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Hi, want to buy it but I need : 1-clickable image and/or clickable image title (on default demo home page) to link full screen portfolio post. Can you give me help do this ? 2- It’s possible to add/replace facebook widget ?

Kindly regards

Hello! 1. You can add the links to the image description only. 2. Yes, you can do that.

hello, it’s possible to add image zoom in portfolio post ? will you help me ?

This option is not available, it can be done only as a custom solution.

Hello, i am really interested to purchase your Template. I have a question, using your demo i noticed that there is a kind of “bug”. When you are in the home with youtube/vimeo background and try to use the menu, the submenu items are covered under the video, so is pratically impossible read the submenu and click it. This happens also in the page gallery_grid.html.

Anyway this happen often but not always (i don’t know why).

Did you noticed it yet? Could you please tell me if there is a way to fix it? Thank you very much!!

P.S. I’m using Chrome 29

Hello! It did not see that. Can you please make a screenshot?

Thanks for your reply! I uploaded a video for let you understand better my issue, here:

I could not replicate this issue in my chrome, maybe you have some extensions that can block the work of the scripts?

How can I put hyperlinks in the images and texts of the HOME FULLSCREEN GALLERY????

And in the kenburns gallery???? I need to set a hyperlink clicking the image

Hello! Please post these request to my support forum and we will check it.

I open the post “Hyperlink in image o text” in the forum a few days ago but I did not answer thanks!

Can you please put the link to your forum thread, I’ve already helped on of my customer with such request.


I Love your theme and wold like to buy it but, when I try the demo, I see a problem on a specific resolution where the grid broke. See here:

You have a solution for this? If yes I will buy the theme right away :)

What is the specific resolution you are testing it on? It works fine on the most popular screen resolutions.

1366×768. And if my client don’t enter on fullscreen (mac we never use the browser on fullscreen) on my site with this template and the size of the window broke the layout?

I will check it on my iMac, I’m on laptop at the moment.

Hi, I create a page “work” and I choose the “Portfolio – Masonry” template, after I went to to “Portfolio” section in the wordpress main menu and add a new page. In “Custom settings” of this page, I add pictures. But porfolio doesn’t work

You have a solution for this? I forget something

You post your question in the HTML version of this design.

nice and clean template – can the fullscreen portfolio swipe on mobile / tablet instead of using arrows?

This option is not available :(

I am having a problem. An error message is saying errors/notes have been found in your HTML code. line -6 column 0 – Config: missing or malformed argument for option: doctype

Please note that this template is not compatible with any 3rd party cms. It is a static HTML template.

ok. How can i use this in wordpress. as i see most of these template work with that. Or w=it wont work there either?

It won’t work with the wordpress, it is not a wordpress theme.

I see that the old forum support doesnt exists now, i register in the new forum but i cant post themes why?I have problems in Some computers , because the z-index of the submenu displays behind the pictures thanks

Please try again to post your questions, it should work now.

Hello, This is such a beautiful template! Great job!!! I’d like to purchase this HTML version, but I have a problem in viewing your demo, it happens with Google Chrome (I have Version 29).

On your demo page, as you can see, when you click over the menu, say, hover on “Galleries” then hover back to “Portfolio” and let your cursor sit for one or two seconds, then immediately, all dropdown menu options are hidden behind the gallery. You have to let the cursor hover for a second. I can’t click on any of the drop-down menu options because it is no longer visible when behind these portfolio pages. It is a very similar issue to MySkinDesign’s issue above. Is it possible to get a fix for that on the demo, prior to me purchasing the theme? Thanks again!

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. Hmm, really strange. I will update the chrome to the latest version and let you know. Btw, do you have any extensions installed in chrome?

Hi mad_dog,

I have no extensions in Google Chrome besides Google Docs. I disabled it, and tested it again, and it still happens.

I am still purchasing the template because I love it so much :) but hope you are able to fix it.

Thanks again for the help!!! :)

Just updated the chrome and can’t replicate this issue. Please try to clear the browser cache.

I also have this problem in all CHROME pcs

chrome actual version is VersiĆ³n 29.0.1547.76 (chrome is updated automatically on all computers) i dont understand the problem of z index


is it possible to use the gallerie only as portfolio : with clickable image on full screen and not link to screen post. thx

Hello! Unfortunately you can’t do that.

Love this theme. Does it include a DW template file? Or do you know if it can be used with Business Catalyst? If the answer is yes I’ll buy it instantly.

What is DW template file? It was not tested with Business Catalyst.

Love the theme. I’m modding it to be php, so i can update the site quicker than page by page. Anyways, when I view on my Galaxy S3. The logo bar and title bars on the home page are real big and cover up most of my mobile and screen;thus, the images are seen like if you put two pages over a photo and only get to see the middle of it. On my laptop and desktop it works fine.

Is there a reason why it’s not being responsive?

PS. I also notice that on mobile my photos are not adaptive.


Firstly the theme is great absolutely loved it. I just wanted to know how can we add a strip on the home page of social media icon may be below the image band. Iv tried several ways but the image seems to over lap everything. I need to have these icons somewhere on the home page please advice.

Is there any other option i need to have it on the home page.

Ok tell me how can i get side dock from the home page with the video background to appear in the fullscreen index slide show page. what script do i need to add in the code.

What side dock do you mean? I do not understand your question

I have this theme installed here and on the contact page I can’t seem to get a picture to show in that big gray area on the right. I’ve chosen a picture from portfolio and selected “yes” but it looks like there’s a bug there.

Please help

Hello! Can you please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and I will take a look.

Ok sent

Hi, I have html template. How can I use twitter plug in ? I have created the app but where could I see latest tweets ?

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Then I have to do to be available.

I ask for a refund and change to buy a WP version or not.

Please note that wordpress version differs from the HTML one, please check it here


I have a problem with the theme. Its regarding the “portfolio_post_fw.html”

I currently have 10 images in the code, but it only shows me 7? I cant seem to find any faults in the code? Can you help me with this?

Is there perhaps a number that have to be corrected somewhere?

Hello! Please post this request to my support forum with the link to your site and we will take a look. Here is the link

Hi, mail.php error, how can I fix it ?

Hello! It is impossible, what is the link to your site?


I want to buy this one but I have a question. Can I add a full width-video on the homepage?

In the preview mode I saw the video homepages but the video itself is not extending full width, there are black space on the left and right side.

Also, I like the homepage image gallery with those thumbnails. My question regarding that now. Can I add a video among the images? Having videos mixed with images on the homepage, in the thumbnails.


Hello! You can have either one fullscreen video or fullscreen photo gallery.