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hello, again!

I want to make the title or the caption of the image in colorbox visible on a gallery-page?

thanks ;)

You would have to add a title attribute to the two image links in page-gallery.php.

The two lines are:

<a class="hover-icon" rel="lightbox" href="<?php echo $image_src[0]; ?>"></a>


<a class="image-direct-link" rel="lightbox" href="<?php echo $image_src[0]; ?>"></a>

You can echo the $alt_text variable inside the title attribute to output the image caption.

<a class="hover-icon" rel="lightbox" href="<?php echo $image_src[0]; ?>" title="<?php echo $alt_text; ?>"></a>

How does one change the order of the images? They seem to be descending by upload date, new photos just added to the bottom. Is there a way to dictate this order, or at the very least, reverse it to make the newest photos appear at the top?


Images shown on the gallery page template can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them into order in the Media Library window.

Click the Add Media button then select “Uploaded to this page” from the drop down menu. Reorder the images (it will save the order automatically when you release each image.

Hi, Is there an easy way to change the font? cheers,


Any font changes have to be done through CSS in the style.css of a child theme.

EugeneO, love this theme. have used it for a long time.

I recently dawned on me that I should link the home slider images to their respective pages. I cant seem to get that working.

.. ok I am out

.. ok, I am out, I have no idea what you are talking about

The change you would have to make would be in the page-home.php template file. You would have to identify the slide image in the template code and wrap the image in an HTML link that links to the image’s attachment page (assuming that is what you are trying to link to).

The line of code that outputs the image is very easy to find as it the only <img/> in the template.

This is the exact line you would need to replace the existing image with:

The above is completely untested and I can not offer any guarantees it will work. If it doesn’t you will have to investigate it yourself.

Eugenio, I would like to use a contact form in the image sidebar. When does a page become an ‘image attachment page’ which shows a widget? I cant get the ‘proper contact form’ widget to display anywhere but in 404 pages..


The portfolio item template sidebar does not contain a widget area. You would have to add one manually. Add this to functions.php (preferably in a child theme):

Add this to single-portfolio.php inside .widget-sidebar. I would put it immediately before the <>/ul>:
<?php if ( !function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') || !dynamic_sidebar( __( 'Portfolio Sidebar', 'raw_theme' ) ) ) { ?>
<?php } ?>

EugeneO, I have used Franklyn for a year or so. I am am still very happy with the no-nonsense, well-laid-out front end/interface.

I would like to change the type (and charactersize) for the menu and overlay though. How can I do that?

It’s impossible to make a theme that caters to everyone’s wishes. You may want the home page slider to link directly to portfolio items where as someone else would not. When you try to please everyone you end up with a bloated theme that is complicated to use because of it’s complexity, so I have made design decisions along the way to keep things simple. Some of those decisions you will agree with, some you won’t.

The two changes you have posted about wouldn’t take much CSS knowledge and reading for you to complete as I have already given you the code to add the slider link (despite saying I wouldn’t). You can find plenty of tutorials online explaining how to change the fonts as it’s basic CSS. I provided the two links to get you started and you probably wouldn’t need much more than those as they explain it pretty well.

Unfortunately I do not have time to take on any freelance customization work however you will certainly be able to find someone on Envato Studio who will do it for you should you not wish to do it yourself.

For the slider link:

  • Make sure you have a backup of you existing child theme
  • On your computer, copy page-home.php to your child theme.
  • Open the new version of the template
  • Replace this line: with this:
  • Compress your new child theme in a .zip.
  • Delete the old version of the child theme from your WordPress site.
  • Install and activate the new version of the child theme.

Again the code is untested so it might not even work.

EugeneO, I understand your point about bloated themes. Thanks for the extra tutorial and links.

Love this theme and have used if for a couple years now. Recently, when I go to one of my galleries on a desktop , and click on an image, the pop up is not centered in the browser anymore, but seems to be centering in the entire page (below the visible window) so that it is not being seen by the user. Please advise . Thank you, S

I’ve checked the theme demo and the issue isn’t happening on there. Are all your plugins up to date? Have you made any changes to the site, plugins or WordPress settings that might have caused it?

No changes have been made and the plugins are all up to date. Wordpress is running newest version. I found a File Upload Plugin that had issues, and disabled it. Now the gallery works fine. Who would thought. Thanks EO

I am messing around with the theme on a dummy site in order to get it to look the way mycustomer would like. For some reason the homepage images are being re-sized and I cannot figure out why? I used one of yours to compare it to (4th slide image) and you can see how it’s cutoff at the top. I did not change the parent theme in any way and only changed the CSS for the nav within the child theme The site is at

Thank you

You have resized the slider so the images are scaled up to fill the extra space behind the navigation.

Hello Eugene,

I hope you’re well, I am having a few problems uploading this to a site.

The site in question is

The images on the Homepage are appearing, however they are cropped, as you can see the head on some are chopped, and the feet on others. Also the images are appearing further down on the page, as well as on the slider?

Can you advise what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Hi Eugene, So I installed the Contact Form 7. Copied the code into the Page edit. This displayed the contact form, i went into the setting changed the destination email to my email obviously. Submitted a form, and it stated it had sent no problem, but I never received the mail, I have done this a few times and checked Junk etc. Still nothing? Any ideas?

You should post the issue on the plugin support forum. Just a note, in case it wasn’t clear, that if you are using the Contact Form 7 plugin there is no need to use the theme’s contact page template at all. It should simply be a matter of copying the contact form shortcode from the form edit screen into the content area of a page.
A quick search brought up this which could be related to your problem:

Hi! Can I have a text in a gallery photo, when you click on it? (click on a picture, then the picture came up with a text under it?)

ok… how do i ad a portfolio to my menu? The portfolio i did doesn’t shows up in “menus”...

and… how do i add stuff in my portfolio?

To add the portfolio to your navigation menu you have to add the Portfolio to menu on the Appearance > Menus screen. The portfolio might not show up on the Menus screen if they do not have any portfolio items assigned to them.

Steps explaining how to create portfolio are in the documentation. Once you have created the portfolio you create new portfolio items and select which portfolio they belong in on the portfolio item’s edit screen (just like putting posts in a category).


I bought your reach theme three years ago and I am very happy with it. I have been running my website since then. Now, I am planning to buy your franklin theme and replace my reach them. Do you think it will be easy to do that ?I see that you have the same portfolio structure and blog styles. So I am assuming I can just replace my reach them after taking a backup and it should work. What do you think?

I wouldn’t recommend the Franklyn theme as it is quite old now and lacks some features found in more modern themes. I have chosen to keep Franklyn on the marketplace so that user who have bought it still have somewhere to get support but I’m not sure how much longer it will remain as I am very close to releasing a new theme. there any other theme that I can use instead of existing reach theme? Will it be possible to just uninstall reach theme and install the new on? Will my portfolios and blog posts be automatically converted?

Which ever theme you move to you will have to recreate your portfolio as Reach was created before the ThemeForest criteria for custom post types changed.