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combex Purchased

Hi, I wrote a message 12 days ago, but I still waiting an answer :( This was the original msg

Ey, nice theme, good work!!

I have 2 troubles I need to solve:

1) How can I set “blank” target to social buttons (shortcodes)? 2) I can’t view correctly my site ( in mobile in vertical position. Header appears disordered.

Thank you for your time!

It is blurred, you have to specify the logo size in the theme options panel for the main logo.


combex Purchased

But the size setting is only one for both logos. Is there any way to set only the retina logo size? Because now I see a little version on desktop.

If you set the original logo 200×300, that the retina should be x2, 400×600

Dear Sir,

The posts in the blog doesn’t show the details if the post type is Video or Photo.

Please advise the content is loading, though there are some errors in the firebug console.

so what shall i do? or how to fix it?

Did you install some 3rd party plugins that could affect its work? We do not have any errors in our theme


alde_rg Purchased

Hello, good afternoon, buy your theme and this really cool, but I want happening when entering a page to change the photos of the gallery, is not the CUSTOM SETTINGS of the gallery, to change the photos, either displays the options page displayed on the top right.

Can you help me? I already went to install, works the first time and then does the same, disappears custom settings for the images.

Thank you very much, Greetings.

You can download it from your account at TF.


alde_rg Purchased

:( I downloaded the latest version and feel the same.

Then please send your wp-admin and ftp details and we will check it. You can send the details via a contact form on our TF profile page.

Hey Mad Dog< Is there a way to get social media icons on the menu bar? I can’t find that option anywhere. Seems like that should be there in this day and age.

Thanks, Ebphotog

Hello! The layout of the theme does not support this option.


Another question, why can I not find where to activate the text box that is ion the film strip on the home page? its there in the demo…

Cheers again, ebphotog

What film strip do you mean? Any screenshot?

The one we have been talking about at the bottom of the page, to the right of the lightbox text.

It requires the changes in the code.

I have downloaded the latest version of Frame, but what is the best way to install it without using all my work to this point?

Cheers, e

Hello! If you did not make the changes in the theme files, then simply overwrite the theme files via FTP.

Is there a way to start each blog with a drop cap without having to do short code on each individual page?

Hello! Did not get what you mean. Any screenshot?

I don’t have a screen shot as I don’t know how to do it, but you have a short code for a drop cap. Instead of applying it one blog post, is there a way to make it happen on every blog post.

You can copy paste that shortcode in each blog post.

Hello, I am using Pages for my portfolio pages and I have collected them by categorizing them so they all show as masonry on a portfolio page, just like blog pages.

The problem is that they are ordered by the creation date on the masonry page. Is there away to change the order?

I have tried to change the order by moving them in the CMS but that is not working.


There is no way to change them, only by date.

Is there a way to change the date?

Yes, do in the same way like with the blog posts

Also, Is there a way to change the timing on the home page slide show?

Thanks, Eric

Yes, please pos the request on our help forum


sguio Purchased

hello a question you can put photos that run vertically to the right side of the site instead of horizontal scroll ?

if you like I do?

Hello! We do not have such layout in our theme.

Hi Mad_dog, I have a wordpress version 4.2.2 . I can not upload photos – CUSTOM SETTINGS. Why ? In the past I could add pictures . Please help Andrew

Please read the documentation. Note that if you made the changes in the code, they will be lost with a he update

So I changed the code. Are you overwrite files portfolio that not enough?

I do not understand the question. You can backup your changed file, once the theme is updated, you can try to upload your file to see if everything works fine.

Please can you let me know, what is last version update , I have Version: 1.5 (build b32a12b) is this the last one?. everytime i try to upload images to my portfolio i have i problem loading my page, if this is the last version please advice what to do to speed up the loading of the images. Thank you

The latest version is 2.2

thank you

Hi there,

I’d like to limit the number of words in the blog preview (two lines of copy) like in your demo. Is this possible. At the moment I have 7 lines of copy – example here

Thanks in advance


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! Please use the excerpt area in the blog posts admin area to add a short description.

Thanks for the quick response :-)


my problem has not been solved since two weeks

Jane from support forum instead checking simple thing buries me/thread with irrelevant questions / information.

please help

Please update this file on your end


You are welcome.

Good afternoon. This theme supports Cyrillic? The theme is translated into Russian?

Hello! Yes, you can translate it into Russian.

I need help with the blog page and posts page. The blog page I would like the featured image to show up…how can that happen?

When the post page is pulled up (example: I want it full screen with no gallery on the right hand side.

I need the image to show up in the blog roll, as a thumbnail. I don’t think the instructions you gave me accomplishes that, unless I did something wrong.

And on the actual post page, there is a blank photo gallery on the right hand side…where do I add the pictures for that?

Please provide your wp-admin details and we will do the test post for you. You can send them via a contact form on our tf profile page

Hey Guys,

this template is absolutely great. But i have one question. Are there any Change-logs available between the different versions of the template to determine if an update is useful or not.

thanks for your answer

regards Denis :)

Hello Denis! Thanks for the purchase and kind words. Sure, please download the main zip file and check change_log.txt file

Hi there. I was looking at your theme and I’m very interested, but I’d like to know first if it’s possible to share individual pics, meaning that I have a gallery of pics and I want to share just that photo not the entire gallery, so that when I add a new photo to a particular gallery the users can see it on social media and come to the website to view that particular photo. I was looking at your theme and apparently I can only share sections or pages? Could you confirm this? And is it possible to add a e-commerce plugin to the theme, if yes which would you recommend if you have tested any. Many thanks.

Hello! As you know facebook script shares the entire page content and selects the certain image from the list.

Hey. thanks for the reply.

But I found a theme or two that has done it. Like this one here:

Is this something you’d might look into develop or not in the priority for now?


If you try to share any image from that gallery (btw, the image did not load once I clicked share), for example at the facebook, your readers will get this url instead of the image in the lightbox, because as I’ve mentioned above, you can share the page. It is the url of the attachment.

do you offer Customization for the theme ?? i need this theme but i want some extra Customization ,, i can paid too the extra Customization , thanks best regards

Hello! Can you please send the list of the changes to help at gt3themes dot com and we need to review it first.

Hi guys,

Your support forum seems dead domain, how can we get support?

I’m currently setting up an Architect portfolio with your template, when creating the portfolio items it’s correctly displayed in the masonry portfolio page but when clicking on an item it do not open the project display, how should this work?


We will correct it.

Ok I find a solution, documentation is a bit messed up and things are missing but globaly your template is great and easy to use!