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Hi, I purchased the WP version. I expected to see shortcodes from HTML version. What if I buy even the HTML version? Is it possible to integrate them? I’d like to have “team members” shortcode for my about page and the contacts page options from HTML version. In case of negative response I want a refund to buy the HTML version. Why didn’t you include all the shortcodes?

No, you won’t be able to do that. Please consider them as different products.

I’ve sent you an email. Please answer it.

Sure, I will do.

hi, very nice theme and am very tempted to update my website…well done. couple of questions, is this deep linking? and can we add comments under each image under portfolio?

thanks, regards, D

Then, please check the wordpress version here Please note that it differs from the HTML one.

I think you are missing my question. just to clarify again, I DO NOT need the wordpress version and only looking for html Now, does the html deep linking? and can we add comments under each image under portfolio?

You can do any changes in the templates, because it is simple HTML template. You can check deep linking here, just look through the URL

Good Afternoon, There is possiilidade on making a sub page of videos within portfolio, hosting various videos, or just put video background?

Yes, you can use the video within the portfolio but only youtube and vimeo. Also, there is no option to have a video background.

Maybe it will look a bit stupid… but no matter what I do, I cannot change the background color of the header or header_wrapper tag of the dark theme! It is always remain dark grey! :nerdy:

Sure, here you go skin.css line 12 and 9 Having more questions, please post them to my support forum because I’m going on vacation tomorrow :P

Thanks! It work! :)

Hey mad_dog, just wanted to say thank you so much for the template! I’ve finally finished working with it, been on it for almost 3 months. I still am going to be putting in the Blog and Gallery along with an online store. Thought you might be interested in seeing what I did with it!

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Hello! Good job!!! :)

Hey so i purchased this and its not working right. It says “Stylesheet is missing “

OMG what! so now i am out 17 dollars and no theme! fantastic!

I am not going to use this theme anyway i can get refunded so i can buy the wordpress one? I had no idea there where two!

Hello! Please contact themeforest regarding this issue.

Hi! Would you change the Contact page in next WP updates? I would like to change it to the sidebar version as the HTML5 version. Thanks in Advance.

Hello! We do not plan to add the contact page template with the sidebar.

Hi I just purchased. I downloaded dummy data but the full screen gallery thumbnails and some of the images in the other pages (like About and other portfolios) are missing. What could be the problem? If I try and download dummy data again, I am afraid I will get duplicated data…

Please advise…

Hello! Please note that some images won’t be displaying. What is the link to your site? Btw, you comment in the HTML version of this template.

The Kenburns gallery doesn’t seem to work on iPhone. I just copied the same file as in source and just changed the pics with mine with same name. it still doesn’t load.

Do you have the same issue with the demo?

even in the original code, with my pictures, its the same. Once i replace my pictures with the sample ones, it works fine.

Please make sure that you use the required image format… there is an issue with the images that you replace.

Hello! Please do not install the entire zip file, only installable one.

Hi Mad_dog, I just bought your very nice template.

One question. HOW or WHERE can I find the code to stop the slider when I have my mouse on the image or I just click once on an arrow?

Pls waiting for the answer….. Have a nice sunday!

Thanx!!! :-)

Its really strange, sorry :(

You are right, sorry :-)

But you know what you must do before finally you can aska simple question.

1. Looking for your purchasecode 2. Making an account. 3. reply email for conformation. 4 . Looking where you can find the right topic 5. looking every moment if there is an anwser on your topic.

But I didn’t mean to offend you! :-) I showed my disappontment!

Its ok, i do understand and take it into consideration. Sorry for the inconveniences

Are the colors (specifically the accent color) changeable?

Yes, you can do the color changes via css file.

great work… love it :)

Thanks ;)

Hello! In the page portfolio_grid.html can also filter the images uploaded later with Load more Works? thanks

Another question I’m sorry … I can set the menu down in the other pages? for example in about.html? I tried but it remains a gray background. Thanks again

Hello! Please post all your tech related questions to my support forum which is and you will be assisted. Do not forget to put the link to your site.

hi there. Can you please tell me how adjust the contact p_h_p form so I can make the FROM email address that the system sends me to be the email address of the person who filled out the form?

You can’t center the images in this slider.

OK but Not all the images are the same width so what happens is the images at the end sometimes get cut off or only show half. Is there a way to remedy this? What is the best practice image size to be using on that page?

It’s not a bug, it is a simple photo strip.


great theme! Any plans to implement changes/updates done to WP version?

The static version has much more functionality than wp one.

Ok – thanks!

It’s ok. Have a good day!

Your live preview does not appear to be working.

Hello! Its working now, had some issues with the server.

Hi there,

I’m currently looking for a nice template for my portfolio page and yours looks pretty neat.

But I’ve one issue. When I’m using my iPhone 4S Safari and browsing your demo page for the grid gallery under the menu point galleries and select an image, it darkens the background and the lightbox is showing, but always in the middle of the page not in the middle of current view.

Hope you get what I mean :-) Not my first language.

Cheers, Rene

Help at gt3themes dot com

Hi, it’s me again. :-)

Is there a way to use different images for the ken burns gallery depending on the device resolution?

Cheers Rene

No, there is no way to do that, all the images are scaled automatically depending on the screen resolution.

Love your theme! Quick question which is hopefully easy to answer. In your Gallery_Grid.html page, how can I adjust the vertical “hover effect” so that it’s not as big? Right now it seems to move about 150px up and I’d like to adjust that downward.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

It’s not a problem. Your code is great. Mine functions the same as your demo page. I’m just wondering where in the code (I think it’s in theme.css) where I can shorten the height of the hover effect so that it doesn’t block to the top navigation bar.

Can you please send me an email to help at gt3themes dot com and I will check it for you? Its a little bit late here :( OK?

sure. will do. Thanks so much.

Hi, how can I hide the bottom thumbnails on the homepage..I only wanna show the slider and menu, without those thumbnails…Thanks.

nevermind…figured it out.

Got it.