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Do you know when you will be re-releasing a WP version?

Hi, we actually had the wp version but removed it because the astoundify team wasn’t supporting anymore the astoundify crowdfunding plugin

Yes, I saw that response on another comment. So are you saying you are not bringing it back now because of that one plugin? That is a shame, I was hoping there would be a future release.

Thank you

Hi Fedexman, that one plugin is everything :) the entire crowdfunding engine was based on that plugin… but there are other cool crowdfunding themes out there

hello,can i have some informations on your products?

Hello, thanks for your interest, this is an html template for a crowdfunding site, it has no back-end as the wordpress version was removed since astoundify stopped support their crowdfunding plugin

Hi, I must to make a crowdfounding web and I like this plugin, but I don’t understand what happened.

1.FUNDER THEME is it no enough in order to make a “crowdfounding web?” I must add at the web page “ASTOUNDIFY CROWDFUNDING PLUGIN”?

2. “ASTOUNDIFY CROWDFUNDING PLUGIN” now there is no in the wordpress directory. Do there will be NO ACTUALITZATIONS and NO SUPPORT for this plugin?

3. I have seen the DEMO and there is no “PAY PAL” options. There is a way in order to add “PAY PAL” option?

Thank’s for your answer.

hello we had the wordpress version but we had to remove it because astoundify stopped providing support for their crowdfunding plugin so you either have to code it yourself or i would suggest to purchase a different wp crowdfundjng them there were 2 new ones on tf check them out. cheers. UOU

The link to your demo site seems to be down. Just a heads up.

thank you for notifying us we’re checking and will take care of that asap

Hi Team,

i just bought the funder html5 template …. now normally I work with Wordpress etc. And I have no idea how to implement the registration etc. on my webspace to make it work.

I never worked with bootstrap etc. directly. Maybe you can help me with some tipp or hint further.



it’s strange I replied to your comment but the message didn’t appear, anyway thank you for your purchase, the html version of funder is static it’s either for people who want to link it to a script or for those who want to make manual changes to it, we had a wp version but it was removed because the astoundify crowdfunding plugin was no longer supported by the astoundify team

if you want to use a dynamic version that I would recommend you to pick a wordpress version from here:


let me know if I can help you further cheers & greetings uou

How is the payment gateway setup?

hello this is an html template there us no payment gateway integrated. cheers uou