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I like the colors. They match your shiny green paw!! :) Good luck with sales.

Yea, thanks :D

nice theme. i likely to see images from the administrator.

Thanks, you can see some images from our admin on the following url:

Love your logo font? U got a name for me?

Thanks, here’s the font –

Good luck with sales!

Thanks mate :)

Great looking theme—- does the slider support viideo? or video in a lightbox?

Thanks for your message, slider can have images only.

Nice work, looking great ….... :)

Thank you ;)

Love it. Simple and complete. Congrats!


Nice theme! Can I see a screenshot of the ‘slider settings’ in the admin. I like to see how I can create slider with an isolated object and text. Thanks in advance.

Slides are done via wordpress custom types, you can preview our admin panel on the following url:

You can add slider to any page, change settings globally or locally per page/post.

Good luck! You have a winner!

Thank you! ;)

I love this theme, its perfect for my needs but there is one important thing I want to request before I purchase

I wanted to ask for a css dropdown Menu for when javascript is turned off as currently if you tuen javascript off on your browser you lose all the drop menu options, I consider it very important for accessibility, if you can do that I will purchase straight away


It’s fixed and submitted for review now. It should be available for download as v1.1 today. Thanks.

very sweet, as you can see, purchased, thank you very much

Thanks :)

Love this theme!Only wish it had a video slider, any plans to include this option on a future update? If it had a video slider this theme would be a perfect all round theme for multiple uses.

We’ll chat internally what will be included in the next updates. I’m writing that down. Thanks.

Is the responsiveness turned off on the demo?

Theme is styled to width 480px, which works great on most major mobiles. Check it on iPhone for instance. Thanks.

Hi , thanks for this beautyful theme. I have got a problem with the sliders. For the pict, it’s ok, but the Description doesn’t appear. Any idea… Franz

Hi, Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: Thanks

Would it be easy to add a youtube or flv video in the slider??

Theme uses modified Anything slider, it can display images only. Thanks.

Nice theme! Is it possible to get the Facebook box responsive?

I think it should be possible, you can add your own styles to responsive.css file as well.

Great theme.

Will you do an update where on the portfolio its links to a single portfolio page which the item description? Would be brilliant.

We have it on our TODO list. Thanks.

Hey Guys, Beautiful Theme.

We have a question before buying.

Does it play nicely with other plugins?

We bought a theme that does not so we want to upgrade to one that works with 2 plugins

1. Ether Builder –

2. WHMCS Bridge –

Any Thoughts.

Sorry I don’t have experience with any of these, but please send me a PM. Thanks.

Great theme, but the responsiveness is not optimal for all mobile devices. On an iPhone all works well, but for instance on a Samsung Galaxy II you’ve to scroll sideways in order to use the navigation buttons and to see all the content. Can you please repair that?

I’ll try to borrow that mobile for testing, we’ll release an update if it’ll be fixed. I’m sure it’ll be a small CSS thing. Thanks.

This theme is a little temperamental with wamp.

I try to run it in wamp and I get ‘connection was reset’ I cant be sure but it may be the .htaccess files that are in there causing it as when I removed one of them the site appeared but wordpress cp was still stating the above

First theme I have seen that happen with, although it works on a normal server its just an inconvenience as I am customizing it

Hi, Please kindly post your support questions on our Support Forum. This will enable our dedicated support team to assist you most efficiently. The Support Forums can be accessed at: Thanks