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nice work, good luck with sales :)

Thank you, I am glad you like it :-)

Very nice, cheers!

Thank you very much :-)

You have got to have a heart of stone not to like this! It is a beautifull piece of web design Sandra, love it do death! :-)

Thank you so much for your kind words Frozt :-)

Kind regards :-)

Beautiful work!

...love how the skills first shows when you scroll – neat idea ;)

Good luck / Thomas

Thank you very much Thomas :-)

Thanks, nice work! Surprised you’ve only had 20 sales with this when it’s easily one of the best static themes for single page sites on here!

Thank you for purchasing, glad you like it :-)

Regards :-)

I purchased this template a few days ago. I like it very much! Thanks for your hard work.

Can I ask – would it be possible for me to change it so the object carrousel would flip to the next “slide” automatically after a short pause (So the users don’t need to click the small arrows)?

Cheers, Niels

Hi, Niels

first of all thank you very much for purchasing :-)

As for the object carrousel slider is unfortunately not possible to do automated slides.

Kind regards, Sandra :-)

That’s ok. Thanks anyway. :)

Pa Cvrco rad je extra, da ga prodas x10 puta :):)

Hvala, hvala bice valjda :)

Mora biti, trud se isplati :)

Hi, i bought this item and want to use it as a portfolio site but i’m unable to put my own video’s in the portfolio items. Every time is change for example the vimeo link, it breaks and won’t load.. Viewing it in Safari by the way. Could you explain me what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

First of all, thank you for purchasing :)

Just send me a PM so I can give you more detailed instructions.

Regards :)

sorry, this was a mistake.

Hi, thanks for your previous PM, the instructions there worked for me. How ever, i’m having difficulties to set the target for the button ‘view more’.. This button is located in the top of the page, right below the title in the project caroussel. Could you explain where to paste a link to a certain portfolio item/page?

Thanks in advance!

You theme is not working now

Thank you for letting me know.