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ok i downloaded the free version of the plugin but i dont know how to install it

whenever i extract it i see 2 folders

WWW and doc ..

should i install FTP WWW folder ?

I am clueless. I’m a graphic designer and not a web designer. I downloaded this thinking it was images. How can I see the design? Is it compatible w/WordPress? Thanks.

Nice work! Thank very much for sharing :)


You’re welcome! :)

Very nice work! Thanks a lot. I’m wondering where’re the “430+ retina ready icons included”??? I see about 20 and no Flickr… so where’s the rest?



Look for the glyphicons PNG file, there you’ll find all of them. Hope this helps.

Awesome them. You just need to know that :D

And i think we all appreciate to see a clear, indented and well commented code


Thank you:)

hi, i’ve created my website with this template, it completely works great out of contact form. I tried all but it never sends the Phone a visitor entered. Can you help me with the php codes?


I will update it after the holidays.

Great design, love it. Is there any way that the images could be lazy loaded. i have libraries which contain 200 images, so it would be nice to load the first 20 and then load the others in the background.

The other option, do you do paging?

I am not able to download any files from envy to. I am using it from my phone. Please help

Hi weibergmedia!! I download the free version, but now Im looking to send users to a goal page once the contact form is sent.

I need it, because i need to mesure conversions. Do you know hoy can I do it???


Hi for everyone. Eu got this theme and I am trying to set a contact form. I receve the mails, but the phone number I dont receve. What should I do ?


Hi I just see something : the fullscreen slideshow don’t work on a smartphone android with the default browser : you can not see menu… Do you think you can fix it ? If you can I am sure that I will buy this excellent template. Good work…


What do you mean exactly? The transition between the images?

I had the opportunity to download this theme in Dec and finally have the chance to evaluate it. It works great however when I serve it from a MS server the pix on the home page download but don’t display on mobile devices. It does work when served from my unix server but I need it to work with the MS server. Can you point me in the right direction?

Works great on desktop/Laptops but not on mobile devices (ref: index.html)

I can provide test links, if that helps.


I did more testing and sent you an email with quick access QR codes for your convenience. Thanks for any support you can provide :-)