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Love it!!! Bookmarked. Thanks!

Your opinion is very important for us. Thank you!

Well done, Great work! more sales with you.

Thank you, and your portfolio is very impressive. Good luck!

Trendmicro is blocking the live preview… verified fraudulent blah blah check it out.

We will change the hosting provider on this week. Thank you for notice.

I am very pleased, thank you.

Vivid work, zemlyak ;)

Privet, spasibo :)

this is AWESOME !!!! Is this going to be released as a WP theme? if so, how soon can we expect it? this would be so perfect for the client project i have on my plate.

xox ~s

WP version will be available in two or three weeks.

Thank you!

Very fresh and original ;)

Good luck mate

Thanks a lot!

Hey, I was wondering, what size are the images used in the theme? (The images in the slider)



the width is 620px, and the height is 365px, but you can use any other height you want.

Thank you!

Okay, thanks!

Hi there, will this item be released as WordPress? I know you said it would a couple of weeks ago ,will def. purchase the second its avail.

when it does, can u please email me? ben @

regards ben

Hi Ben,

we going to release WP version in two weeks (first days of march).

The reason of the delay is that we decided to release a new version of this HTML template first. It will be available within few days and will have new color schemes and a lot of small improvements.

I will contact you of course, thank you.

ths PSD that is supplied with this theme is hardly what the theme looks like – buyer beware if you want a PSD that looks like the actual theme.

Yes, the PSD files are poor because the theme was redesigned many times before it was finished. We have a lot of PSDs of old versions, but they not included in the download file for the same reason – they dated, and don’t looks like the actual theme.

With this design the PSDs are less needed. And you can always contact us and request the part you need.


Hello Themico, really nice template! Will the new version include a blog item page with comments?? What are the improvements you are working on?

Sure, will upload a new version in next 3 hours. And then need to wait until it will be reviewed.

Thank you.

How will I know when it has been updated??

I will notify in comments and on the item page details page, and update a demo.

Could you tell me what font you used on the button SHARE .


the font name is “Play”. But this caption was corrected in photoshop also. So, you will not get the same result with the font only.

Thank you.

I’m talking about this font:

It’s completely different from the font Play, are we talking about the same font?

Yes, it looks different because as i said it was edited (every letter in the word “share”) in photoshop to look nicer.

Template updated to the 2.0 version. Details in the changelog on item details page.

This looks amazing! Is the WP version still on schedule to come out tomorrow? I will most likely be purchasing that theme as soon as it is available!


i’m sorry, but the WP theme will be available only on the monday/tuesday of the next week.

Thank you.

Not a problem. That’s not too far off. :)

Hi Themico,

The mail script doesn’t work, if i fill in the form there won’t send a message to my mail account?

Can you test it? Or do i have to change some settings? Thanks!


first, you need to use a contact.php, instead of a contact.html file. Second – you need to change e-mail address in this file (contact.php) on your. More information you can find in the documentation to the template.

Thank you.

Any update on the status of the wordpress version of this template?


theme is ready. But we just waiting until our hosting will be available – there are few reason why it is not currently working. We can’t create a demo site without it.

This problem may be solved in about 6-7 days. We apologize to all who asked and waited.

Thank you.

Wondering if the WP version is still slated to arrive soon? Have a project I would love to use this on but the client wants WP. Any realistic update on release?

Than you very much for your interest.

We will uploading theme tomorrow morning. So, it will be available tomorrow, if there are no problems due to review process by themeforest.

Hello, I have another question:

Where do I enter the email address for the contact form to work? What I mean is, where do I enter the email address in which the contact form requests will go to?

Hi, khena25. You can find an answer on your question inside of documentation distributed with this theme.

Is this template available as a WP theme?


we going to upload theme tomorrow morning. Depend on the the results of review it be available tomorrow.

Thank you.

Finally, the wordpress theme is available. The link is on the “Item Details” tab.