i show unlimited products under one category and it continues on with a second, third, fourth… page?



It is fully customizable. You can set how many products to show, what options customers have in the “Show” drop-down list (for example: 10, 15, 30, 60, Show all). You can also choose the default category view mode: grid mode or list mode. Pager is also customizable, it can display more links than in our demo for example:

< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … 21 >

Hello, how did you make possible for the products slideshow to be moving? Like the homepage slideshow, I want the products in the according category ID that I selected to be scrolling automatically every X milliseconds.




Please see this chapter in the user guide:
7.8 Product slider

Hello infortis, I was the one who’s having a problem about the zooming feature of thumbnails of the cloud zoom. I can say that this problem has been resolved. Previous post on page 55.

I actually had some thoughts about browser problem when you said that everything is working well on your side when in fact, the Fortis Demo was not working too. I found out that my site works fine with IE, Opera and safari. The cloud zoom didn’t work with firefox and chrome. I asked my friend to visit my site using chrome and firefox and she said, everything’s fine. There, I found out that it won’t work if you have a photo zooming add-on or extension installed in your browser. I forgot the name of my add-on. I removed it and Fortis product page is working fine now.

Just an info for others, if you’re having the same problem, just disable or uninstall some photo related add-on or extension from your browser and restart. It will fix it. If not, call infortis. :)

I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for the best template!


Thank you very much for this tip. Not all people want to take their time to help others. :)

It would be great if you could find the name of that add-on, we would describe that in the user guide.


[Reply to the below response] Hello Infortis, I found the name of this Firefox and Chrome extension. It’s “GoPhoto.It”

I found it in my Google Restore Folder if you want to see the logo it the add-on, it’s here: http://oi49.tinypic.com/e6x7wz.jpg I couldn’t search it in firefox because it’s probably been removed by Mozilla as it’s not compatible with some other extension but its available in Chrome. If you want to use the Infortis Theme guys, uninstall/delete this extension. GoPhoto.it

Thanks Infortis.

How do I get the category name and description to show above the products once I click on a category?



You can add image and description for each category in Catalog > Manage Categories

BrianFR Purchased

Hi Infortis, Great theme really, Sorry for my english, i’m french and i have a question.

How it’s possible to add more dropdown menu, actually i created four blocs (dropdown 1 until 4) but if i create dropdown 5 like that : block_header_nav_dropdown5

it doesn’t appear on my menu. I have to modif some pages ? which pages ?

Thanks a lot.



There are only four blocks available. You can customize the template and layout files to add more blocks, the same way as current blocks were added. Please see these files:

app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\layout\local.xml (line 182)

if you’re using Magento 1.7:
app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\page\html\topmenu.phtml (line 84)

if you’re using older versions of Magento:
app\design\frontend\fortis\default\template\catalog\navigation\top.phtml (line 92)

Hi, how can I define diffent “new” and “sale” labels for each store view? For example, in spanish and english.

Thanks in advance!



This is not possible in the current version, but it will be improved in next updates.

How can I add a banner or block to the left sidebar on the category view page?



Unfortunately there is no such feature, there are no custom blocks in the sidebar.

How do I auto populate the upsell and related products categories with products form the same category?



Unfortunately there is no such feature in Magento.

Hello infortis, i have a questions regarding javascripts. How can i put google javascripts on the theme. I tried linking the js and css on the head, i tried adding it on the infortis local.xml but it destroys the theme. The tooltips, homepage slide, and field mark-ups. Most of the onload popup scripts uses the google api js from 1.5 to 1.7.2… I tried everything but it wont work. Well the popup works but the theme is scrumbled. What im trying to do is an onload popup subscription to my newsletter. Please help. Thanks again.



Unfortunately we’re unable to support third-party scripts integration. BTW the theme already has lightbox script (Colorbox) so you can try to use it in your store.

For support requests please kindly use the account which was used to buy the theme on ThemeForest, as our support workflow requires it.
Thank you in advance.

Hello Infortis Team, I wanted to use the aheadworks blog extension. ?This plugin generates only a blank white page! can anyone help us here!?




We haven’t tested this extension but generally every extension can cooperate with every theme, it just needs to be installed properly. Extension should be installed in the main directories of the Ultimo design package. Here are the main directories of Ultimo:

• Template files:

• Skin files:

Hi! I would like to know how can I have dinamic content in the right block in the product page. For example, a short description of the brand of each product. Now I can have a static block but the same for all products.



This block is only for static content.

HI, how I can remove the paypal banner in the left column?

p.s. is there a way to search into all this discussions?




This is built-in Magento block, you need to search in PayPal setting in the admin panel. I’m not sure if this can be disabled in Magento 1.7.

is there a way to search into all this discussions?

It’s best to use Google. If you want to find keyword, enter this query:

inurl:http://themeforest.net/item/fortis-flexible-magento-theme/discussion/1744309 keyword

Hello instead of the links in the header:Custom Account Wishlist Log In Sign Up I want links to static pages

and put these links in a first title instead of Sample Header Links

You can give direction how to do it


Unfortunately there is no such feature. Those links are hard-coded in Magento.

Hello Fortis

I am interested in purchasing this template, but I had a doubt when I saw the Demo. You have two ways of showing the properties like size and colors of a product, ie:

Example 1: http://demo.infortis-themes.com/fortis/en/fashion/clothing/sample-fashion-product

Example 2: http://demo.infortis-themes.com/fortis/en/electronics/computers/my-computer

Is this an extension or a configuration of Magento? Because I would only use and prefer the first example for my future clothing shop and I’ve seen that the second option is the most common thing, Is there any extra configuration for this procedure at Fortis template?

Hope to read from you soon…thank you. SM. :)



You can display product options in both ways. This can be set individually for each product (or you can mass update all products at a time).

I’m trying to get Fortis running with an extension that should add a banner to the cart. Here’s the relevant part from the layout:

... <checkout_cart_index> <reference name="content"> <block type="checkoutpromo/checkoutpromo" name="shoppingcartpromo" template="checkoutpromo/checkoutpromo.phtml" before="-" /> </reference> </checkout_cart_index> ...

In the cart.phtml I added the following line:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('shoppingcartpromo'); ?>

Unfortunately the banner does not get displayed. Please advice, thanks!



Make sure that you have flushed Magento cache. If you are editing the right file (app\design\frontend\ultimo\default\template\checkout\cart.phtml), it should work, the code looks fine. But you need to ask author for help, we don’t know details of this extension and we don’t support third-party extensions.

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Hello Infortis-Team, a few posts ago and over time you sayd, that there will be an update of the Theme. I’ve some questions:

1. do you have a timeline? :) 2. will there be support for “custom.css” to override styles? 3. will the theme be a responsive theme? 4. will there a complete changelog (we want to compare our theme customisation with your update) 5. Will the theme in the same way configurable as “fluid”?

Anyway, well designed theme. Do more such things – bro. ;-)

Have fun, Timm