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Yes, how do i get the twitter sidebar to work. is there a need to change anything in the Scripts folder?


I’m working on this.


When installing this theme, I get an error message stating

"Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

I’ve looked within the files and see each color scheme folder (blue, green,orange,pink) all have a CSS file within it but i’m not sure why i’m getting this failed theme message.



This is not a wordpress theme it’s an html template.



OMFG, I feel like a retard lol! Defintely thought this was a wordpress theme :D

Thanks for this free template (y)

This is cool!

Hello there. This is a really great template and I’m really happy that i’ve got it for free, YAY :D

But i can’t get the twitter integration to work. I’ve changed some information on the Scripts/twitter.js file but had no success. Actually i only changed the vars ’’Username” to my actual twitter username, but that didn’t work. Any hints on this?


Beautiful work!! ;)

Thanks. Full Moon it’s very cool! ;)


Thank you!

Hello. This is a simple good looking theme. Why it is not still for giveaway download? It is still 28.02.2013


In Australia it is 1.04.2013 :-) and there is another template as free file of the month.




Hi, great work, but I got problem with form on the contact page, when I try move form to another page it does’t work, it still look nice but I can’t input any text there, I suspect this is problem with JS, but I can’t find where exactly

Hi. This is a great template, but how can i get the contact form to show only from my domain in the from section ie: From mydomain@mydomain.com instead of From mydomain@myhostingcompay.com

Thanks in advance

Hi Alex,

Did you ever fix the Twitter issue?

Also, when selecting the portfolio-grid page from the drop-down menu, it always starts with page 2 highlighted, even if you try to select page 1. Can you spot the fix for this? I can’t see where the error is.

Otherwise, a beautiful template! Thanks


This is a beautiful theme. I have just one question – on the top navigation (#nav), I’d like the current page to have a slightly different color background. The background changes on hover, but I’d like it to be a slightly different color when the current page is selected. I’ve tried defining a:current but I must be doing something wrong.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

On the featured slideshow how would you get the black arrow pointing to the image to start at the top, it starts on the second item down.

Thanks in advance

Was the twitter issue ever resolved?

hi agurghis

how can i make contact form better. it let people submit without putting any detail in box. i mean live website let any one submit form without entering any single detail in any of the box. it should be asking to fill in atleast some mandatory detail like name and email before letting anyone submit form or error message

can u please help here.

thx kal