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Regaring the Ninja Form Issue i asked the developer if they could help me…. the answer was: If you can tell me specifically what you are looking for and it’s not to complicated I can give you some CSS to override your theme. Otherwise you could go to the theme author and ask them if they could re-factor that. They jumped a little higher than they needed with their css.

Is it possible to adjust your css?

Hi Premitheme, I require an add-on, can I please have the your email to send my additional request? I understand there is a charge for the service.

I need to add thumbnail photos to the portfolio gallery photo without using Lightbox.

Hi everybody, sorry for being unresponsive the last few days, I’m going to answer all the pending questions by tomorrow as I’m not in front of my computer now. Dont worry, I will be answering questions during the weekend.

Thanks for your patience and sorry again for any inconvenience.

Hey, the version on my wordpress says 1.3.2 and there’s no option to upgrade on my wordpress to 1.4.1. Help? Installing this for a client and nothing is working on the site. :stress:

I’m wondering if there is a way to get rid of the pinstripe in the background so it could be solid white.

Hi there! Nice theme! I was wondering: Is it possible to play vimeo video from the Lightbox-style portfolio? From the Live Preview, when I go into the Portfolio – Lightbox page and I open what’s supposed to be video content (like the Zero Gravity or the 3d car animation) all I get inside the Lightbox is a still image, no video playback. Is that how it’s supposed to work or is it actually possible to play video from that lightbox portfolio? Is there a working sample of this? Thanks a lot!

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I’m having difficulty getting the custom background to work for the “Blog” page (over blog page with featured image, date and post excerpt). All of the other pages custom backgrounds work fine. Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong.

I have my “Blog” page set to the Posts page in “Reading Settings”, and I’ve tried all the different page templates on my News page (thinking that might have something to do with it).

I’d like to get this resolved, as all the other pages have custom backgrounds, and clicking through to the “Blog” page breaks the flow of the site (white background).

Thank you for your assistance!

Light and very nice theme :)


Thanks soooo much :)

hi there!!I don’t know why but at certain point when i try to upload new material there’s a message like Cheatin’ uh? someone knows hou fix this problem?thank’s in advance!


So so sorry for the very long wait.

Do you still have this issue? Which version of WP and theme you’re running?

Hello, I use Nextgen Gallery and Justified Image Grid for my galleries. Is there a fullscreen page template in your theme like for the galleries where I can include the nextgen code? Have you tested Nextgen Gallery with your theme?

Best Regards, Stefan

Is there a way to navigate through a category in the portfolio once you click into the category? Once I click into a category and go to a piece within that category, when I click on the arrows above the work, it navigates through different categories according to the date uploaded. I’d like for there to be a way, for instance, if I have a print category in my portfolio, when I click on a piece within that category to be able to navigate through all print pieces without having to go out to the portfolio page. Does that make sense?

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Hey premitheme, Any chance you are going to answer the 30+ days of support questions that are currently unanswered? I’m a little disappointed that I purchased your theme and am not receiving support…

Potential purchasers: As nice as Full Scene is, I recommend holding onto your $40 and not purchasing Full Scene until premitheme demonstrates his commitment to his existing customers.

I never got an answer when I posted this a month ago. For the accordion shortcode is there a way to make the first section closed until its clicked on? I like the idea of it being closed so the user has to click on the accordion panel to open it up.

Love the theme glad I picked it up. Thanks for help with this issue.

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Hi, i was wondering how can i put image at the top of this page http://beatworks.bg/service/ to look like About page in the exsample of the theme?

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Hi, I would like to make multi-language version on this template – what plugin is the best for your theme??

Thanks, Kaie

I really like this theme, but if you’re reading this, please don’t purchase it. There are a lot of bugs with jetpack and images, and the support has been non-existent for well over a month now, with no responses to even the most basic questions in the support forums.

What file should I edit to reduce the height of a featured image showing on the blog page? I need to make them smaller…

any help greatly appreciated…

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Hi Will you ad a update so it becomes adaptive ?


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Hi, I need to change font because of diacritics in Czech language. Where I can find css with typography?

just another warning to users… the theme doesn’t work at all now.

i get the error: Cannot redeclare class tmhOAuth in tmhOAuth.php on line 14

...locks you out of the dashboard too. had to move to a different theme.

and now the support website is also offline.

you should pretty much avoid this theme at all costs.


ok, yeah, it was caused by the latest update to the wp to twitter plugin.

glad to hear back from you, sorry for the nastiness, but ive had way too many theme authors disappear on me over the years :/


No problems at all, I understand. Starting from my eye surgery the last year my availability to work and support affected significantly, which makes the forum filled with unresolved topics, that’s why I’m going to start a fresh support forum, to be able to follow-up all the support requests and offering better forums search and knowledgebase for self-help to make things easier on me and you.


Will look into the tmhOAuth error trying to solve it from my side for better compatibility.