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Nice new theme. Will buy the WP version on release. ;) Can you have a Ken Burns gallery on the Homepage? That would be the obvious place I’d use it.

Sure, you will be able to set any page as a home one.

Hi! Compliments for your template.

I want to set the header menĂ¹ location on top in all pages.

I understand that you explain in info, but not for all sites…

I use dreamweaver and IT’S EASY CHANGE ALL PAGES with one operations, but I don’t know that I must do.

Excuse for my bad english

Yeah…I don’t find the code for licensing ( for enter in fourm) :-D

Ok, found

Amazing Theme! How can I be notified when the WP Version is released? I’m ready to purchase now.

You can follow me on facebook or twitter

Hi Mad Dog,

I love the theme but have a couple of questions: Is it possible to play self hosted videos in the slider? Possibly from a media player such as Wowza (Rttp links…)? In terms of speed, would you say that the html version be better as no rendering as in wp? According to this forum, we should not be too far from the Wp version? Will it be exactly the same? Cheers Alexis

Hello Alexis! The wordpress verion will be available soon, you can follow me on themeforest, facebook or twitter to get news and updates. As for the video, it supports youtube and vimeo only at the moment.

Can’t wait for the WP version, great work with lots of options! Was going to update my portfolios with my new work, but if the WP version is coming out within a few weeks then I’ll update the template and everything else as well))

Hello – I recently purchased this theme and it is excellent but could you tell me please how to remove the thumbnails from the index.html page?

Many thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all tech related questions to my support forum and you will be assisteed. Thanks

Hi – regarding my previous I have managed to remove the thumbnails by putting display: none in the CSS of the slider, could I ask something else though? I would like to have a footer on the index.html page but each time I copy paste it from another page it won’t sit below the slider – do you know how I could do this?

Thanks very much.

Please post all tech related questions to my support forum. Thanks

Can you add video and/or audio files to the portfolio? Thanks.

Yes, you can do that.

Hi – posted a query on your support forum two days ago – issue with slider not working in IE8 but no response – really need a solution as client waiting! Can you help please?

Many thanks.

I think I’ve already answered your thread.

Peace Mad Dog!

Will there be an option for music on the home page when the WP Version is available? Also will you have an option for when you click on the thumbnail pic in a gallery, it will maximize the whole screen? right now from what I see with the HTML version it is displaying very small. Thanks in advance.

I’m checking everyday for this WP Version, I purchased the HTML Ver. but I’m always on the go and I like to access my site from work when I have down time to work on it.

Thanks for the purchase of the HTML version ;) Unfortunately there won’t be an option for musc. As for the gallery, which one do you mean?

Grid Gallery

i’m waiting for the Word-press Version but i seen few mistakes grid Gallery with masonry needs filter also Full-screen Portfolio post doesn’t have a back button. i hope you fix these in the word-press version because i will buy it thanks.

cant wait to see this a WP. nice job

Thanks ;)

Question, before I purchase this HTML version have a couple of questions:

1. Which jscript image pop-up/gallery do you use: prettyPhoto, Fancybox, etc.?

2. Can I easily (in Dreamweaver, notepad++) configure the menu nav at the page top?

3. Does the menu nav include a ccs class for “highlighted active page” so folks know where they are?

Very nice looking theme.

1. prettyphoto 2. Sure, you can do that using any HTML editor. 3. Sure, if you go to you will see that the parent menu section “Pages” is active.

Great new theme! Will this be out for wordpress at some point?


Yes, working on it.

Hi – I would really appreciate a reply to the problem I’m having with the slider on the Home Page in IE8. I did originally post in your support forum as requested which you replied to. I’ve since responded to your query but have had no further reply. I’ve managed to get the slider working but there is still a display issue and the fade doesn’t appear to be working – you can see it at: – please help!!!

Sure, please put the link to your thread and I will personally check it.

Hi – thread is at: but as I mentioned I have since managed to get the slider working, just doesn’t display correctly and fade effect not working.

I recently downloaded this theme. Wondering what fonts you used? I would like to use the same font when creating the basic logo.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. What font do you mean?

Your placeholder logo says “FRAME” in bold, sans serif letters. I would like to use the same typeface on some images I create for use with this template, but I can’t find the font that you used.

it is open sans

Hi – re your response: “The thing is this theme is CSS3 and html5 based and IE8 is an old browser so it doesn’t support MOST of the css3 features. We are using downgrade support for ie8 but we can’t make it work exactly the same like in other browsers as IE simple doesn’t know css3. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

I have now downloaded and viewed the same page in IE9 and the fade effect on the slider still doesn’t work. Does the theme not work correctly in IE8 or IE9?

I’m sorry to be a nuisance but I bought this theme based on the fact that it says that it is compatible with IE8 and IE9 as well as other browsers.

Everything is correct, the template is compatible with IE8 and IE9 but some effects won’t work in IE because it does not support CSS3 animation, that’s the global problem. It happens only with the effects.

Greetings! Will the wordpress version have a password protected gallery?

I did not do its integration because this feature is not so popular :(

Hi There: First of all .. I want to say that you have done a great job . The only pity thing that I found is that your demo site doesn’t work properly on iPhone. The super sized slide show on the home page doesn’t work properly on my iPhone and the Kenburns gallery doesn’t work either . Can you try to fix them please ??

Best Regards JIMMY

Hello Jimmy! I do not know what Iphone you have and how you tested the theme, but all sliders and galleries works like a charm, tested on Iphone 5 and 4s.

is this made for weebly?