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Can we have a live preview please – and for the other themes you uploaded today – thanks!


Hello there! Thank you for you kind words. We didn’t post a demo of the HTML version because it’d just be too easy for someone to download it. Here’s a link to our Wordpress version of this theme so you can kick the tires!


Thank you!

All other authors provide live previews for html packs here on Theme Forest. A wordpress link is not a practical link in terms of code to the article you are selling.

I for one would probably not entertain purchasing a theme without a preview. You may find your sales effected if you choose not to provide live previews of your themes. Just my 2 cents!


Tada, here you go: http://staging.worryfreelabs.com/saas-ii-html/home.html. Do enjoy!

Thank you for your feedback, as you can see it got you results!

Seconding sticker’s post – I only buy themes that have a live preview, as looking at the div structure is very important to me when choosing a theme.

I think you will get a lot more sales if you include a live preview – anyone who wants to steal the code will just take it from the Wordpress version.


Here you go Ken, per yours and sticker’s request: http://staging.worryfreelabs.com/saas-ii-html/home.html.

Thank you!

dleodoro Purchased

This was a steal for $20. Very Nice work. Looking forward to implementing it.

Very clean, nice template!!

Hi, I love the theme! I am implementing my logo, and when I do this the Plans & Pricing Page it pushes the main content on the page down, so it over laps on the white space, how would I need to edit this so the main content is still on light blue space?

Thanks, Anthony

JohnF Purchased

Hi – I purchase the theme last night. One question, what is the name of the font that was used for the “Saas Web App” logo in the top left of the home.html file?



I purchased this theme a week or so ago, I was wondering if there would be an easy way to upgrade to the version that has the Wordpress theme as well.


Very happy, with this theme (saas ii), just cant seem to find the 6 colour schemes in the downlaod files ?

Where can i find them ?


Hi shawn,

please contact us directly at, http://themeforest.net/user/goThemeTeam

and we can assist you with this.


luro Purchased


Negative sign ”-” causing trouble for me.

The use of the negative sign ”-” in file names, for example, plans-pricing and bg-header are causing trouble in Netbeans and Ruby.

Can you change to underscore please ”_”


Thank you for your continued support of this theme!

We’d like to bring the theme’s rating to 5 stars and are soliciting feedback from its purchasers.

What does this theme need to earn a 5-star rating?

You may post your comments here or write us directly via our contact form at http://themeforest.net/user/goThemeTeam.

Thank you!

Dear purchasers, Freemium SaaS II HTML Theme version 1.2 is available for download now. This is a free update for all purchasers. Please see the release history for more information: http://themeforest.net/item/freemium-saas-ii-html-theme/118417 Thank you, WFL Theme Team

How to FIX the highlight of a pricing column?

I DO NOT want the highlight to switch betwen columns on mouseover, but want it FIXED with ONE column.

How to? :)

Thank yoU!


hi hansmeiser,

Take a look in the saas.js this is where the hover is done.


I was looking for a template like this for a long time. Looks Great!! Would it be possible for you to customize this template for our needs? We also need a few more pages added to this template. What would be a good way to contact you to discuss about this project?


Hi dheerajkumar004,

Please contact us at http://themeforest.net/user/goThemeTeam.


Is there anyway I can preview all the available colors for this template?


Hi dheerajkumar004,

Take a look at the screenshots we have the color options in there: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/118417-freemium-saas-ii-html-theme


I cant get the feed to display my twitter account?


Hi impact561,

Can you send us a link to your site so we can take a look?

You can contact us directly at: http://themeforest.net/user/goThemeTeam


urbansky Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme last week and currently I’m integrating it in my CMS . It is easy, the theme has a clear structure.

Hint: In contact-us there are two unmatched DIV -tags in line 56 and 57


Hi Urbansky,

We will take a look at this. Thank you for pointing this out.

mrLami Purchased

The theme is great but the CSS file has a lot of wordpress references that are not useful for just the plain HTML version.

This wastes your time if your’e trying to make your site as lean as possible.

2 Questions.

1. How to change the Twitter account showing in the tweet section on the home page?

2. How to limit pricing page to only 2 columns instead of 5?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Orderzoom,

1. What are you looking to change? 2. For the html version you purchased you will currently have 5 sections in the pricing grid. If you take out 3 of those sections. Also you need to change the div class from col5 to col3.

Hope this helps