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djali06 Purchased

Hello, after installation of dummy data, I thought it would look exact as Demo site, what I am missing?


It should look like the demo. After importing demo data, you must select the main navigation menu, set the homepage as static page at Reading and import slider dummy data. If you need help write us at

Best regards!

good afternoon, the main menu items have any limitation? I’m doing the menu and when I am entering the menu pages, automatically remove some of them. Thanks.


Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you explain more clear? Please write at

Best regards!

Hi, i’m sorry for my english… I have a problem with the menu. I add pages into the main menu but, it doesn’t allow me to add more than 77 pages. It’s that possible? I try creating other menu, but it was the same. Thaks again!

Hello Tell me pls I making my site japanese version. I must choose what font on japanese

Buenas. Estoy usando su theme en una web pero no funciona la paginación en el blog.

When i install required plugin “Mailchimp List Subscriber Form” i am getting error as following and cant install plugin.

object(WP_Error)#4545 (2) { [“errors”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(219) “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration. If you continue to have problems, please try the support forums.” } } [“error_data”]=> array(1) { [“plugins_api_failed”]=> string(2) “N;” } }

Something went wrong with the plugin API.

Hi there! I cannot use the page builder. Nothing happens when I create a page and I cannot see my pages to edit…

Dear Mouththeme Support,

I have some troubles setting up your theme..

1. I´m trying to implement a buddypress forum to this theme, but the profile sites to not work. (when i click on a name who posted a topic or when i click on the login or register link).

2. when I´m logged in to a buddy press account (not admin) the wordpress bar on the top appears – is it possible to get rid of it?

3. the direction links under the header to not work – i can´t click on them..

do you have solutions for me?

thaaaaank you :D



You really have a great theme. I just bought your theme, and thought its very fine, I have notice your theme has this conflict with jetpack. At first, it was difficult activating jetpack, I get getting errors upon errors. Now that it is successful, I get this: Shortcode Embeds could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Perhaps there is a conflict with another plugin you have installed? Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /hermes/bosnaweb05a/b2671/ipg.dotculture/etal/wp-content/themes/fortis7/functions-fortis7.php:549) in /hermes/bosnaweb05a/b2671/ipg.dotculture/etal/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php on line 128

what must I do please?

When i make a variable product it doesn’t show the drop down menus on the product page. But when i change to twenty twelve i does work so could you please help me.

Having a major issue. I can’t edit the Dynamic Templates anymore. I just updated to the current theme, but I when I go to the page builder, the options are gone. Please help. Can’t update the site at all.


Hello :)

This is my website and i have a couple of questions.

1-) In the footer > widget of contact info, where can i change the words email, address and phone for spanish words.

2-) in the blog page ( where can i change the word read more.

Thank you :)

Hi, i buy the theme but there are some problem:

- The project slider appear without images;

- The product pages are empty but i’ve upload images.

May you help me please?