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Hi !! This theme is so great.. that I’m struggling to buy another one just because of responsiveness. Is it in your plans to update ‘fullscreen’ to a responsive design ?!

thanks. :)




Going to move to responsiveness step by step in future updates sorry the process took and will take some time to be completely implemented and working properly. Just want everyone who is waiting for a responsive version of the theme that it’s not a very simple process to add the responsive feature. It may need a complete makeover of the code of the theme to make things work properly, it’s a total different story than making a responsive theme from the beginning.

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Hi !! After last WP update my header show a bug, now I have a space between browser and header. Can you help me to solve this issue?


Hi, what is your operating system and browser? I checked your site and it looks normal (Chrome/Firefox on a Mac).


Hi, I use Windows 8.1 and Chrome, but I tested in many browsers

I disabled all WP plugins and nothing happened

Here a pic



I checked your website. It looks like one of the plugins (I guess it’s the contact button on the right) break the page structure and add another “body” tag. I know you tried to disable the plugins with no luck but you may had to clear the browser cache to see the result.

Please open a support ticket here with your WP admin login info and I will take care with it.

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Can this theme be setting for mobile?


It doesn’t have mobile version or responsive layout for now, however it should “usable” on most mobile phones without problems, but you will need to zoom in for small text for example.

it’s planned to test adding responsive feature in the future updates, but there’s no estimated date for that.

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well, it’s been a year or more that a responsive version is in the pipe… are you seriously working on it ?

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Hi there, I love this theme! Just one problem, my fullscreen slider takes ages to load, the pics are only around 250kb, and I have caching plugins installed (super cache), any other suggestions as to how I can speed up the slider load?

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Is your Flickr widget broken? Do you have plans to add an Instagram widget?

Thanks. This looks like a theme I might buy—however, I am a photographer and interested in FlickR and Instagram.


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I have two questions:

1. How active to the template Blog (http://themes.premitheme.com/fullscene/blog/)?

2. In my Portfolio my projects target images but no the post. How to redirect items? (http://latierramepide.com/portafolio/)