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hi guys. what about another blog styles? masonry for example?

if you’ll do this i’ll buy Fuse))

i could’t wait and bought it yesterday. Fuse is amazing.

I, i upgrade to latest version bu got an error in file wpgrade.php calling a function wpgrade_remove_spaces_around_shortcodes() that is not defined… can you fix ?


Please update the PixelGrade Shortcodes plugin also (it should be 1.6.10). If it doesn’t work please open a ticket on our support system.

Just upgraded too, also upgraded my plugin ver 1.6.3 Have the same issue as delislejm

Your plugin version should be 1.6.10. You can find the plugin archive the theme’s directory under library/inc/required-plugins. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to use our support system and provide more details including url.

Is there any other portfolio grid option? One picture per portfolio would be very cool! Does the lightbox display captions?

Hi again and thank you for your interest,

1. The lightbox does not accept captions – for descriptions about project we recommend to use the text around images.

2. The image resizing happen on refresh. Please refresh the browser after resize.

3. The textarea is an Editor so you can write anything there.

4. Yes – but we do not recommend, because there are other areas that are especially designed to support videos.

5. Unfortunately that’s how the theme is designed – so no, you can’t without custom changes.


Thanks for the quick response. I can live with everything, but squeezed images and gray boxes that i have to refresh every time I resize my browser window are a BIG PROBLEM!!! Any chance that these issues could be fixed in further updates?

We will think about that and if we can do it without compromising performance we will do it. Thanks

Beautiful theme. I love the fixed nav when being viewed on a desktop. However, when screen width shrinks the nav is no longer fixed. How easy is it to get this to stay fixed when viewing on mobile or tablet?

Hi jaschober and I’m glad you like our template! When the screen width schrinks that means we are on a mobile device which have a smaller screen size. To take advantage of the whole screen we choose to not keep the menu fixed on top – this is a standard approach to responsive design. Unfortunately there is no option to change that but if you are a good developer I’m sure you can handle such a change. Thanks


Ipad view looks like same as bevor with new update, if u scroll up and down on contact page all content gets overlap, map, text ect (landscape)... General, Job, Support Tabs not working on ipad portait mode and on landcape they overlaping the big text. Same on about page, if i scroll up and down all overlabs like on contact page…and team member get not right listet, with all this spaces and lines..

And onn every slide on front slider the whole site is flickering, not only the slider..

Also the submenu navigation will not display on ipad portrait menu menu, u only have the arrows but no submenu text, also on click the arrow comes no submenu..

And on iphone (4s) i can not open the navigation..?

Hi johannes1000! Thanks for reporting those things – we already work on them. Thanks


Hi! Is it possible to control the number of rows of portfolio items on the home page? What if I just want to display 2 rows instead of 3? Thanks!

Hi, Yes you can choose how many projects you want on the homepage from the Theme Options.

What’s the best way to disable the mobile site?

Since Fuse is a responsive theme, there is no mobile site. It is the same site, only adapted to the screen size. To block this behavior you would need to mess with the CSS quite a lot.

I’m especially interested in this theme because I would like to change out my logo with a smaller version once I start scrolling down the screen. It looks like yours does that. Are you using two different logo files? Can you explain how it works a little more?

Also, is it possible to change the font styles and sizes? Everything seems a little too large for me.

Hi waggonkr,

We are using two different images for logo. The idea behind this decision is to have the second logo in a simplified version – to have it less prominent (as you can see from our demo we removed the icon). So you can choose two different images for each version (even two different logos :).

About fonts – you can choose from over 600 Google Fonts, but for the font sizes you will need a small custom css (we have a field in our theme options for custom css).


We’re excited to announce a new UPDATE that is now live!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.2.2:

Some new features that were added:

  • Made the whole theme & shortcodes plugin system more robust
  • Fixed multiple tab shortcodes on the same page
  • Improved The Flickr Widget – is more solid now
  • Minor CSS bug fixes
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

Hi, I’ll be buying the theme and I checked the Preview on the iphone 5 ad ipad. The preview didnt load on the ipad and the site keeps flickering on the iphone when i click the navigation. Are these known issues and you’ll be fixing them? I wanted to buy the theme right away… Thanks

Hello! Did you try to close the ThemeForest frame and access using direct URL: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/fuse/ ? Thanks

Hi, cool looking theme, just some pre-purchase questions,

Can the menu items be linked with spots on the page rather than separate pages (ie. about, scrolls down to about from the top menu)?

Can the slide include thumbnails and can there be multiple full page sliders on one page?

Can the menu be tinkered with to always have an opaque background and can the items be centered or have different colors behind them?


Hi Corepath,

The menu items can be linked using html standard syntax: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/links.html – we didn’t developed something special for that.

The slider can be only on homepage and doesn’t have thumbnails option – just arrows and bullets for navigation through sliders.

There is a Custom CSS theme option where you can write your own CSS without touch the theme – and there you can change the background opacity and other things. Unfortunately does not come as a default option.

The theme has a lot of potential but we choose to not offer such options that can change the visual style lines. Let me know if it’s ok or you need anything else.

Thanks, George

Thanks for the response.

I just wanted to right a comment what great and embracing way you guys on pixel grade VERY nice support and customers care… thanks for answering all questions…especially so fast … I am buying this theme now…

Thanks! We’re glad to have you as a client

Hi there,

Love the theme! I’m trying to add a newsletter signup form using Visual Form Builder, but the output is just a list. I have disabled the plugin CSS, have you got support for forms/inputs in the theme CSS?

Hi, We haven’t styled for that plugin or forms. I guess you will need some custom CSS to integrate that form.

Is wordpress plugin “before after viewer” compatible with your portfolio page? I asked this already 24 hours ago with a ticket. Thanks!

Hi, Sorry for not answering sooner. I will test that plugin and let you know how it works.

Hi, how do I change fonts to lower case? Not into uppercase fonts. Thx :D

Your welcome! I really appreciate if you take a moment and give us a good rating. Regards

I will rate it, but first I have to work on it :D

You do that. Hopefully you will have a blast.

You need to install “Simple Page Ordering” plugin (marked as Recommended on your dashboard) and that will offer you a drag & drop interface to order your portfolio projects.

Thx. “Post Types Order” works better with portfolio ordering. Thx again

You are welcome.

So I bought this theme already… LOVE IT! But we need to talk about the video pages in the blog for desktop & mobile. I was too excited to buy that I didn’t notice how they look specifically.

Desktop: The video at the top is TOO big, and I have an 18” laptop. Can we have a type so system to implement a featured image that expands with the embedded video above your faded featured image. Much like IGN’s video player on certain pages (http://ca.ign.com/articles/2012/11/01/halo-4-review)

Mobile: Same concept as above, BUT can the same embed link just auto sized to the width AND appropriate height of your mobile browser and not cut off to be under the menu either. The mobile one I can probably do but I would just like to make you aware of this as it is quite a pain for me to want to stay true to your theme post types when they make my posts look like that :(

If need be I can help with the first integration I would just need a bit of help with where to put it specifically really but I can’t use the current video player and the menu above the video is a nice aesthetic but too intrusive even more so, and I could be wrong but I don’t see any alternatives other than embedding it into the post itself which to me defeats the purpose.

Hi there and thank you for being our client! Please open a ticket on our support system and give us more details (some images would be useful). If there are any bugs/ issues, different from what you saw and we promise in the demo, we’re happy to help you to fix them. Thanks! -George

Question: If I buy your theme. Would you help me instal the replica of your theme pages, post content? Whta you have on a demo?

Hi, If you won’t be able to handle it yourself (we have a dedicated import button that will take care of everything :) ) then yes we will help you. Just open a ticket on our support system.

Hi Guys, We have to go live with our website in a few days and due to updated version we cant get the mobile sub menu to work. Could you let us know when this bug will be fixed at the earliest or if we could do it ourself, how to. It would be a great help if the bug is fixed soon with priority.

Hi Guys, Just wanted to check on the status of the mobile sub menu bug.

Also need guidance with one particular issue. In the HOME page the slider photos. I have uploaded the pictures. But with all the pictures the top few cms and bottom few cms are not visible. I need to get the whole picture view. Could you help me with that and the picture looks very incomplete with the top and bottom.

for reference check out www.arkplaw.com…. there is a fish bowl picture and the top of the bowl and bottom gets cut off.

Hi! The submenu functionality was added a week ago on version 1.3 (checkout the changelog for more changes http://pixelgrade.com/demos/fuse/assets/changelog/) – sorry for not telling you.

About the background – the image is supposed to fill the entire container, without left any edges uncovered. If your image is higher please go to Theme Options – Home Page – Slider Height – and set 600-700px height for example.