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Any news on the HTML version, its been a while!

Hello hello!

HTML version is ready to go with documentation, just need to fix the IE bugs, and that’s a total turnoff for me. But I will kick my self so I get it done as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

Any news on the HTML version, its been a while! :-) Say if not, it`s ok.

Hey! I tried to upload the HTML version a while ago, but it got rejected three times.

Then I just forgot the whole thing until now, and I think I’m going to share the HTML version for free! :) I will post the link here where you guys can download the HTML version, it doesn’t include the PSD ’s thought.

Preview: http://themeforest.jannek.fi/fruitykiwi/

+ Read me: http://themeforest.jannek.fi/read_me/fruitykiwi.html

Hi there,

I bought the original PSD template and just checked out the html version and it looks awesome. Is there any chance you could send it to me as a whole rather than me trying to capture each page.

Would be very grateful for your help.


Hey guys,

You can download the HTML and PHP versions of FruityKiwi from here, and it’s free!!!

http://themeforest.jannek.fi/fruitykiwi-html.zip (2,1mb)

Enjoy! :)

Your FREE HTML/PHP version link is now invalid, any help? http://themeforest.jannek.fi/fruitykiwi-html.zip