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r2get Purchased

no still notting

After installing the shop does not work javascript. On the home page does not work “slider”. In the product scroll through photos. Address shop http://camy.iq.pl/prestashop . Do I have to install some script?

I would like to buy this theme. Is it bugfixed now and safe to buy??


Sure. we have support staff during business hours and we have released over 4 new releases now with new features and fixes on small bugs

r2get Purchased

No! its not bugfixed… this theme was my worst nightmare… It took me hours and hours to get it straight… paid several prestashop developers to fix it!

r2get Purchased

why dont u reply my mesages,, i want a refund

Hello is root menu’s maxium is only 4?

visco701 Purchased


This is jimmy(sungchul ham)

We bought your theme (forium) at


and I installed it prestashop 1.5.2. and import your theme it.

admin id : kcccham@yahoo.com password : 10988#Jw

The problem is menu and category system.

1. maximum is 4 (root category)

I inputed 7 root category.
I can see  in your screenshot ,

2. double with root and sub-category of home

3. double home category ( it show 2 )

I don't need both of them.

would you tell me what was the problem? I installed over and oever again. 2 days I spend.

please let me know as soon as possible… visco701@yahoo.com

thank you.

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I would like to ask about the new Update, bicause this is old wersion 1.5.4 ????


yeah its compatible.

leewai Purchased

Uptdate to 1.5.(3-4),...

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Hi, I have the same problem of bogdankasperski. The home slider doesn’t work. My site is www.fuckshirt.it . Please help me.


I only see a presta install screen.


How to position the cart block in the header (top navi)? I want to position cart block at the right side of logout link Fortium Theme. Could you help me?

This template is really poorly set-up. It just doesn’t function as it should. Not worth the money!

Have the same problem with slider, it does not work at all, how can I fix this problem????


Please send a ticket with you url and ftp details to support@3000themes.com and we will look today for you!


I’m testing your template on local host, the problem I see have a lot of guys already. How can we solve that issue?


I understand. although there is no specific issue with this. but most of the times its just a mistake or problem in the configuration.. please tell you what you’ve done and email support. we will try to help you as good as possible

Hi, I’m using Prestashop vers The slider in home page doesn’t work. Any suggestion?

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How it’s possible to have horizontal thumbnails on the product page ? Thx!

Need a refund please I waited for more than 3 months and did not recieved any help!!

Hi There,

I got empty div products on category page. If I replace it by the prestashop category.tpl template I can see my products.

Could you confirm that the theme is compatible with Prestashop


i am interested in buying your template, but as there are many people having problems with it i am not sure about that… ... you wrote to someone above 2 months ago that you did upload new release… but in the change log i can just read that the last update has been in january… so… what is right?

Thanks Thomas

Can I please ask if you are still supporting this theme as you have not answered messages here that are up to 1 month old. If you are not supporting it then I will not buy it – please just let me know.



Yes we are again. sorry for the delay

wow i’d like to purchase but it seems that this theme doesn’t work at all with prestashop ? no support & the demo is ko ?


Hi Karl, Sorry the demo is currently offline indeed, we are working on it as we speak. this was due to a huge issue with our own dedicated server. sorry for that.


We just restored everything