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Is there a way to switch the background color or use a background image of choice? Nice work


It is possible to change the background to use either an image or a different solid color.

To do this, you’ll need to re-slice a few images on the background of your choice.

If you’d like, drop me an email and I’d be happy to help out and provide details on exactly what images need re-slicing.


Great theme, if this was in wordpress I would buy pure because I can use the cms, as opposed to having to manually update the content

I agree, it’s beautiful. Any plans on WP Theme?

i love it, good job :)

Thanks for the compliments everyone!

The Wordpress version of FreshServe has just been approved! Get your copy here:


- Eric

I am trying to integrate a a salesforce lead form through their plugin and the css does not play well.

Here is the css for the salesforce form. How do I change it to make it look like the theme form.

Any thoughts ?

form.w2llead { text-align: left; clear: both; } .w2llabel, .w2linput { display: block; width: 120px; float: left; } .w2llabel.error { color: #f00; } .w2llabel { clear: left; margin: 4px 0; } .w2linput.text { width: 200px; height: 18px; margin: 4px 0; } .w2linput.textarea { clear: both; width: 320px; height: 75px; margin: 10px 0; } .w2linput.submit { float: none; margin: 10px 0 0 0; clear: both; width: 150px; } #salesforce { margin: 3px 0 0 0; color: #aaa; } #salesforce a { color: #999; }

bodrder-radius not working in IE, maybe fix it ? curved-corner IE

Very nice template.


Thanks :-)

my subject drop down box isnt working, any fix?


Just responded to your email :-)


Very nice!

The template table has only four columns. Adding one more, it becomes deformed. How to fix?

oscardog Purchased

Overall a really nice template… My only criticism is the choice of fonts. Using a non-web-safe font such as ‘Helvetic Neue’ and ‘Geneva’ everywhere is not a good idea.

If they were free fonts it would be fine, however they’re not. And having in font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’ isn’t going to be any good as the chances of people having that font is slim.

So, a note for the future would be to pick websafe fonts.

The actual layout is lovely though :)

in the contact form, is there any way to send a message to different email addresses depending on the drop down menu option selected?



There is no built-in way to do this, however, I’ve put together a small snippet that should do the trick. Insert this into the send_email.php file located in the /scripts/ directory of the theme.

Replace this (line 8 ):

$site_owners_email = 'you@youremail.com'; // Replace this with your own email address

With this:

if($subject == "General Support") {
   $site_owners_email = 'support@youremail.com'; // Email for support
} elseif($subject == "Sales") {
   $site_owners_email = 'sales@youremail.com'; // Email for sales
} else {
   $site_owners_email = 'default@youremail.com'; // Email for everything else

Hope that works out.

- Eric

An update has been posted to fix the FancyBox (lightbox) issues in IE 7 /8/9 and the missing subject field in the contact form.

- Eric

Just checking, Is there a dropdown menu in the main navigation?



There currently isn’t a drop-down menu system on the main navigation.

- Eric

edwinyzh Purchased

This is a great theme! Thanks!

However, I’ve got a suggestion. Currently the theme allows a two-level navigation by using the top menu + the tabs, would you add a third level navigation as a “vertical tabs”, like the features section in the chargify website?

I believe will benefit a lot websites!


Bought this template a while ago but just now go into implementing it. This is hands down the best template I’ve ever bought, not only because it looks nice but because the author put so much work into making it as easy as possible to edit to your needs. Things like creating extra PSD ’s for the logo/various other elements and an extremely thorough set of documentation are just awesome.

I’d (and already have) recommend this to anyone.


Thanks so much!
- Eric

watsoncj Purchased

Excellent theme! I’m very pleased with it.

Is there a way to style button elements like the anchor elements look when they have a class of .button?

For example, the anchor buttons look great:

<a href="#" class="button"><span>Totally Awesome</span></a>

But my form submit button is a bit lacking:

<input class="button" value="Create Account" type="submit" />

I also have a file chooser that I would love to make look like your a.button links.

Is it easy to remove that price circle graphic that appears in the upper right hand corner?


Yes, it’s a one-line, independent div element that can easily be removed.

- Eric

I am having difficulty sending email from the Contact Menu. I am using GoDaddy as the web hosting site and I modified the send_email.php to insert my site specific values. When I click Send Email button, I am getting the following Warning and the email does not go out…

Warning: fputs(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/content/21/7446321/html/scripts/class.smtp.php on line 209

This line is pasted from the PHP file as follows:

public function Authenticate($username, $password) {
   // Start authentication
   fputs($this->smtp_conn,"AUTH LOGIN" . $this->CRLF);

One of the changes I had to make was to set SMTP _PORT to 80. This is mandated by GoDaddy. I talked to them about this warning and they said that they cannot help with it.

Thanks in advance

Sree Iyer