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Looks clean and professional. GLWS.

Thanks zeljic! :-)

Fresh it is indeed!



Many thanks Kevin! :-)

Clean and Modern look! GLWS

does it support arabic txt?


pre sale question for the my mail version: Are there only 2 colours possible in my mail version (blue, yellow) or can I change to other colours also and how is this done?


Hi Joe

Thanks for your interest.
It’s possible to apply your own color simply by using color picker available while editing with MyMail plugin. Shortly you’ll able to do that via MyMail editor.


This template appears broken in some email clients. Many subscribers are complaining about it. Waste of money

Gave him enough time to figure out the issue. He couldn’t. If you have few 1000 subscribers there will be few hundreds who will complain and unsubscribe because of this template.

Hello sir
Let’s back to our last conversation:
I: May I know in what email clients the issue found? Also please try to send me a test email of it.
U: They use their web mail accounts no specific clients are used.

No test email, no specific email clients used information, not even your customers use email clients listed and promised to works as stated in the sales page (Compatible Browsers)

I usually do my best and hard to solve any issue on my products and make it sure to works as stated on the sales page, but for this one sir, I’m so sorry if I can not solve your issue in the end because there’s no enough information for me to do further investigation.

Best regards

The problem is it works fine for 90% of the clients.

I purchased the product hoping that this will increase the user experience. Few of our users are kind enough to take the time to report it but I cannot push them for more details it makes our operation unprofessional.

I lost many of our subscriber with a single email.

I’m already gave them enough trouble and I’m not going to lose any more subscribers. I paid for this template. It’s your job to figure out if there is an issue with your template. It’s not that I have some personal crudge against you.

I don’t know you and I don’t have any problem with you . I paid for a service and it didn’t work as I expected instead it caused damage. I’m pretty sure you can find the issue if you keep an open mind and look deep into the code instead of throwing ball in my court.

Does this template use MailChimp template tags, as described in http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/getting-started-with-mailchimps-template-language ?


Thanks for your interest in my product.
And yes, it’s comes with most (or mandatory tags) and some additional which needed to make it works with MailChimp, like:
- Editable area (a must)
- Repeatable (for blocks / sections)
- Hideable / removable (for elements, e.g heading, button, or image, in case you don’t need it)
- CAN-SPAM info like unsubscribe, forward, view online, list descriptions, list address, rewards, list company. - subject tag
I don’t have a video about it yet, but you can check this screencast video for reference (created for my other template). http://www.screenr.com/477N

Deni.S – saputrad

any experience using this template with Silverpop?


Thanks for your purchase :-)
But sorry that I don’t have experience using / testing this template with that program.
As long as that program support for HTML email uploading / editing, I think the template will works there.


I’m considering purchasing but would like to see a render preview of how this looks in various Outlook versions and the major email clients. Can you provide that?

great template! Can a blackberry user see the mail with images?

thanks m


Thanks for your purchase :-)

Can you explain more? Didn’t get your entire points.

Deni.S – saputrad

Is this html compatible with Blackberry?

Some of them are supported to receive and view responsve HTML email.
Here’s some references about it https://www.campaignmonitor.com/guides/mobile/#mobile-support

Hi there

Te template editor – is that part of the download or only from your website?


If you buy the item, you’ll get a files in the download package as listed on the item descriptions.

More than that, you’ll have an access to the editor, by using your purchase code and username to login. The original template itself is already installed on our editor, so you just need to login, edit/customize, then download and use it.

As simple as this short screencast video https://www.screenr.com/2NZN

Yup I get that, and thanks :)

It doesn’t allow me to do what I want though if that makes sense.

If I design a newsletter for someone today, and then they use it, they might come back and say “ok now I need a version with photos and a video and links and etc….”

By what you have mentioned, this means I would have to log back in to the editor and start fresh with your original design and make it all again?

Yes, you need to start from the scratch, each time you login you’ll get a default / original template. It’s how our editor currently work, but will definitely hear if you have any advice or feature request, I will forward it to my programmer for consideration.

Thank you,

Hi !

Great job ! pre-sale question :

An issue to have a 1/1 column image (100% width) ? I don’t see this option in the builder list.

Thx !

File sent via email :)

Thanks a lot for the quickly fix !

You’re welcome :)


Hope you’re well.

I have a pre-sales question: can you drag and drop the different blocks in Mailchimp? And add/modify them from the Mailchimp template editor?

Thank you very much for your time!

Cheers, Nancy

Hi Nancy

Thanks for your interest in our product.
Nope, it’s not possible to have a drag & drop function on the MailChimp template version.
But of course, it’s editable / customisable on MailChimp editor. You can check the short video here https://www.screenr.com/lQlN

Let us know if you have any further question(s)
Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad


I am having a problem in the latest versions of Microsoft Office Outlook.

The yellow box at the box is being cut in half.

It displays fine in older versions of Outlook but not the most recent releases. Can you provide a fix please?

Thank you.


Hi Rhys

We replied to your email recently.

Best regards!

Hi, where is the ‘600px width any height’ photo block in Mailchimp? The other blocks are there but not this one (which is the one I really want) Thanks


Thanks for your purchase :-)

And we’re sorry for the mistkae.
We just update the Freshmail template, and currently waiting for review to approve it.

Please contact us via contact form in the support tab or our profile page. We’ll send you the file via email.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

Hi guys, I see ‘600px width any height’ photo block in the live preview, but i didn’t found it in Mailchimp? When a add a photo in a texte area, the block isn’t responsive anymore. Thank’s for your help


We just updated this product, added that block to the MailChimp Templates version within the download package.

Your account seems aren’t purchased this item.
If you already purchase this item with other account, please re-download the item.
Please note that if you add an image to the text area, you’ll need to edit the image and add an “img_scale” class to make the images scaled in smaller screen.

Let us know if you need further assist.
Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

ok thanks ! I have also an issue with the email application: outloook, the photos was cropped after i add the class “img_scale” . Did you have any solution ? Thank you


It’s because you add the image in the text area.
The template has the following code in element / text area, to handle text spacing on Outlook. mso-line-height-rule: exactly;
That caused an issue if you put an image inside the area which are actually an area for text, not image.

So you have an options, to remove that codes or place the image not in area that intended for text only.
If you need further assist please send us message via support tab or our profile page along with your purchase codes.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad

hallo, how can i add a border around the newsletter: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/530844/cd1b94fce80a25b7dacec1620022f952 thanks a lot for your quick help! kind regards andreas

Hi Andreas

Thanks for your purchases :-)

We just replied to your email.
Please your check.

Best regards! Deni.S – saputrad

Good afternoon

I can sell? I can put the constructor code in my domain and my clients create the templates?

Best regards

Hello, I have purchased these templates. The templates do not work with Outlook 2013. Any instance of 3 images across, fails. I have tested this in Litmus. Please advise?


Please send us email via support tab or our profile page.
Some screenshots would be great.

Best regards!
Deni.S – saputrad