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Hypolite Purchased

Hi nackle2k10, if you need regular motivation to get you to build Frenzy for Bootstrap 3, bought this one, would buy the one for Bootstrap 3!


@hypolite, yeah I’m working on this one, but cannot state the timeline for release

c4ru50 Purchased

big up for bootstrap 3!

I agree about having a version for Bootstrap 3. Our CMS is based on BS3 and would purchase if BS3 version came out :-)

seanford Purchased

Any word on how the BS3 version is coming along?


There a low possibility a BS3 version, also if there is a BS3 version it will be for WP theme

I’d buy it again as well on bootstrap 3


Not the wordpress one though… thats for kids :)

Two Quick questions before I buy it.

Does the theme support IE10, IE11? Will you continue to update the theme to solve the cross browser compatibility in the future?

Thank you


yes it support ie

I know you have said it already but I have to ask: Is there any chance left that you will update this to Bootstrap 3?


Sorry but there will be no version with BS3

aureo91 Purchased

Hello, nice work ! I need to know where can I modify the jquery bootstrap popup of login ? Where is the js code ?

Thanks :)


it’s located in the bottom of each html files.

Shame you couldn’t convert to 3.2, otherwise I’d buy.


Unfortunately Bootstrap 2 and 3 have a different concept which require a whole new code for upgrade.

Guys, I want to warn you about this author if you don’t want pour your money down the drain. He had already delete one of his themes, which had just written comments about errors and problems associated with product support like yours above. He simply did not respond to client requests, and not so long ago deleted this topic from the Envato Marketplace, and now it’s not there at all)

Ugly? It’s just the kind of people with whom it is not necessary to deal with. And if buyers do not comment in that subject, he’d have continued to collect money from new people. He simply had no choice with these reviews and it just deleted this product.

And you’re reading this comment now?) Explain them all your actions. Cheers and keep backups guys if you already buy THIS;)