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In screens more than 1170px the span12 is not full weight. is it possible to uptdate the bootstrap for more columns? (more than 2000 px)

Its not bootstrap

Hi there, Thank you for the lovely template. I have small question, that this website [MailChimp Widget – Subscribe button doest not work]. can you please check and let me know. Kind Regards

Yes, it is possible to do that, please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com

Is there any discount, if I am interested to buy upto 10 HTML Templates ???

I would provide you with the discount but there is no option at themeforest :(

What is the difference between this template and the word press version?

Hello! The wordpress is based on WordPress CMS, the template is just a static HTML. Please note that WordPress version differs from HTML.

This is the answer for the above Bubba25 request:

This is HTML version and the other one is for Word Press… as I know. Hope this will help you :}

Hi mad_dog, Are you planning to update bootstrap to version 3? If yes, could post time frame?


Hello! This theme is not bootstrap based.

Hi I recently purchased this site, my question is how can i change the color of the navigation sub menu. for example on the light version when we hover over Home>sub menus>Vimeo background, youtube background they are redish how can i change that color?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Can you please post all your tech related questions to my support forum at and you will be assisted. Thanks


Can the homepage full screen gallery work with the ken burns effect please?

Thank you

No, it can’t.

Looks great.

2 questions before I buy.

1. Can you display hosted video (or only YouTube/Vimeo)? 2. Can I easily use the bottom menu for all the pages?


Hello! 1. The theme supports only youtube/vimeo 2. It is possible to keep the menu in the bottom for all the pages, but this version is not available and not included in the pack.


I am interested in buying this site, is it possible to change it to a one page layout?


No, you can’t do that, only as a custom solution.


In the demo the Kenburns gallery works flawlessly in Safari and Firefox, but on my site the transitions are bit choppy when using those two browsers. Any idea why this might be happening?

I just realized it only happens when you resize the page

Hello, could you tell me how to remove the thumbnails from the index.html page ive tried registering in the forum but cant get it to work.

I cant find the purchase code or whatever it asked me but either way i figured out the solution to my question! thank u

Please check this screenshot

oh perfect! thank you!

Its possible to add soundcloud & audio portfolio-blog support?

It is a static HTML template, so you can do that.

Hi I have two questions: 1- On my Samsung S4 it can’t show the responsive menu logo, and it can’t show post images, so it’s impossible to navigate… how can I fix it ?

2- How can I add links from index fullscreen gallery image ?

Hello! Can you please send the screenshot from your S4 to help at gt3themes dot com?

I can send you screenshot but I made you 2 questions here and in support area. Can you help me to add link on image description of index fullscreen gallery ?

You can add the link to the image description, use html tag


I like yor theme. I love it. I would like to buy your theme.

I want “kenburns-gallery” as home, but it has a big problem: The menu doesn´t work in mobile vertically.

¿any solution?

Best regards

Do not have the issue that you do.

There is no need to do a screenshot because anyway it won’t help. As I mentioned above, it was tested on the brand phones and it worked fine.

Im not able to install this theme it keep saying that its missing its style sheet. please help me fix this

Thank you

Oh, I did not notice that you purchase HTML version, not wordpress one. It won’t work with wordpress.

that was a mistake, may my transfer be transferred over to the word press version with the same sale, since this was a mistake

Please contact themeforest directly regarding this issue.

can you password protect galleries or pages?

I can’t do that because it is a static HTML template

This is a lovely template! you can see how i used it on – as a RTL html template. TNX again! :)

Wow, looks great. Thanks for choosing my product.

I’ve noticed that the Gallery_masonry and the Portfolio_masonry have a distinct issue I’m trying to get over. the gallery_masonry resizes each image and then re-arranges the gallery as you change the window size. However the portfolio_masonry only re-arranges, never allowing a resize of each image to adapt to changes in window size. Is there a way to fix this so that it resizes the images to adapt to different window sizes?

Hello! Can you please post this question to my support forum with the link to your site? Our support staff will check it.

Hi; Can I use this website template for instagram photos? if your answer is yes, is there sample for this or Could you please tell me how to use it?

Thanks in advence.

Hello! I did not get your question. What way do you want to use this template for Instagram photos?


ronq Purchased

Hi, Great Template!! Question, the template portfolio section has 3 categories, portraits, fashion and stories. I want to add 2 more to the total number of categories. #1 is that possible #2 how can I add 2 more and then link them to the page?? Thank you Ron


ronq Purchased

Is that the GT3 support site? Can you provide me a quick link?


ronq Purchased

Hey Mad_Dog… Nevermind, I just posted it on the GT3 site as you requested… Thanks dude!!! Your template is awesome ;-)

Thanks, you will be assisted asap. Thanks for choosing my products.