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Theme updated to version 1.8 – details in the changelog.


Fantastic theme. i want to change the text that appears in the subscribe box. At the moment it says “get latest news and offers”

Where can I change this text please?

Thanks Rob

Hello Rob,

thank you. There are two ways to change this text:

1) You can create a translation file for the theme and edit any captions and text in the theme;

2) Or much easier solution – edit it directly in the theme template file: footer.php line 44.

Thank you!


I am looking at purchasing this theme. Does the subscribe to Newsletter field link up to Mailchimp or Constant Contact?

Thanks a bunch, great looking theme.

Hi, clarityconsulting!

Subscribe to Newsletter field link just sends a notify to site administrator. It’s not integrated with Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Thank you!

Is there any other menu (secondary) locations, besides the main one located on the left sidebar?

I.e., can we add a secondary menu on the header?


there is only one menu location in theme. Secondary menu’s can be added with menu widget to any widget areas (like in footer on demo site). No option to add a menu to the top of the page, where content starts.

Thank you.

Hi I purchased your theme and I’m working on a site. Is there a way to change the email address that the Contacts form goes to?

Hi, bziegl!

To change default email address you should log in admin area and go to edit contact page to fill “Contact E-mail” meta option.

Hi there!

Does your theme natively supports dropdown menu with Multi Levels? Lets say for example that i wanna two new sub menus in:

Elements -> Lists ->

  • List A
  • List B
  • Is that possible with this template?



    theme supports 2 levels for dropdown menu, for example:

    main menu item > dropdown menu level 1 > dropdown menu level 2

    But you can’t create any separate lists or add other content, only standard wp menu items.

    Thank you.

    Boys, I don’t understand how to set up the 4 boxes in a line instead of one underneath another, as you have set it up on the demo version. I have been trying but where this code comes from?

    Thanks Vancho.

    Arh… never mind I found out :) Thanks Anyway

    Like vaanto I don’t know how to setup the 4 boxes in a line as seen in the demo. He seems to have figured it out but I guess I’m not as bright as he is. Any help?

    EDIT : To anyone else who’s wondering: I created a page called Home and set it as my homepage in the Settings -> Reading and then in the Appearance -> Theme Options click on the Widgets tab and set all of them to 25% and the last one to 25% last

    Hello vaanto and jamesdbruner,

    glad you guys find the solution. This questions is covered in documentation by the way. On homepage content area and footer you can add 1-4 widgets in a row. You can manage widgets width in the Theme Options panel, Widgets tab ;)

    Thank you.

    And if i wanna a dropdown menu level 3? Is that possible? Is it too hard?

    Thank you

    I created third level on demo site. Hover menu items: Element -> Typography and you will see third level.

    Thank you.

    Hi! Great theme so far, but my blog is not showing up right.

    I set the ‘posts’ page in the Reading settings, but as you can see it is not showing posts correctly. Any other settings I should adjust?


    Hello and thank you,

    i can’t see the theme on the url you give me. Can you recover it and let me to look (or give me a screenshot at least)? Do you want to show blog posts on blog category page or on homepage?

    Thank you!

    Also, is there a way for the Foundation Recent Posts widget to list posts from all of the categories? I don’t want to single them out.

    Sure, if you have for example “Blog” category and 10 subcategories inside it – you need only select “Blog” in the Foundation Recent Posts widget to show recent posts from both main category and all it’s subcategories.

    is their an easy way to change the background image ?


    page background image can be changed in style.css file line 63.

    Thank you.

    How do you suppress Pages from being listed/appearing in the main Navigation?


    use navigation menus WP functionality: “Appearance > Menus”.

    Thank you.

    Where/How do i set the images for the slider?


    there is special section in documentation: Slider and It’s Settings.

    Thank you.

    I can’t get the Google Analytics to work. I double-checked to make sure I put in the correct ID under the Theme options. Are there any know issues?


    no, no issues. It work well on the demo site. How do you know it is not work? Did you wait a day before check stats, because it updates once in 24 hours.

    You can give me your URL an i will check if code presented on the page and correct.

    Thank you.

    My GA ID for this website is UA-23092723-8 and the URL is

    It hasn’t been 24 hours yet but I usually see stats within an hour. I’ll check again tomorrow afternoon.

    I’m very sorry. Looks like there is a mistake in the code. Open functions.php file in the theme directory. Go to line 801, where is a parameter ‘_setDomainName’ and change its value from ‘’ to ‘auto’. Then it must work.

    I made this change. I will check my GA account later. Thanks for the support!

    One other question. I need to create a page for the blog posts. Does the theme have any short codes for displaying blog entries?

    To have a blog page you only need a category with the posts. Add this category to the menu and your blog is ready. You don’t need a page and shortcodes.

    I’m getting this error in my source.

    <b>Warning</b>: sprintf() [<a href="function.sprintf">function.sprintf</a>]: Too few arguments in <b>/home/beta/wp-content/themes/foundation-theme/functions.php</b> on line <b>385</b><br />

    any idea?

    Hello, vdiec!

    Please download fixed function.php by link:

    Thank you.

    The google analyitcs isnt working for me.

    The ID is correct.

    Any ideas? Known issue?

    Great theme!!

    Hello, buttonmatt!

    Please download fixed function.php by link:

    Thank you.

    lovely jubbly!! Thanks a lot!