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Hi. A few pre-purchase questions. 1) Is the width of the images used on the homepage slideshow a fixed one? 2) On an iPhone, the navigation controls for the homepage slide show seem to be covered by the footer, making it impossible to navigate the homepage slideshow. Thank you!

Hi there,

1) the sizes are defined using the WordPress image sizes functionality

2) on the mobile devices there’s the swipe functionality available


This theme is perfect for the artist I am working for – www.picassodog.com

It has a really fun feel to the slideshow and was easy to customize.

One thing is not working well on the phone. The background does weird stuff when surfing from page to page. It is fine on the computer but not on the phone.

AND we wish the filter would work on the blog stream page like it does for the portfolio. It’s a little more fun and would be a nice update :) since we are not using the portfolio section of the template at all.

Thanks for a great theme!

Hi there,

this could be probably related to your theme customizations because the background-attachment fixed doesn’t work well on mobile devices, anyway, unfortunately the filter is available only on the portfolio page.



Is there any way to add infinite-scroll to this theme? I have tried with some plugins but I think the structure is completly different to other blogs so any of them works.

Can you give me any tip to do this?

Great theme. Thank you!

What I want exactly is just a LOAD MORE button at the end of the posts and on click load more posts just after the last ones. I am using image post format. (http://www.11maguen11.com/blog)

Hi there,

we’re sorry but the infinite load is not supported on Fotografia, anyway the blog structure it’s pretty standard, a loop of articles in a #content div, or for the “masonry” version, a loop of articles in a #stream-container div.



How can I increase the size of the slider in the showcase page?



I installed this theme and made the front page just like its preview(which means “slideshow”). But when I access my page with my iPhone(using Safari), I can’t see the slide image. What I can see is just my main logo. I don’t know what did I wrong.

This is the theme that i’ve been looking for. Thanks.

Hi there,

could you please open a new ticket, sending us a link to your installation too, on our support platform at http://thbthemes.com so that we can look better into the problem?


Having trouble with the order of the blog posts. On the page designated to show all posts, switching the Date / Ascending or Date / Descending option doesn’t change the order. The site is insisting on displaying the oldest post first. Thoughts on how to fix this?

Thank you!


Found my answer in the support forum. Sorry to bug you! Thanks.

You’re welcome ;)

Dear friends, on March 17 I bought the Theme Photographs, responsive WordPress theme for artists, Purchase code: 3903fe1c-55e8-4814-a778-be9f2c07862c. But I had a problem in the administration panel with buttons to add images in the slide show, as these do not work. Please, I would appreciate your prompt help and I must give the client your web site work in shortest time possible.

Software Version: WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5

Browsers: Mozilla, Google Chrome (latest versions)

Server: Linux

Link to see the picture of the error: https://www.flickr.com/photos/juanjo1032/16704898177/

My e-mail: juanjose@estilovisual.com


Juan José Torres Larios

Hi there,

could you please open a new ticket on our support platform at http://thbthemes.com so that we can look better into the problem?

you have to create a new account on our support platform at http://thbthemes.com, by clicking on the “log in” button on the top right corner, register your purchase by adding your purchase code, then you’ll be able to create a new support ticket or browse all the tickets related to your purchase.



first of all this is a very good template…

Can you please say me how to change the portfolio site from 2 to 1 site?...

I don´t like the next button… i want all portfolios in one big site… so how i can increase the number of shown portfolios in one site?

I just want about 15 portfolios in one site without next….

Big Thanks

Hi there,

in the “Portfolio” page template you can find an option called “Number of items to show” under the “Portfolio items” page metabox, you can enter -1 to show all the entries so no pagination will be displayed.


Hi there! Pre-purchase question – in case I will have a question or two about the template where can I get support? The Item Desription page states: “Register your product and get access to documentation & ticket support” and on the other pages here on themeforest it’s written: THBThemes does not currently provide support for this item. Just wanna make sure you guys can be reached if needed. Cheers! Liisa

Hi there,

thanks for your interest in Fotografia. The support thing is being discussed currently for items sold here in ThemeForest. In Fotografia’s case, we’ll support the item at our support platform (thbthemes.com), but it’d be completely voluntary and not subject to any restrictions imposed by ThemeForest.

You can read our Support Policy here: http://thbthemes.com/support-policy/


eilgwon Purchased

Hi! I have bought your theme for my website. It seems to be working well so far. However I would like to expand window of portfolio when I see it on the mobile. I mean I made portfolio and it’s going to be displayed with showcase. But when I see it on my phone the window of showcase is too tiny to see clearly. Even though original photo is bigger than it. How can I change size of showcase for mobile and computer? May I make it bigger for mobile? <www.kevinyou.com> this is my website Additionally can I remove border of window? I prefer to see photo without frame or border in gallery board and portfolio as well. If you replay as soon as possible I will be grateful. Thank you!