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I m currently running the files localy, not on remote server. Regarding dropzone, after I draged and droped a file when the mouse is over the thumb the whole page codes hovering. Do you have any idea what is wrong with that ?



Please send me an email through my profile’s contact form from the account you made the purchase, along with a screenshot of the issue, so I can provide support, thanks! :-)

hangy Purchased

Hi, i need to start a project and i need to know the release date for 1.3 version… In this way i can start with the latest version.

Sorry for my bad english, i’m italian :)


Hi hangy and thank you very much for your purchase!

I believe that I will have it ready for Themeforest in the next 7 days :-)

Awesome template.

I’m just missing a couple things: 1. Any chance you can add in CKEditor. 2. Chosen Multiple to query the server. 3. Chosen Multiple to be used with just a text box and comma separated. So I can use it for page tags.


Hi chriskolenko and thank you very much for your purchase, I’m glad you like it!

I will include the CKEditor in the next update as well as a tags input functionality! Regarding Chosen plugin, I have integrated it with FreshUI and you can find examples in the Forms Components page :-)


Under IE Compatibility mode (IE 9 Compatibility mode, document IE 7), it looks like the floats are messed up.

Any chance of looking in to this to see if resolvable?

Many thanks


Hi onelegend and thank you very much for your purchase!

Unfortunately, FreshUI (and Bootstrap 3) does not support IE7 and this is why you are having these issues. All the modern browsers are supported along with IE8 (and up)!

You could try out https://github.com/coliff/bootstrap-ie7, for bringing back support of IE7 for BS3, it will propably solve most of the issues :-)


Thanks for the link, I shall use it if the following doesn’t work… Basically the page is running on an intranet zone (which defaults to compatibility mode from what I read), I found the following line from the Bootstrap site which tells IE to run with normal rendering.

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>



I believe that with this line you won’t have issues!! (I thought you were testing it for IE7)

Should you need anything else, just let me know :-)

Any plans for an RTL version?


Thank you for your interest in FreshUI! Yes, I will release an RTL version with the next update ( I don’t have a timeline at the moment but it shouldn’t take long) :-)

How to add the toolbar text color buttons foreground and background to the ckeditor config.js seems to be customized version?


Hi InsiteFX and thank you for your purchase! Please send me a message (from the account you acquired a license of FreshUI) through my profile’s contact form, so I can provide support. Thanks :-)

How do you get multiple Classic Charts on one page?


Hi Tadeusz1 and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

You can create another div with an id of your choice, eg:

<div id="chart-classic2" class="chart"></div>

Then you will have to duplicate the javascript code of the classic chart (at the bottom of the page, just have a look at the comments) but change the variable


and apply another set of data for the chart. If you would like a more specific example, do not hesitate to contact me through my profile’s contact form :-)

I would like to see in the next version a css class code for the default theme for use with php.

Right now there is no css for the default theme, this way we could specify that we want to use the default theme. Also right now if you change the theme there is no way to set it back to the default in php etc;


Thank you very much for your purchase!

There is already a variable in the config file in the PHP version where you can set your active theme. If you need the default theme in a separate CSS file just send me an email and I will send it over to you :-)

m3llo Purchased

I’m having some trouble changing the default color of the theme. I changed the default classes in the themes.css but it does not seem to change.


Hi m3llo and thank you very much for your purchase!

If you are using the PHP version, you can change the active color theme from inc/config.php

If you are using the HTML version, you just have to include the CSS file (color theme) of your choice (from css/themes) after the main.css

Please have a look at the code comments or in the documentation where I have instructions under CSS Structure. If you need further help do not hesitate to contact me :-)

Can you add support for the Select2 (http://ivaynberg.github.io/select2/) plugin?

It’s has a lot more features than Chosen.



Thank you very much for your purchase! :-)

I will add Select2 support in the next update, so stay tuned ;-)

Would you be able to integrate the DataTables TableTools plug-in?


Hi and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

I don’t have any plans for adding the TableTools plug-in in the main package but it is simple to add it if you would like to. If you need assistance, please send me a message through my profile’s contact form ;-)

akaroot Purchased

It will be great if you add email page template. Thanks.


Hi and thank you very much for your purchase and your suggestion :-)

I will do my best to include an email template with a future update ;-)


I am trying to validate the class class=”select-chosen” (multiple and single) but not working.

I have defined the name of field in the js included in the template as follows: rules: { comp_users_access: { required: true } }


i forgot to mention if i use form-control, the validation works, but i loose the auto filter field


Hi and thank you very much for your purchase :-)

Unfortunately Chosen plugin does not work out of the box with Form Validation plugin! Please send me a message through my profile contact form and I will send you back a usage example with the extra code needed ;-)

akaroot Purchased

Hi. Plugins that you currently used for date and time pickers are old and low functional. They didn’t support localization, datetime ranges and other needed features. Would you like to change them for some more powerfull, for example for https://github.com/tarruda/bootstrap-datetimepicker. Thanks


Hi akaroot and thanks again for your purchase :-)

I’m not using the original Datepicker for Bootstrap but a newer fork which has many features along with localization support and date range functionality (there is also a demo in FreshUI). You can download the locale files and preview many features of the plugin at http://eternicode.github.io/bootstrap-datepicker/

The plugin you suggested seems interesting, I will have a look at it for sure! Also, stay tuned, the next FreshUI update is coming soon with updates to the latest Bootstrap 3.2 and to many plugins such as Datatables and Full Calendar (which got major updates) ;-)