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look like the Avada. ;) Goodluck for sales

Hi felixplus thanks for your comment. Maybe freshlook has some notes from avada, but is far from being equal to avada! ;)

I just purchased this theme. It look great! Be nice to have enough information on how to edit pages. As a newbie, it is tough to find where to start from

Hi nomenesl,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

Perhaps the best way to get started is to choose the pages you’ll use on your site and then all you need is edit the contents, text images etc…

If you need more help please create a account on our Support Page and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards

So if I like the Homeflexslider, should I delete the rest of the other slides?

Hi nomenesl,

If you want to use the flexslider as your homepage, you need to rename the home-flexlider.html to index.html. And of course, you need to delete the other index.html.


Awesome work , BTW The UI is very nice ;)

Thanks CODERizer :D

Hi, Theme is very good. But Many Pages are not working in Internet Explorer 8.

Hi mihirrvadalia,

Could you please provide us the link to your site for us see what’s happening? If you do not mind please use our support page.

Best Regards

In Internet Explorer 8, Circle service round shape problem. http://designarethemes.com/themes/freshlook-html/services.html

I download and open services.html page on Internet Explorer 8, It shows square shape.

After that i see your LIVE PREVIEW, And observe that until page loading services seems SQUARE, but after PAGE LOADS it converts into CIRCLE using <roundrect>. But this <roundrect> code is not included in your DOWNLOAD PACKAGE.

Is there any fault in Your Download Package?

Please provide me a circle in internet explorer 8.

I purchased your theme, after see your preview in all the browsers. And you written We Support IE8.

Hi mihirrvadalia,

You are right there are a small issue related with the css3 rounded corners, we will fix it and do the update. Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

great job on this.

Dissapointed you do not have a example of video in your lightbox popups?

Hi eirehotspur,

No problem, we will add it in the next update, which will be released later today ;) Best Regards

hi there
i’m i the only one having trouble with firefox on the index page ? a big gap between ” latest projects ” and the ” request a quote ” both on the preview and the downloaded files
thanks for your work

Hi boodoo,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Yes it’s true, there was a small issue, thanks for pointing that out! It’s now fixed and the updated is on the way.

If you intend to solve the problem now, go to the index.html and on line 1037 delete the first “div” also on the line 1050 delete the “div” and the “br”.

Best Regards ;)

I thought that it was a joke, but can you tell me how can work a template without size of the images – in slider? ... and all? You can of course, but spending so much time and I can’t consider this a normal way to working a template. I think you have to update this data as information in documentation. Working in Dreamweaver I can say that here the html code is a disappointment … sorry for me ,Irene

Hi Irene,

Many thanks for your purchase first of all.

Regarding your comment, we assume that people who buy the html templates have some skills on html/css, and for that, we don’t spend much time on make a extended documentation like we do on the wordpress themes.

The best way for you to work with the theme is choose the pages that you want to use on your site through the 25 pages of the template, and then simply edit the contents.

If you need our help please create a account on our Support Page and our support team will try to help you ;)

Best Regards

Dear Designare,

I did not ask you for help to solve a problem, then I do not need it. I’ve done a fair observation. By an elite author expect more. In the last months I worked Coworker template – with the same slide that’s why I make a difference, before SmartStart and Karma, who comes from other elite author – who are also in top. So expect a code well organized. Going back at the slide – the html code must also have the minimum necessary, not just “http://designarethemes.com/themes/fresh …..”, – look at other templates please. Surely you haven’ t tested the template in Dreamweaver, test and see “how wonderful” it is , and you’ll understand me. I do not intend to make the controversy and close here.

Best wishes.

Have issue updates been done on/in your theme that have been mentioned above? I am interested in a possible purchase, but a bit concerned about the comments, in that, it sounds like you rushed things and did not truly get the theme worked out for the browsers mentioned. I won’t be able to get a refund from Evato, so need to know how things are working before the purchase.

Hi suzanneem,

All the issues reported have been fixed in the previous updates. The theme is now working well on every browsers, you can test the theme preview.

Best Regards

Hi guys, nice work on freshlook template. awsome!

Quick question.

I’m having problems laying out the hompage. Can’t find the code that allows me to show the footer in full-width style. I can see in your demo that you got it, but can’t find the way here…

My client wants to kill me cause I’m dealy on site’s launching!


Hi Grobert,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

Please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

Hello! I bought the theme and everything works correctly less tweet_scroll. It is kept with the following status:

<p class="loading"> loading ... </p>

all the time like that. What can I do?? I have put correctly the name of the account of twitter.

Thank you very much.

Hi watx,

The twitter API has changed, let’s fix it and make an update. Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

Can’t seem to register on your support page for help. It keeps throwing me to a Wordpress log in and says name and email already in use.

I need to know how to get the footer contact form, contact page form to work?

Also, the scroll arrow at the bottom of the page has disappeared which means I must have deletes something needed. Can’t find the code on any of your demo pages – please advise.

All support for our themes are all directed to our support page.

Please create a account on our Support Page and post your question there, our support team will be happy to help you.

If you can’t register on our forum, please send us a email with your login details, and we will setup a account for you.

Best Regards

You obviously respond quickly to negative comments, since you deleted the one I posted less than an hour ago.

I told you below that I cannot get onto your support page.

You are wasting my time and I will sort out the issues myself. I will also make sure Envato knows about you lacking abilities and request a refund.

And we told you to send us you desired login details and we setup a account for you, is what we can do to help you.

If I remove the href on a heading next to the circled icon the heading is no longer aligned to the icon properly. Very strange code! I don’t want a link on the heading even a dead one.

Would be great to hear from you…

Hi suzanneem,

Please send us your desired login details for our support forum and we will setup a account for you. Regards

whatever you want it to be, send it to me in a private message.

Can’t get your forms to work is what I need help with now.

Hello When I purchased the template it came with a twitter feed. It was working fine until last week or so when it stopped working (I have not made any changes to the code). I see that you don’t show it in your template anymore either….is there a problem with the twitter feed? Could you fix it? Thanks…template is great!!

Hi astroboy,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

We have find the solution to the twitter feed. We’re just waiting for the approval of ThemeForest, to launch the update.

Best Regards

Deleting negative comments and only keeping ones that suit you is wrong.

If you have a little more of education we can discuss with you.

I see things in the wrong place, forms are incorrect for current code standards and don’t work, etc. It appears I do have more edu.

Look at this guys files and you will see how to set up a theme properly. Qupstro

Hi! I was wondering if with this license it is possible to buy the template just to use the Service Balls on another project, or otherwise if there is another way to buy only that script! Thank you!

Hi kuhh,

With the regular license you only can use the theme for one website and you can’t resell it.

If you want to use the services balls in another project like a theme for sell you need to buy the extended license.

Regards ;)

Recently using IPhone and IPad only I noticed an error message when rendering the Slider Revolution plugin: Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include.

The message also reports: Put JS Includes To Body option to true but I did not find where this option is. Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, sorry for the delay to answer your question.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page.

Please post your question here http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

Hi there, Is there any way to connect my blog in wordpress to the blog page in this template?

Hi amabenza,

Many thanks for your purchase.

I don’t know how you can do it, please post your question here http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards

Hello, I am unable to use the twitter scroll. Please help. I tried to post it on http://support.designarethemes.com but this site is not opening.


We had some problems in our previous support page, we lost all registered users and all content on the database.

The new support is now on http://support.designarethemes.net

We are truly sorry about this situation!

Best Regards

Unable to register. 1. If I use my username and password it does not accept. 2. It does not allow me to use forgot password option, says please try submitting form again. 3. I can not register again as it say Invalid purchase code.

Please assist.


This is strange it should work normally :/ but no problem, please send me a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with your desired login details and i will setup a account for you.

Best Regards