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Hi i just bought this Fresh Newsletter, however i need help on some of it.

1) If i am going to import it using Mailchimp, is it possible for us to “edit” it using the mailchimp function itself? Or I have to edit using photoshop still?

2) I tried to import the templates, however only the “Blue-Dark background” is successfully imported (the one you created 1.zip on the newsletter). When i try to import the rest, this is what i did. I have change the body to mc:edit and i have zip the 1.html and images file together. But when i upload it, it shows The archive was empty or otherwise corrupt in Mailchimp

Please advise me on this. Thank you very much.


Ok please ignore No.2 i have figure it out what happen

However For QN No.1 i am still abit confused on this. I downloaded a trial version of photoshop CC and when i open the PSD files, there’s nothing inside it.

Please advise how do i really edit your Fresh Newsletter?

Thank you very much.


Hi chardoes,

Thanks for purchasing Fresh Newsletter, the layers in the PSD file are hidden by default so you can show the color folder with its layers you wish to edit, make sure the layers panel is shown (Window > Layers) then click to show the color folder you wish to edit, for a detailed guide with screenshot please check out the help documentation.