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Is this made for weebly?

Its ok

Well, I was under the impression that I can take the code and import it into any kind of website hosting, but unfortunately it will not work with weebly. I don’t want to cause trouble but I would like a return.

Please contact themeforest regarding this issue, because it is clearly explained what the product is.

Hi Sir,

your theme is awesome!

Is possible to have in “fullscreen portfolio post” the information sidebar hided by default?

Please let me know thank you in advance


Hi Sir,

your theme is awesome!

Is possible to have in “fullscreen portfolio post” the information sidebar hided by default?

Please let me know thank you in advance


Francesco! There is no such an option, it can be done only as a custom solution. You can send the request to custom at themedev dot me

Hey Mad_Dog,

Wanted to know how I can make the logo float on top of the header as my logo is greater than 39px.

What is the link to your site? Thanks

Can you please indicate what versions of Wordpress are supported?

Or in other words, thumbs up for 3.6?

It is 3.6

Hello, i purchased your theme, it is amazing. I have a problem, in IE browser the big slider images on the index page are not visible, there is just a grey background on all sliders, the thumbs are displaying correctly.. Thanks for your answer..

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Here is the link Thanks

I have Photoshop and Dreamweaver and familiar with HTML, but not familiar with CSS and JS. If I bought this theme, can a newbie figure out how to make changes and edits , customize? Someone who doesn’t know anything about CSS and JS ? Or should I look for more basic ?

Thanks Paul

Paul! If you want a simple changes then there won’t be any problem, but if you want to change for example the work of the gallery, slider etc then you must have advanced level

nice theme, 1 problem. the image in home_background.html isn’t responsive. How do i fix this?

Hello! Please put the link to your site. Do you have the same issue on my demo page. What browser and device do you test it on?

Hi, I’d like this template but I am wondering if it’s possible to remove the (+) button and the text area from the gallery thumbnails in Grid/Masonry view when you hover over them? (i.e. only show the magnifying glass, or not even that) I don’t want to put text for all of my images as I’m a photographer… so only want the user to see the image. If this is possible I will buy the template but I’d like to make sure first :) Thanks!

If you send me your ftp details, i will do that on your end. You can send them to help at themedev dot me

Sorry, I’m unable to give you access to my ftp, we will have to email I’m afraid. I will email you shortly.

Can I set a hyperlink easily on click the images to another website ? Or in the title and description ? im interesting on buy it but i need set hyperlinks to the images thanks!

Hello! Sure, you can do that.

THANkS! i will buy thank you contratulations

Thanks for your interest in my product.

theres no support about how to make work mailchip widget, can you help me with that?

Hello! The thing is that you request a custom solution, 3rd party script integration. The template price does not include the customization/integration.

oh well thanks anyways, great template!


The bottom carroussel gallery scroll of the index.htm doesnt runs on ipad tablet????? its stopped :)

its in javascript

{image : ‘img/gallery/gallery16.jpg’, thmb : ‘img/gallery/thmb/gallery16.jpg’, alt : ‘AQUI NO ME ABURRO’, fit : ‘cover’, title : “AQUI NO ME ABURRO”, description: ””}

where I have to use html here? THanks

Can you please send me your request to help at themedev dot me and I will send you the updated file and guide on how to do that.

OK sent!

Good work! I like it very much. I have a question. Is it touch control capable? Thanks!

You can test it on the demo ;)

Minimimal documentation and support via the forum is even less than the documentation. Too much of the code is in javascrip so it is very difficult to customize. In fact, this is one of the most difficult themes to customize from all I’ve purchased on Themeforest. :-<

Hello! It’s just your subjective point of view, I entirely do not agree with you. You purchased the photography theme with a lot of different galleries, portfolios, sliders… All of the them use the javascript. If you purchase any business theme from me, you won’t find it difficult, because it is normal for such a complex theme. Also you mentioned about a poor support, any link to your forum threads?


I bought the template, but I have some difficulty to adapt it. I would like to keep the menu (as in index.html) at the bottom of the template on all the pages. I tried to copy / paste the header from the index page code to the others pages, but somehow it’s not working and deforming the elements position.

Is there a way to do this simply ? or should I rebuild every pages from scrath ? Thank you !

Hello! If you read the documentation you will be able to put the piece of the code to switch the header position.


I cannot get this theme to install, citing Css is missing.

I understand this is a common issue with themeforest themes, and have experienced, and fixed it before by unpacking the relevant file and uploading by ftp. This solution has not worked on this occasion though.

Are there any alternative options?

Can you please send your wp-admin details and i will check it. You can send them via a contact form at my profile page.

Done, could you let me know if youve received them?

Yes, I got it, checking.

Hello great theme ! But impossible to import your demo content. Do you have xml file ?

regards David

Hello David! You post the comment in the HTML version of this design, it is not a wordpress theme

Dear Dev.

thanks for amazing theme,

I want to remove thump photos from bottom also i want to increase the size of bottom band.

Hello! Thanks a lot for the purchase. Can you please put your request to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks.

your forum URL?

It is mentioned in the documentation

How can you make the fw portfolio post page show one image span across instead of using an image slider with multiple images.

Hello! You have to specify only one image, that’s the specific of this design

Hi there,

Want to purchase this html template but have a question for you. The large background images on the home page resize and scale up/down from center.

Will it be possible to resize them from top left corner because on smaller devices I am not able to see content on left and right area of the images.

Cheers, Amit

Amit! Thanks for your interest in my product. Can you please send this questions to my email at help at themedev dot me and I will take a look on Monday. My out of my working laptop.