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hi, I think we wait a verryyyyyyyy long time for this upcoming responsive update…...where is it mate? do we have to wait a year or what?

Sorry to post this again. I cannot log in to my website

I am not very computer savvy. I downloaded FileZilla for FTP-ing into the site, but that doesn’t work and Wordpress says, “your FTP info is not the same as your WP login info, so be sure you’ve verified with your host the correct FTP info.”

This is the message when I try to log in:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/38/8998738/html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/content/38/8998738/html/wp-content/themes/fullscene/functions.php on line 267

And on FileZilla:

Error: Critical error Error: Could not connect to server

Please help. I really like this theme and spent a long time building the website!


George and Tom


Hi, sorry to know you have troubles with my theme.

The problem caused by a conflict between one function in the theme and another one newly added to WP 3.6. It looks like you’re trying to use you FTP login info in place of WP login info and vise versa.

You need to provide your FTP info (host, FTP username and FTP password) to FileZilla in order to connect to your server, then you will be able to update the theme manually (just drag and drop the theme folder after you unzip the downloaded zip file to you WP installation’s “themes” folder and you’re good to go.

If you feel uncomfortable dealing with FTP stuff, you can use my support forum to post your problem along with your FTP login info (privately) and I will take care with it. Be sure to backup any code modifications if any.


after installing your theme i get blank empty page and i cant access my wordpress admin page

here is my website:

please in need this fixed as soon as possible

Thank you

i fixed it ;)

i want polio-sidebar area

how do i work?

Is it possible to have a widget sidebar with the Nivoslider front page view?

Not by default, but everything could be done with code modifications. Just will not be easy and may break your theme’s layout someway.

Greetings! ... There is a website using your template illegally hacked the …

What theme version you’re using? and how it’s hacked? what was the weak point? 1.3.2 with wordpress 3.5.2 … If update fails. Failures have arrows at the bottom, and now misconfigured entries …

Hello! Ive just update wp up to 3.7 and it coused a problem. “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/dmkvisco/public_html/ in /home/dmkvisco/public_html/ on line 267” is there any idea how to fix it ?

Hi, this issue started from 3.6. The solution is to update to the latest theme version (and always make sure the theme is compatible with the latest WP version before updating). Unfortunately you may not be able to update via WP theme uploader, you will have to upload the theme via FTP account.

ok i resolved this problem, last version of theme working with wp 3.7, just needed to update and add some files due to big customization of theme :) regards!

Hello, I like to buy the issue, but before I wonder if it is possible to open an album in lightbox?

When I click on the album, all photos should open in lightbox


Hi, If you mean a standard WP gallery, then yes. When you have a WP gallery (thumbnails grid) and click on a thumbnail a lightbox will open and you can scroll between them.

If you mean something else, please clarify. Thanks.

Actually I need to click the image and open an album in lightbox

This is not available currently, but MAY be added in future update.

Hello! ... When I publish with accordion is an odd empty space: Have I made ??a mistake I?

I cannot clearly understand the problem from the screenshot above. Could you post a live page with the problem?


Good day to you. I will like to check with you. Does your theme work with WooCommerce???

Pls advise soon. Great thanks in advance.:)

The theme doesn’t have pre-support for WooCommerce at this time.

great thks for updating

i haven’t bought this theme yet.

i need the home page to have revolving videos. so that every time it is refreshed a different video plays. is this part of the theme?

Unfortunately no.

What files need to be updated to work with WP 3.7.1? I am using 3.5.1, but have modified the theme over the past year. I only want to update the necessary files. Thanks in advance!

As I over the time add several fixes and enhancements to the theme according to buyers feedback, it’s difficult to track the updated files. Also I did this in the past and ended up with tons of buyers having issues due to placing updated files in the wrong place or forgetting entire files.

Sorry but the only way to update is to download and install the entire theme. And for your modifications, you will need to re-apply them, or maybe it’s the best time to start using a child theme.

Why telling us a responsive version will come when it doesn’t ?

It will come, but I can’t tell when as I’m working on my first responsive theme now and will be published very soon.

Hi! I have one question, can i have two different portfolios?

Give me a quick summery of what you want to do. You can have multiple portfolios using 2 different parent portfolio categories, and show each of them with portfolio page template which shows one portfolio category. You still can have filters for each one by adding child portfolio categories for each one. Let me know if this explanation helped you or need more clarification.

I hope the responsive version will be published this year. We need it very urgently.

Is this theme ready for Wordpress 3.8?

Yes, no problems reported using WP 3.8.

Did you check it?

Yes, no problems :)

Hi, twitter widget not working. I update my theme 1.43 pls help thanks

Hi, The Twitter widget in the latest updates has been improved to match the new Twitter API. You will need to redo the widget settings in the WP admin.

does this theme not work on wordpress 3.8? I loaded this theme on my test site that has wp 3.8 and the theme looks jacked up.

The theme works perfect on WP 3.8 with me!

Hi! My client’ site gives this instead of displaying latest tweets: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/user/public_html/wp-content/themes/fullscene/functions/twitter-function/twitter-function.php on line 36

Please advise.

So, whats the status of the responsive version? It seems that you told us few month ago, that there will be an responsive version?