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demo is not working guys :(


thanks for your reply guys, but as long as I can’t check the features or option in demo, I can’t make my decision to buy the theme. Thanks


Fullfashion demo works now . demo.1theme.com/fullfashion Thank you


thanks for letting me know.

keneun Purchased

Hi, I’m trying to set up the demo on my site. I’ve imported the demo3.xml filte and set the homepage but am just seeing a blank screen. Do you have detailed instructions on how to set up the fully operational demo?


Hello, Please send an e-mail to support@1theme.com with temporary username and password to wp-admin. We are working on the issue . Thank you


I’m having a few issues with customization. I’ve changed the default background, but the one from the demo is there no matter what I change the background to. Also, the menu text color will not change from black, even though it’s set to white. If I use the wonder slider, it cuts off all the photographs, even if I resize them first. I went to the 1theme website to try to get support, since that’s what you’ve asked others with questions to do, but the support page isn’t there anymore.


Can you send an e-mail to support@1theme.com with temporary password and login for admin panel . And site url Please . Thank you


everytime I save theme setting I get a small popup message saying ‘Error’.

Also the background doe snot display!!

Please help,



ok seems like I got ti to work by setting the correct CHMOD rights for the theme folder. So updating and showig the backgrounds now works. However one option seems not to work that is setting the opacity for the content area backgroudn color. It works fine for the menu but not the ‘Background Overlay Opacity’ (backgournd of the content)

Any suggestions?


can you please set up a temporar username and password for wp-admin and send it to support@1theme.com. Thank you

Hello presale questions:

1) Can I have different background image per page (one bk image per page – only home page with slider) ?

2) Can I place big logo 220 px heigth x 150 px with, withaout breaking layout?

3) Is it WPML fully compatible?

4) Is it SEO yoast fully compatile?

Thanks and my compliment, theme is very nice.


Could you please check for WPML and Yoast compatibility.

and two more questions, is it possible to modify TEXT CSS and animation on Home page slider?

Is it possible to get link directly in Home page slider’s text?



Hello, and sorry for the late response.

The answer is yes, for both of these plugins. Although you will need to download the .MO language files for the languages you need, to set up translations. Also if you need to use languages with specific characters in written form(like cyrillic, for Russian), you might need to specify the charset in the headers, so the browser could display it properly. The web is full of resources how to do just that. Regarding home slider, any line of text, character can be customized in the settings of revolution slider, also you can make links or buttons while editing the layers of your slides, change effects, speed, shape and much more.

I hope this answer helped you decide upon purchasing “Full Fashion”.

We will be glad to offer support and answer any further questions a.s.a.p.,regarding the installation process or after you start working with “Full Fashion”.

Fiema Purchased

Hello :/ I’ve imported the demo1.xml filte and set the homepage but am just seeing a blank screen.


Hello. Please send us a temporary user access data: Username & Password, and also reset your database. We will set up the demo for you.

Hi There,

I just Purchased this theme and currently I am trying to adjust the width of the page. there dose not seem to be a “full width” page template to choose from. In addition your support forum link is broken.

can you please provide me with the CSS code that I can use to change page width.

Thank you.



Find style.css file in //wp-content/themes/fullfashion(the theme folder), there you can find, on line 99, the ”.elastic” class , and delete or comment out the “width:700px” attribute;

also find ,on line 91, ”.content-container” class, there you should change “width:90%” to 100%.

You will get a screen-wide display of the articles or any other content.

We hope it works for you.

Feel free to ask any further questions, we will be glad to be of assistance.

Thank you for choosing Full Fashion.


Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick ,everything worked!!


We are happy you enjoy our products, please do not hesitate to rate – http://i.imgur.com/tRS9Jrq.jpg .

hello, how to set up contact form page, is there any template? if yes, where I could found it?


Hello, You could use Contact Form 7 WP plugin for the contact form,or any other similar, and if you need a google map section on your contacts page look for a plugin on wordpress.org , any compatible with the latest WordPress version. Each has different features, you may choose the one that suits you most. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask , we’ll be glad to be of assistance.