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Think Twice about buying this theme… Although the theme looks nice and is seaming perfect for a real estate site… their are a number of really bad design elements to this theme that many others have complained about in this comment section that you will not notice while demoing it. And unfortunately the Designer does not seam very interested in supporting this product anymore, so receiving help to try and figure out the issues is practically non existent.

I have purchased many themes & plugins from Envato, and have yet to run across such a badly designed theme or lack of service behind it… I would look else ware first.

Has anyone figured out how to fix the issue with this theme displaying all the latest listings on the home page as ‘for rent’ despite the actual status input? Even updating the View of the Latest Listing’s custom text doesn’t seem to remedy this issue. It is obviously an oversight and a hardcoded line FPO, but I can’t figure out where to correct this.


The fix will be on Latest Listings (Content) Views page, under content > Edit Global Custom Text

Towards the bottom there is a static text/link: For Rent

I would think the correct code for that line would be: Property Status: [field_property_status]

But, I’m still getting an error and it’s driving me a bit crazy. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I’d appreciate it…

For what it’s worth, there are a lot of small issues like this throughout the theme. It would be great if we had some solid support to fix them and possibly update the product on here. I’ve never had so many small problems with a theme.

Kherda, you said that there is a way to search or sort by price—where or how would one configure this?


The original theme you based this upon had a lot more in the Advanced Search field—including the ability to search prices. Your version’s Advanced Search fields aren’t even programmed to search each listing’s fields in the database properly.

Another major issue is that the Latest Listings on the home page don’t have the Property Status programmed. You wrote static script to always make them display ‘For Rent’—and when I tried to update it to display [field_property_status] it doesn’t work. And that view is totally different from the identical view on the properties page which does actually work as it is intended.

Another really annoying thing about this theme is that half the views are programmed within Drupal and half are scripted in the template php files. This make it impossible to find anything and get these issues fixed.

Some feedback or support or something would be really helpful. I bought this theme so we’d be able to use it and save time… that’s not happening and I’m struggling. I’ve never had a theme be so difficult or so little support from the creator. :(

I see several references to a problem I’m having, but I don’t see a solution posted. Maybe I’m missing the obvious. I too am getting “for rent” on all my listings, despite having all properties set to “for sale”. I even deleted the “for rent” term from my taxonomy, and it’s still coming up with “for rent” for all properties. I examined the code referenced by Branram (above) but I don’t know either what the exact code fix should be. Do you have a fix for this problem you can share? Thanks!

here’s a pic of the exact problem:


My goodness, it looks like there is actually no support for this product! I see in the fine print that the developer doesn’t support it anymore. Not good. :(

OK so, I solved the problem. As it turns out, the correct text does appear under the ‘Properties’ menu bar. It says ‘Sold’ when it’s sold, etc.. So, I looked at the code behind that. What was missing in the main page code was the addition of the field [field_property_status] as someone suggested (above) but the field needed to be added to the list, and should be before the custom field at the end of that list. See these two images, which show the two changes you need. Simple. I was amazed it worked, coz the code was working elsewhere in the template. It should be fixed in the master template, coz this is a stupid time-waster bug.


branram Purchased

I’ve also realized that this theme’s blog design to this theme is atrocious. Overall, this theme is a major letdown. There is potential here, but this theme is NOT turnkey at all. It has required months of finetuning and repair for faulty aspects.

Some major issues:

1. Blog design. There is none. There is nothing setup for proper blogging in views. It’s by far the worst blog setup I’ve seen.

2. There is NO property sorting. There is no way to search by property prices or features. Don’t let the search mechanism fool you, there is nothing behind that and half of that functionality is hard coded into template files, the other half in views. For a theme designed specifically for real estate, the final product does nothing that you’d expect.

3. Overall this theme is sloppy. There are css issues and no code uniformity. As previously mentioned, some aspect of theme design are hard coded into templates and others in views—and we’re talking for the same exact type of content like agent profiles or basic page layouts. This kind of haphazard coding makes it nearly impossible to customize or repair faulty aspects of the theme.

There is potential here, but it really needs someone stronger to properly develop the theme. I’ve purchased and customized dozens of themes, this was the worst and most problematic. Even worse, there is NO support for these issues. I would suggest Themeforest stop allowing sales on this item with so many issues.

After a few months of using it, I abandoned this template and started from scratch with another template. Too many problems with it. I think they should stop selling this Freehold template. :(

Hi, How to change the $ dollar sign to £ sign?


Any plans for updating to the latest Drupal version?