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kitano Purchased

Great theme! Only have problems with the main navigation which doesn’t seem to work on iPhones. Any tip?


There’s a typo in the Javascript that I missed. I’ll upload a fix later this evening. Thanks for letting me know.

Version 1.2 – 01 December 2012

  • Fixed mobile navigation bug.
kitano Purchased

Is there a way only to replace some files instead of a complete reinstall? Don’t want to loose my modifications…

Don’t worry, I found it. Works like a charm now. Thanks!


You should be using a child theme if you plan on modifying the theme. There are instructions for using a child theme in the documentation and here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

marioit Purchased

Hi, my portfolio page doesn’t show more than 9 items..is there a way to get more pages? Have I to tell it to do it or it should be automatic?

thank you


The query loop in a WordPress theme uses the number entered in the “Blog pages show at most” option on the Settings > Reading screen of the admin dashboard.

marioit Purchased

P.S. i downloaded the new theme for updating mine..but the documentation says 1.0.0. is that the right one?


Click the changelog link in the documentation and it should say 1.2. The documentation doesn’t matter as long as the theme style.css has the correct version number.

marioit Purchased

thank you!!!! :)

Sorry… I HavenĀ“t activated the Funky Short Codes…

Hi there, really like the look of this theme and I’m thinking of purchasing it.

Just one question regarding the gallery page, is it a case of uploading multiple images via insert/add media option in page? and also do I have to have the link when you roll over an image? I would like it to just give the option of enlarging the image in the lightbox.

I’m talking about this gallery in the theme demo – http://themes.eugeneo.com/franklyn/templates/gallery/

Thanks for your time :-)


The gallery template outputs all image attached to that particular page (images uploaded via the insert/add media option) so they can be drag/dropped to batch upload them.

There is an option on the page edit screen to select which links are displayed when the image is hovered over. You can have a link to open the image in a lightbox, a link to the image’s single page or both.

Just what I wanted to hear, thanks for the quick reply. :-)

Is it possible to make a square thumbnail that shows on that gallery page but then when clicked it will open normal in lightbox? Thank you very much.

Sorry for all the questions but my last three theme forest purchases have been dissapointing


There is an option on the page edit screen (when the gallery template is selected) that allows you to choose to crop the thumbnail images. This makes all the thumbnail images a uniform size so they appear in a neat grid instead of the mosaic.


The image opened in the lightbox is always the full image but scaled to fit on the screen.

That’s great that’s exactly what I want. So far so good, great theme, I’m so pleased. I will try not to ask to many questions. Thanks for your time

WOW! This is the most user friendly, easiest theme to edit in the world. I’m so pleased.

All of the other theme forest themes I have ever purchased have been a nightmare. I have edited this site in less than an hour.

Keep up the good work.

Just one thing, is it possible to change the menu fonts? Thank you


I’m glad you’re happy with the theme. I would be interested to see how you’ve used it.

There are no built in font options as I feel it is cleaner to make those changes in a child theme stylesheet using @font-face or a font API (google fonts, etc).

Angelh2m Purchased

Hello ! Please could you explain me how to add the subtitle on the static front page gallery, Thanks !


If you mean when using the home page template the top line of text over the slider is the page title and the text below that is the page excerpt.

The page content is then shown below the slider.

Thanks, I’ll show you when I have finished everything.

Ok so is it pretty straight forward then? is there a plugin I can use to change fonts, something that will work with google fonts.

Everything thing else is amazing in this theme, I spent a long time looking for a masonry style them, purchased 2 from here but they were useless and complicated to set up. Yours is fantastic, I would change your featured image on here to show a few more screen grabs of what the site is capable of.

Thanks for your time


There probably are Google font plugins but personally I would do it manually through the a child theme.

You would need to make a copy of header.php with the google font stylesheet link added and then place that in the child theme and then add the new font styling to the style.css of the child theme. Something like this:

h1, h2, h3 { font-family: "random font", helvetica, ariel, sans-serif; }

You could even add the new style in the Custom CSS option in the theme options.

Hmm ok I am not great at delving into CSS, code I paste that into custom CSS? Or would it need to be in the CSS like you say? Thank you


You could put it in either. For the sake of keeping things tidy I would do it as a child theme and add the CSS to the child theme’s style.css. You would have to create the modified header.php file in a child theme anyway so you might as well do it all in the child theme.

I am having a problem with the contact page and all other pages (apart from galleries? It’s works when I’m logged in as admin but isn’t working when I’m logged out


What is the issue you are having? The pages are appearing fine for me when I visit your site.

Hi There… Is there any place to insert the meta description and meta tags for the site?


These are not included in the theme as it is better to use a dedicated plugin. There are plenty out there to choose from that do a great job.

Hi, I am having an issue with a portfolio page, when i enter gallery thumbs show up as broken link images with all sort of errors. can you help? Take a look at this page for example. What am I doing wrong?

http://beta.sagehousecondo.com/?portfolio=appartmentos Thanks.

My thinking right now is that it’s something caused by your server’s settings. I’m not able to reproduce the problem on the live preview or locally and have not had any other reports of the problem. If it were a theme bug it would be something that everyone would have encountered as it’s a function used a lot throughout the theme.

The piece of code causing the problem for you handles the dynamic image resizing.


Right now I do not know what is causing the problem. I will try and do some research the beginning of next week and see what I can find.

EDIT: In future please post questions from the account you used to purchase the theme so your purchase can be verified.


Thank you so much for your help. Is there any anyway if iI gave you site admin logins you could go in and play with it a little today? I have a very stubborn & difficult server/admin guy and I have to know for sure if it’s something wrong with a server so I can tell him to get it right. This site had to go live today and now it will not happen.


If it’s a server problem it’s not something that can be dealt through the WordPress admin dashboard. It would require tinkering with the server php.ini. This is all just my best guess at the problem because as I said before this isn’t an issue I have come across before.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

same on this page. http://beta.sagehousecondo.com/?page_id=78 Not sure what I am doing wrong…

Hi again. I can not find the way to add the subtilte to the Slider on the “HOME PAGE”


Refer to my previous reply.