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Awesome! Good luck dude! Should be booming :D

Beautiful and unique!

GREAT !! WP would be fine, than i will buy it!!!

Like it so far! ;)

Thanks for comments. WP version will be availabe soon. I will keep you informed.

Thanks again

Slower computers have problems with sites like that.

Can this template support fullscreen video as well as images?

Airexist Purchased

Hi, great theme. Is it a way to make it compatible for ie8?

Nice clean template. I am surprise the sale is not rocking :-)


Me too. I’ll try with wordpress version.

Nice design. One question, are the thumbnails being resampled or is it reusing the high-res images and just scaling them down (without resampling?) for thumbnails?

I love the look of the portfolio, but I can feel it getting heavier as I add more photos. I’ve had to down-sample my photos to 1000pixels wide down from 1600 because the site was way too choppy with slides at 1600px wide.

I would love to be able to create my own thumbnails as separate images rather than letting the javascript simply duplicating the image paths for the thumbnails. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!


Thanks for comment,

It is posible to do that in porfolio.

Code you need to edit look like this.
<a href="img/portfolio/img6.jpg" title="This is desctipiton" class="lightbox"><img src="img/portfolio/img6.jpg" alt="image description" /></a>
This is link for original size photo.
<a href="img/portfolio/img6.jpg" title="This is desctipiton" class="lightbox">
This is link for thumbnail.
<img src="img/portfolio/img6.jpg" alt="image description" />

If you have any other difficulties please use contact form on my themeforest profile page.

TastyT Purchased

Hey, Loving this! Been wanting this style for ages! Simple and full screen.

I was wondering if it is possible to groups some of the images. For example with the light box, if you have a set of related images that you would like to group.

So instead of one thumbnail per image, I could have a title thumbnail with a series of 5 shoots of a piece of work without having a thumbnail for each.

I have seen this on lots of website, but it does not seem to be included in this.




I will upload FULLA template soon and I will include that posibility but you can try something from this website.


load.js is the file where fancybox is initialized.


Nice theme! I don’t know if you know but the thumbnails & links in the menu are not directing to the ‘item details’ page correctly. I had to use Google to work my way around it. When I click your thumbnails it download a .htm file. :confused:



I just try thumbnails and it works as it should.

I love this theme, but I just noticed that the testimonial section will only display the last two testimonials on the right side of that section. When any of the other testimonials slide to the right, they’ll suddenly change to the last testimonial. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.


I just tested this and i see the problem. I will let you know how to fix this ASAP

I’m not able to preview this…is the live preview still working? I keep getting a network timeout error….


It works for me.. Try refreshing the page


no luck…been trying to view it since yesterday


Try this link http://216design.com/fulla/sec/. It works for my friend too

Support forum is ONLINE . Please write a support ticket here http://support.jacketwebdesign.com/ if you have any issues with theme

Hi, Is this contact form script build with smtp authentication ? all hosting servers require this functionality today. Thanks

Your Domain has expired…



Thanks for imformation. It works now/



Great theme! I’m struggling trying to rename the menu tabs (swapping the pictures for text), when clicked they resize into little boxes and overlap each other. Could you let me know what I need to edit for it to work?


Can have video backgrounds instead of images?