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Hi, the support website will be available within 24 hours, it’s offline now due to major updates. Note that the the old forums will be closed for new topics and replies (will be archived), and you can open a new topic in the new forums.

Many reasons caused my unresponsiveness lately, some of them are personal, sorry for that and hopefully the future will be better.

Sorry for any inconvenience and your patience.

The new support site is available :)

Hello! I wonder how do I display the category description page single-portfolio? thank you very much

In the description of the portfolio category I place a link, which is called in the title of the portfolio

echo ‘Title Portfolio‘

echo ’<.a href = ” ’ . description_portfolio_cat . ’ ” > Title Portfolio < / a >

There are two major issues. Anyone who views our website right now in Android Jellybean (at least on my Nexus 4 and another Samsung that we tested with) – this is a major concern and should be resolved promptly. Also, for whatever reason the page is not responsive in vertical display mode… only when viewing the webpage in panoramic view. These issues do not seem to occur on prior Android versions, to my knowledge, and there is not an issue on iphone devices. One other concern, however, is the default slide caption font (which is a nice font) is not Mac compatible and doesn’t look very nice on iphone/ipad.

Hi, thanks for purchasing one of my themes :)

Generally “Fullscreen” isn’t a responsive theme, it’s going to get an update to add responsive abilities to it, but not yet. And there’s no certain timeframe for this at the moment, but it’s on my to-do list.

Could you post screenshots for the first problem? The theme uses Google font, so I will see if there’s anything I can do regarding the font on iDevices.

Captions are not appearing on Android Jellybean chrome browser

Hi, I just tested the demo site ( ) on my Galaxy Note II running 4.1.1 using Chrome and the stock browser and the captions works just fine for the fullsrceen slider and Nivo slider!

Could you test the demo site and see if the problem exist? And if possible post your live website with the mentioned problem to test on my device.

If you fix these issues, I will leave a 5 star rating, but until then, I can not rely on your support system, though I do empathize with you. You’re a really smart developer and have such great potential – AWESOME THEME – but we are all counting on your support to keep this theme rock solid! All the best – SB

Thanks so much, the theme has been improved significantly since the initial release, and that’s wouldn’t be happen without your feedback :)

Captions are not appearing in Android Jellybean browser

Jellybean has recently become the most used Android mobile os… that means $*$#loads of people can not see home slider captions on FullScene theme websites. Pretty serious, right?

I never got an answer when I posted this a month ago. For the accordion shortcode is there a way to make the first section closed until its clicked on? I like the idea of it being closed so the user has to click on the accordion panel to open it up.

Love the theme glad I picked it up. Thanks for help with this issue.

Hi, sorry for not responding the first time.

Please post your request on the support forum ( ).

Some conflicts found between WP 3.6 and FullScene. An update in the way within few hours.

Is the update available.

The site was trying to use a capital letter for a file lookup in a non capital directory, which in linux causes a file not found. My hosting guys helped me fix the broken theme version.

Already uploaded the theme update to fix the issue, waiting for Themeforest approval.

Yes, my client accidentally updated Wordpress and is now getting a fatal error logging on. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home1/allanh/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home1/allanh/public_html/wp-content/themes/fullscene/functions.php on line 262. Looking forward to the update! This is the website I currently have it on another theme until you release the update.

Already uploaded the theme update to fix the issue, waiting for Themeforest approval.

Theme update v1.4.2 available. Fixed WP 3.6 conflict.

How to update – No need for permissions setting or “cache” folder any more :)

Did the 1.4.2 update and it’s back up. Thanks. However, my slideshow on the homepage is freaking out a bit. Can you take a look and tell me what’s the issue? It never did this before.

Working on a fix, wait for an update within hours.

Hy Help us please Updating WP results in this error: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode” How can we fix It. :(

It’s a conflict caused by WP 3.6. Update to v 1.4.2 via FTP to fix the problem.

I tried visiting my site today and received the following error message

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/revmin/ in /home/revmin/ on line 267

I cannot even log in to my account. What can I do to fix this issue?!!!

It’s a conflict caused by WP 3.6. Update to v 1.4.2 via FTP to fix the problem.

I changed the theme a ton and want to try and avoid having to reapply all of the changes…and to avoid having to compare all of the files…would it be possible to get a list of the files changed so i can just install those from the updated 3.6 ready theme?

Unfortunately not possible, the right direction is to use a child theme to apply ALL your modifications instead of modifying the core theme files.


I have 2 questions before buy the theme. I have a friend with your theme, but he don’t know this answers.

1) If I use “Home Composition”, and I add the “recent posts”, I see that appears 3. How can I change the quantity of the recent posts that appears?

2) With the first question… If the “third” post of recent posts is many large than the “first” and “second”, that post will be overlapped? I see an example that appears overlapped.

Sorry for my bad english.


1) You can change the number of recent posts but by modifying some code in the theme files and this will need some CSS modification as well.

So, it’s possible, but NOT recommended if you’re not familiar with code editing.

Another thing, when you make any code editing you should do that using a child theme, not editing the theme files directly.

2) Could you direct me to that example?

I want to know if i can put a password of some pictures i put up on the website using this theme. is the possible

Hi, the theme doesn’t offer such feature. Maybe you can use third-party plugin if exists.

Hey man, love the theme, I’ve been using it a long time, I Just have one issue I wonder if you can look into and no rush but the sliders seem to not like ssl connections? you can see what i mean at vs

Other than that, amazing theme man! keep it up :) 5 Starts

Ok, Yeah. So when you call google fonts in header.php and googleapi for jquery inside theme-functions.php those are insecure links, they could be secured?

Will check this ASAP since I’m not in front of my computer now.

OK fixed by removing the protocol from the path from both, google font and jQuery. Will be pushed in the next update.


Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.

hi there awesome theme is there an Option for enabling touch swipe within the sliders and galleries thx best regards

The theme will receive a responsive layout and touch devices readiness update in the near future. Until that happened, the slider doesn’t respond to touch events.

So I have updated my theme with the new version as well as updated my wordpress to latest update and now everything works except for my homepage slider. I am really frustrated. How do I fix this issue?

Please use the support forum to post your issue, and don’t forget to give a link to your site.