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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How do I make it possible for the site to take a percentage of the pledged amount, with the rest going to the person crowdfunding?

To do this, you need a pre-approval payment gateway such as WePay, Paypal Adaptive Payments or Stripe.

The default payment gateway (Paypal) will not allow this level of flexibility.

There is nowhere that users can enter their PayPal address when creating a campaign.

This option is only available if you have a pre-approval payment gateway such as WePay, Paypal Adaptive Payments or Stripe.

The default payment gateway (Paypal) will not allow this level of flexibility.

I want to change a template. What’s the best way to do this?

If you want to change a template file, the absolute best way to do this is to use the child theme that comes bundled with the theme package.

Inside the child theme folder, create a copy of the theme’s template file that you want to edit. As long as it is named exactly the same, it will be used instead of the parent theme’s template file.

My test payments aren’t being logged.

By default, payments made while the site is in test mode are not logged, which means that details like the amount funded are not changed.

To fully log the test payment stats, you need to add this to your child theme’s functions.php file:

function sofa_edd_log_test_payment_stats() {
    return true;
add_filter('edd_log_test_payment_stats', 'sofa_edd_log_test_payment_stats');

How do I make all pledge levels expanded by default?

By default, pledge levels are shown in accordion style, with only the first one visible. You can cancel out this behaviour with a simple filter function.

function franklin_child_pledge_levels_wrapper_atts($default) {
    return 'class="campaign-pledge-levels"';

add_filter('franklin_pledge_levels_wrapper_atts', 'franklin_child_pledge_levels_wrapper_atts', 11);

I want to change the way a particular function works. How do I do this?

The first thing to check is whether the function is wrapped inside a conditional code like this:
if ( !function_exists( 'function_name' ) ) {

    function function_name() {
    // function body is here

If the function is wrapped inside this kind of conditional wrapper, it means that you can simply redefine the function in your child theme and the script will use your function instead.

If the function is not inside a conditional wrapper like this, the way to override it is using the remove_action and add_action.

If you are completely unfamiliar with these functions, take a look at and for an introduction.

Say you want to edit the franklin_atcf_campaign_contribute_options() function. If you look inside the theme where this function is defined, you will see that it is followed by an add_action() function call that looks like this:

add_action('atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 'franklin_atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 10, 3);

Here, the name of the action hook is atcf_campaign_contribute_options, and the function being called is franklin_atcf_campaign_contribute_options (i.e. the function you want to override).

Once you have this information, you override the function by doing the following:

1. Use remove_action() to unset the above line of code (i.e. this stops the script from using that function).

2. Copy and paste the franklin_atcf_campaign_contribute_options() function into your child theme’s functions.php file and rename it to something different. I suggest franklin_child_atcf_campaign_contribute_options(). Keep all the parameters and everything the same. Edit only the bits inside the function that you want to change.

3. Use add_action() to set the script up to use this new function you have just created. Hint: Copy and paste the original line of code you found above and just change the second parameter (the one that lists the name of the function to be called).

All put together, this is the basic structure you end up with:

// This function is used in the child theme to undo the parent theme's actions and filters
function franklin_child_setup() {
    // Remove the original function to be called on this action
    remove_action('atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 'franklin_atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 10, 3);

    // Add your own
    add_action('atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 'franklin_child_atcf_campaign_contribute_options', 10, 3);

add_action('after_setup_theme', 'franklin_child_setup');

// Your version of the function
function franklin_child_atcf_campaign_contribute_options( $prices, $type, $campaign_id ) {
    // Your function code goes here

How do I add a field to the campaign creation form?

You have to use the atcf_shortcode_submit_fields filter for that. For example:

function franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields($fields) {
    $fields['extra-field'] = array(
        'label' => 'My new field',
        'default' => null,
        'type' => 'text',
        'editable' => true,
        'placeholder' => null,
        'priority' => 25
    return $fields;

add_filter( 'atcf_shortcode_submit_fields', 'franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields' );

How do I remove a field from the campaign submission page?

You may decide that you don’t want to use a specific campaign submission field. For example, let’s say you do not want to use the tag field. You can use the atcf_shortcode_submit_fields to remove it from the list of fields:

function franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields($fields) {
    unset( $fields['tag'] );
    return $fields;

add_filter( 'atcf_shortcode_submit_fields', 'franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields' );

Note that this only applies if you are using Appthemer Crowdfunding 1.7+.

How can I make certain fields required on the create a campaign page?

Provided you’re using 1.7+ of Appthemer Crowdfunding, you can do this with the atcf_shortcode_submit_fields filter. Example:
function franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields($fields) {
    // Reference a field by its key. In this case, the key is 'image'
    $fields['image']['required'] = true;
    return $fields;

add_filter( 'atcf_shortcode_submit_fields', 'franklin_child_atcf_shortcode_submit_fields' );

The full list of fields is in an array in appthemer-crowdfunding/includes/shortcode-submit.php. Search for the following line of code:

$fields = apply_filters( 'atcf_shortcode_submit_fields', $fields );

How do I change the font?

You can do this using CSS.

1. Inside the main theme, open up style.css and locate the typography section where the fonts are set. In the current version of Franklin, this is between lines 85 and 127.

2. Copy and paste this entire block into your child theme’s custom.css file. Replace the font names with the fonts you would like to use.

3. Optional: If you want to use a different font from Google Web Fonts, you should use the franklin_font_link filter to change the link. Your functions should return the full link tag, which you can get from Google Web Fonts when generating your fonts. Example:

function franklin_child_font_link($default) {
    // Return the full link element. This example actually just returns the default font. 
    return "<link href=',400italic,700italic,700,300italic,300|Oswald:400,300' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>";

add_filter('franklin_font_link', 'franklin_child_font_link');

How do I remove the Support button below the campaign’s content?

This is added through a filter function. You can remove it by adding the following line to your child theme’s functions.php file:

remove_action( 'edd_after_download_content', 'edd_append_purchase_link' );

After pledging to a campaign, I am not redirected to the checkout page.

In your Wordpress dashboard, go to Campaigns > Settings and click the Misc tab. There you should tick the setting to have users automatically redirected to checkout once they have added an item to their cart.

The campaign Support button is opening a blank modal.

If you have WP Super Cache installed, this may be related to it. WP Super Cache needs to be configured in a particular way to work with Easy Digital Downloads.

Please follow the instructions at

I don’t want to show decimal places for the campaign amount raised.

By default, Franklin will show two decimal places after money amounts, such as the campaign goal or amount pledged. You can remove these decimal places very easily using the following filter function:

function franklin_child_edd_format_amount_decimals($decimals) {
    return 0;    
add_filter('edd_format_amount_decimals', 'franklin_child_edd_format_amount_decimals');

Why is the Profile button not displaying when users are logged in?

The profile button does not display if you have not created the profile page in the admin yet. Go to Campaigns > Settings and check the Profile Page setting.

Why is the Create a Campaign button not displaying in the header?

The Create a Campaign button does not display if you have not created the submit page in the admin yet. Go to Campaigns > Settings and check the Submit Page setting.

I do not want users to be able to submit a campaign from the front-end. How do I get rid of the Create a Campaign button?

Easy! You can avoid having that button by simply not creating a page with the submission form.

The Create a Campaign button does not display if you have not created the submit page in the admin yet. Go to Campaigns > Settings and make sure there is nothing set for the Submit Page setting.

How do I change the Registration / Login modal?

The function that fills the login / register modal is franklin_login_register_modal(). You can copy and paste it from franklin/inc/crowdfunding/template.php into your child theme’s functions.php file and customise it as you wish.

When a user try to edit a campaign on the front-end, they get a “Page Not Found” error. How do I fix that?

To fix that, go to Permalinks / Settings and click Update. You do not need to change your permalink settings unless you have the default option ticked; the default permalink option does not work correctly with the front-end editing of campaigns at this stage, due to the way the Crowdfunding plugin works.

How can I change the login and registration forms in the modal window?

You can override the login/register modal by creating a copy of login-modal.php inside your child theme folder. Then you can customize the form as you wish. If you’re not familiar with PHP, you can use Ninja Forms’ Front End Editor plugin or Gravity Forms to change the fields using a graphical user interface.

How do I add more TinyMCE buttons to the frontend campaign description field?

You can add additional options using the atcf_submit_field_description_editor_args filter, which is made available by the Crowdfunding plugin in the atcf_shortcode_submit_field_wp_editor() function. If you are not familiar with PHP, we would advise getting a developer to assist.

Can I translate the theme?

You certainly can. Franklin supports WPML which is ideal if you’re running a multi-lingual website with more than one language. If you just need to have it in one language other than English, you can create a translation using the po/mo files and a program like Poedit (

Can I remove the “Forgot Password / Register” links below the login form in the login / registration modal?

You can achieve that fairly simply using this:

remove_action( 'login_form_bottom', 'atcf_shortcode_login_form_bottom' );

How do I find Easy Digital Downloads’ System Info tab?

  1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to Campaigns > Tools
  3. Click on the System Info tab

The information provided by this report is very helpful for us when we provide support to you. It does not include any sensitive details like passwords, email addresses, etc.

How do I change the Pledge button’s text?

To change the wording of the text in the pledge widget, you will have to override the franklin_pledge_levels() function in your child theme. It’s originally defined in franklin/inc/crowdfunding/template.php.

You can just copy and paste the function into your child theme’s functions.php file and modify it there.

How do I allow users to change their avatar?

The avatars are powered by Gravatar, so users can change their avatar at

I translated the theme, but some phrases like “is finished” and “days left” did not translate.

In order to improve performance, parts of the campaign display are cached in the database. I think what you are seeing is the cache.

To delete the cache, follow these steps:
  1. Install and activate the plugin “Transients Manager”
  2. Go to Tools / Transients.
  3. Look for any transients that start with “campaign-time-left-” followed by a few numbers. Delete all of these.
When you revisit your website, the text should be regenerated with the translations intact.

When creating campaign, I encounter this error “You have submitted the maximum number of campaigns allowed for this year.”

Is there any setting that caused this?

This is a setting that comes when you have Paypal Adaptive Payments enabled. Go to Campaigns > Settings and open up the Payment Gateways tab.

You can set the maximum number of campaigns per user at the bottom of the page with the “Maximum Campaigns Per Year” setting.

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