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aowsome theme… do please tell me ? can i use this to my site .. songspk | Hindi Songs... :)

Thank you. You can use this theme on any site as long as this is what you are after. From what I see on that site it’s based on music and less on visuals so I don’t know if it would be a good match.

Awesome work! I really like the portfolio section with the nice “per page background”! wow! Congrats and best of luck with sales! :D

Thank you.

Hola, nice theme, really. There’s only one issue with the mobile navigation: no links are displayed … almost on Firefox. Could you have a look?

Hola rallemann and I’m glad you like our theme!

We tested FUSE on many mobile devices and we didn’t spot that problem – but you are right, we checked in firefox desktop version on a small width resolution (which is not usually a real mobile environment) and we find the menu that have some issues. We already fixed and you can take a look now.


Looks stunning, congrats! Good luck with sales.

Thank you vicky! :)

Looks Fantastic , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros – we agree with you! :)


Pre-purchase question: Is it possible to add videos to the portfolio grid and play them in a lightbox?

With this option your theme would be perfect for me. Awesome work!

Thank you! Am I also able to arrange images around the video?

Yes – you have some placeholders where you can place your images – so you have the full control over the layout. You can check how to setup a portfolio project (unfortunately not one with videos) on this video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuTEGuCjO0 Thank you!

Thank you, sounds great!

Very impressive work :) All the best with sales!

Thank you very much.

Really cool theme! Considering to buy it.

What are the options to have latest blog posts featured on the homepage, apart from the latest post widget? I really like the featured portfolio, would be nice to something equal for posts.



So are you aiming for replacing the portfolio home section with a similarly fancy blog post section, or an addition?

Yes, or something similar. But I would already be happy if it is possible to have 3 columns of latest posts with a featured image and/or excerpt… BUT if it could be like the present rich portfolio on the homepage it would be simply brilliant.

You have a point. We will put it high on our to do list, analyze it and do the best we can to help the whole design. Probably it will be a shortcode.

Hi there, this theme looks awesome, just one thing i want to know, does it come with a child-theme? Just i want to be able to edit the css and update WordPress without losing my css changes?

Hi! Yes the theme comes with a Child Theme example so you can make your own changes. Thanks!

Thank you for the speedy response, I shall be purchasing the fuse theme today :)

Glad to hear that :)

Hi there, this is a nice theme, i bought it and i’m testing it now, i find a bug when deleting the homepage video slide, the other slides don’t go full page anymore…

Any idea why ?

I opened ticket, thanks

And you have been answered :)


Wow. Amazing work Pixelgrade. This theme turned out even better than I’d expected. More than happy to make this purchase. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Thank you! I’m glad that you like it. I would like to ask if you can give us a good rating – it’s very important for us at the beggining. See how to rate: http://bit.ly/tf-rating Thank you in advance!

Hi, just want to find out is the homepage only limit to 3 portfolio, or I can insert unlimited portfolio I want?

Can the “view more work” page template include in the homepage? I like to make my Homepage with the flow of Slider > Services > Unlimited Portfolio > Testimonials > Footer.

Hi Dean,

For now you can display as many projects from portfolio as you want – but there is no option to show that “Load more” button – only if you do some custom coding to implement it. I understand your idea and might work and look great. Thanks

I am interested in buying this theme buy when I go to the “ABOUT” tab on the top there are problems while viewing on my laptop. It’s like it has formatted all of the content down to a smartphone size but none of the other pages look like this. When I size down my window it looks fine but when full-screen it is messing up on just that page. Just wanted to hear maybe what that is about before I purchase the theme. Looks great other than that though!

Hi mjdrum92,

Can you contact us through our contact form and let us know more details ? That seems a pretty strange issue that we didn’t see it before – some screenshots and browser name should be useful. Whatever might be the reason we will fix this issue. Thanks!

Though I found the screenshot and the design idea (very) good – those letters are definitely too big. Some trends can be overdone, really. Sorry guys.

I’m sorry to hear that creatia! We know we cannot please all the clients from ThemeForest with this visual language – but we trully believe in it – why we should use small letters when we have such a big screens? That’s a problem of many ‘classic’ themes here – so we took another approach – some may not like it, but many will just love it :)


No hard feelings. Its just about design. I agree…and found the language is easy to understood, would support it anytime. But well, thats the word “overdone” – its now a little bit like watching through a magnifier. Thats the other extreme, right? Maybe we should buy it just because of that :)

I understand your point of view but this is our bet for this theme. I don’t know if extreme is good or bad – our clients will decide. Anyway – thank you for your opinion :) it’s useful to know how potential clients think. Thanks

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)


Looks great, maybe even better with a custom scrollbar! Bookmarked.

Thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

Hi Lovely theme – just one issue – reducing the screen to smartphone size and the homepage arrows in the main slider cut into the copy – you may want to amend that.

Smartphone – portrait viewing I should add.

Other than that – lovely stuff!

best, Simon

Thank you Simon! We will fix that.

Hi, I just bought and installed the theme. It looks great, but if I try to leave just onle slide at the home page the backgorund image doesn´t get a full page witdth. Is there any way to manage this? Thank you. Oscar.

Hi. First of all thank you for buying. Second, the slider is not meant to be fullscreen, but it stretches to the biggest slide (in our demo being the video slide). We are considering adding an option for making the slider fullscreen even if the slides are not that big. Also for future support please use our support system at pixelgrade.ticksy.com. Thanks.

You freaking innovators!!! SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

:) You’ve said it!