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This is really nice, great idea being able to choose between a dark/light version with a simple id swap! :)

Thanks MeanThemes :)

Really great work on this one. Lovely design! Many sales!

Thanks for the kind words. Hope all goes well with your theme!

hi, This theme is the first time I have heard of “Ghost” looking it looks good, how about comments? can you comment on blogs?

Hi, we have been looking at doing an up to this theme which will include a comment plugin (disqus).

Thank you

doing an update to this theme

Hi, the theme now includes comments. Thanks for the feedback

How do I change the ID?

My apologies it seems it removed the body tag in my last reply. < body >

Thank you!

Is there anything else I should do? Because I already changed from “light” to “dark” and nothing happened

All the ‘light & ‘dark’ does is change the colour of any text which overlay the background to either white or black.

Feel free to email a url to hello(at)wearesupa.com and I shall take a look at the code.

Hi, great theme! With the new Ghost 0.4 disqus got broken and css got messed up. Hope you guys can fix this :-)

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We are in the process of updating the themes for v0.4

“Supa” design! WP, please :)

Thank you . A WP may work, will consider it.


is it you Fruity theme suitable for Wordpress? Thanks.

Hi, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately Fruity is only available for the Ghost platform (http://ghost.org).


Really like the look of this theme but the problem is that I can’t see it in action. If I look at either of your demo links (live preview) the page errors out (DNS). Want to be able to play with the demo a bit before purchase to see that this is a fit for me. Thanks

Also, thought I saw that you had support for Ghost 0.5 but can’t see that anymore, can you confirm that for me.


I shall look in to this. The ghost theme is in need of an update to support 0.5

Many thanks Michael