FULL FLEX - Fully Responsive HTML5 Landing Page

FULL FLEX - Fully Responsive HTML5 Landing Page - Landing Pages Marketing


FULL FLEX is a one page template specifically designed to work with any given html element. The responsive template will work all screen sizes down to 320px width. The template is retina ready so it will look gorgeous on every device with a browser. FULL FLEX can be transitioned into a promotional site, splash screen, regular website with pages, marketplace, the options are endless!


  • One page layout
  • Retina display ready
  • Media queries to handle all screen sizes
  • Responsive content slider
  • Responsive Image slider
  • Google Maps with custom marker
  • Responsive video resizer script
  • Working twitter feed
  • Markup and CSS for a responsive contact form
  • 100+ vector icons to choose from
  • Respond.js for IE media queries compatibility

Update 2013, July 9th: Now supports twitter new API v1.1 and new Vimeo embedder. Also fixed bug with logotype not aligning correctly in some viewports. Enjoy