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Having read the documentation (Freemium Saas I theme) on page 51 I’m not clear how to get the tour template up and running.

I’ve created a new page, and sett the template to “tour”, I’ve manually pasted in the following:

saas-tour-description title=” “

to the wordpress html editor.

But where is the option to “Set featured image” ?

And do I need to paste in the tout feature list shortcode as well? I’m just worried because it doesn’t seem like the template is “on”.

Thanks Joel

We can help you in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial. See you there! Best regards,

snipe Purchased

Still waiting on approval for the forums….

rick30 Purchased

I’m still having issues posting a discussion in your support section. You’ve approved my account, however, when I go to post I still receive the ‘permission problem’ message.

The issue I’m experiencing is the same issue that’s existed for over a week now, replicating the ‘tour’ page formatting that’s present in your demo.

Please advise, thanks

rick30 Purchased

Going through the support forum it appears that everyone who has been approved to post in the support forum is most likely experiencing the same ‘permission error’.

The only two posts are the ones you guys seemed to put up…but searching for discussions turns up nada.

Is their a way to have two pricing pages in this theme? I’ve already customized the ‘Pricing Grid Options’ section… Would it be easiest to buy Griddler 3 and use that for the secondary pricing grid for product 2?

FYI – I’ve submitted my email/purchase code to your forums and haven’t hear back yet

thanks for the great theme! Andrew

I tried to install it by uploading to my WP 3 .1 installation and it failed. Any idea why?


Never mind. I manually uploaded it and extracted and it worked.

I installed the theme on Wordpress version 3.1.1. Problem 1: Tour the page does not work. Problem 2: Freatures items do not work at home and not tour. What could it be? I do not know what else to do to make it work! Help me. Thanks.


I’m about to purchase a theme, but I need to check some things first in order to choose the one to buy.

I’d like to know if the slider can run automatically od if it only changes when the user clicks the arrows?

If it’s the second option, is it easy to replace it with another slider?

Thanks in advance, Joao

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What is the best method to upgrade, i am using 1.3, and want to upgrade to version 1.4

Do i just overwrite the files in the theme directory with the new ones?

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Just installed this theme. Any idea why everything is left justified instead of centered in the browser window? It looks fine in Firefox.

We can help you in our support forums. You’ll need your Item Purchase Code to register. For help finding your Purchase Code, follow our tutorial. See you there! Best regards,

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i having problem with the pricing table after installed the 3.1.1 version. here my website http://prime-hosts.com/?page_id=2

Just a thought.

Everyone that asks for help you guys tell to come to your support forum, and it seems they are complaining that your support forums aren’t working. You need to fix this.

The lack of resolution to these users issues has lost you my sale. You design is FAN TAS TIC but your support seems lackluster.

It is astounding to me why none of these theme developers learn the most obvious lesson of all. PLEASE developers, when documenting your themes document them to instruct the user to set up the theme as it appears on the DEMO . This is the best starting place to learning how the theme functions, instead of these endless jargons from endless questions that are never answered satisfactorily.

The reason why you have also lost my sale is that I can see from these pages that people are having issues setting up the theme as it appears on your DEMO . It seems obvious to me that since people are buying the theme because of how it appears in the DEMO it would not be rocket science to show the documentation is fulfilling that aim. Your theme is great and very attractive, you need to your themes to first time users and see how far they get with your documentation. Document as though the person reading it knows absolutely nothing.

I’d like to remove the slider feature and replace it with a video. Any suggestion on how to do this with the least amount of problems going forward?

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How do I change the title on the upper left hand corner of the home page? I can’t find any instruction on how to change the text from “Saas Web App”


The Web Saas Ap is a logo.png file in content/themes/saasII/images You need to replace this with a logo.png of your own, and you can do this through accessing the images folder in the path above. I suggest you keep the dimensions at 257?×?38 to be consistent with the current size.

Theme is very well put together but it’s documentation sucks in every way that the word suck can be suggestive. It does not show how to create child themes for the feature set nor does it show how to create the feature sets that appear in the Demo site on the Tour page. The code for the contact page look had to be requested for here. Absurd.

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Hello, blackooffice framework admin don´t work wp-admin/admin.php?page=saas2-homepage not save changes.

What´s is my problem??

Thks Juan