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How do I change this whole area:

“ABOUT AUTHORS We are a young and passionate web design and development team from Iasi, Romania. We take pride in our work and hope our clients do too.”

Nevermind I got it took much coffee

Ok. Glad you figured it out that it is a widget.

This is amazing – HTML version ever or just WP?


We are considering making an HTML version, but I can’t give you a timeframe. Anyway it will be a matter of weeks.


Guys, I really like your theme but before taking action, I want to make sure about one thing. I bought another great responsive theme (not from you) and after installing it, my website took ~4 sec. to launch. It was very frustrating even with a lot of optimisations.

There will be any concerns about the website speed with your theme? Thanks!

Hi Tudor! That depends on your hosting capabilities – if you have a reasonable host you shouldn’t have this kind of problems and the site should load similar with our demo preview. Thanks

Hi. Is it safe to update to the new WP 3.6? Thx

Hi! We’re glad to see WP 3.6 was just released today. We have to do some tests quickly and will announce here that you can update to 3.6 :) Thanks

A couple of quick questions before I make the purchase:

1. I may have missed it if it was mentioned somewhere but how would I add images to a portfolio/album; specifically, will I be able to use urls to pull a photo from Flickr?

2. On my laptop screen on a blog page, the author byline on the left sidebar touches the edge, which is sort of jarring next to the rest of the theme’s elegance (and the bold type and huge everything really pleases me!) I’m thinking a simple 5px left padding would solve that?

I hope I was clear in my questions. I’ll make the purchase soon after these (and any future doubts) are clarified :-) Great work on the theme.


Yes you can use external images, but we recommend attaching them locally so we can resize them to the need size. About that padding you are right. We will fine tune it. Glad you like our bold approach :)

I just bought it. And right now, I’m enjoying it: seems to be working fine on WP 3.6 at my end :-)

We suspect there shouldn’t be any problems with newest version of Wordpress 3.6 due to our coding standards – but we want to make sure everything it’s ok before recommend to our clients to update.

I was wondering if this theme has compatibility with WooCommerce. Thanks!


Right now no, we don’t offer the WooCommerce elements styling.

OK, I’ve got my site mostly set up, but the Flickr widget seems to never “find user.” I’ve tried the RSS link on my photostream>edit page and Flickr has no “username” as such so I tried ID as well as screen name and nothing works.


Can you open a ticket on our support system and provide us with the url and admin access so we can help you faster? Thanks.

Pre-purchase question: there is a limit to the number of images/objects to be used in the slider, that is present on the Top of the Home?

If not, I will buy this one right today. Thank you


If you are asking if we have a limit regarding the number of slides, then no, you can have as many slides as you want. If you are asking about the content of each slide, then no again, the content is inserted via a custom post type content (with WP Editor), so you can use whatever HTML code you like. I hope this answered your questions.

My question was merely on the number of the object allowed, if it was limited or not. As you can see from the badge, you got yourself an happy buyer :) Thank you guys for the sweet job, can’t wait to land my hand on the code!

You are welcome and thank you very much. If you have any problems please use our support system.

Hi – are you able to embed a Vimeo video in the top slider?


Hi. Yes you can embed vimeo and youtube videos in the slider.

On your preview— Contact page. Is the message textbox suppose to stay on one line like that?

Hi omgitztrey! We will fix that in the next update. Thanks for noticing.

Not a problem. Some other things you may want to note.

The navigation menu on mobile devices, and also on a resized browser window, causes a funky looking navigation menu—the background color or something is missing making it hard to read the menu options. This is present on the About, Projects, and Contact page of your demo site.

I suggest to open a ticket on our support forum and give us more details. A live URL to spot the problem would be very useful. Thanks

A sincere thank you for the entire team at Pixelgrade for providing us with such a beautiful and responsive theme, and for the very quick and useful support they offer. I’ve searched for some time for the perfect theme for my blog, but as soon as I saw FUSE, I knew this is going to be the ONE:). Bought. Installed. More than happy with the results!

Thank you!

Thank you Miruna! We’re so proud that you’re so happy with FUSE.

Hi, is it possible to disable smooth scrolling?

Sure! There is an On/Off switcher to easily disable the Smooth Scrolling feature. Thanks

Pre-purchase question: Is it possible to disable the portfolio area on the homepage?

Yes! Using just a on/off switcher.

Great! I’ll be purchasing soon! Thank you!


So I updated to WP 3.6 and the icon section on the homepage is now out of line ie. where you’ve got Exclusive shortcodes plugin, Responsive Design and Retina Ready, Multiple Post Formats support, Social and SEO optimized are now displaying under the icons instead of alongside them.

Is there a quick fix to this?


Hi, Please open a private ticket on our support forum and provide us with admin access so we can help you faster. Also have you updated the Pixelgrade Shortcodes plugin?

I am having the same problem as @ajfenwick. Also, the alignment of the team members is weird. Looks like there is a left padding to the image.

Hi omgitztrey! Please open a ticket on our support system and let us know more details. Thanks

Fuse HTML version is now available for all those of you that were interested in this: http://themeforest.net/item/fuse-portfolio-and-creative-agency-template/5365128 :)

Alright, I’ve been enjoying the theme since I bought it, until now. Three days ago I opened a ticket at http://pixelgrade.ticksy.com/ticket/83259 and I’m yet to receive a reply.

Sorry about that – we just responded to your ticket. We will solve any bugs that come with newest version of wordpress. Thanks!

Can I integrate a Mailchimp plugin to this theme? Great work!!

Hi. I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t put in a mailchimp form. There be needed some custom css but nothing too fancy I think.

Hi there, pls let me know how i can use Only second (fixed) header, so there will be no needs to scroll to see it. tnx.

Hi. Please open a ticket on our support system and we will do our best to help you. Some custom css will be needed.


Hi, I’m trying to add a plug in, but I’m getting an error on the plugin’s page: Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /home/content/33/6899133/html/tdi/wp-includes/functions.php on line 155

And I’m not able to search WordPress’ repository of plugins… ?? I updated the theme, and Wordpress, it was happening before I updated as well.

Can you please let me know what’s happening?

Hi. Please open a ticket on our support system and provide us with more information: wp, fuse and the PixelGrade Shortcodes plugin version.

ok… I just updated the theme…and it broke all over the place. I’ll go open a support ticket now.