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Hi, I am interested in buying this theme. One thing though. Is it possible just to have the blog setup only, without the other options on the menu?


If you mean if you can have the blog archive as the home page, then yes. You can skip the use of the portfolio pages. No problem there.

Yes, that’s what I mean. Is there any help I can get if I want it that way? Thanks for the good response!

Please our support and we will help you.

Hi, I bought the theme and love it. I wanted to know if I can have play,pause icons on the slider.. just in case someone wants to pause the slider playback. Thanks

Also, is it possible to remove the comments section at the bottom of pages?

Hi, Thank you for buying our theme. About the slider, right now we don’t have such an option of displaying play/pause controls. The slider works like this: it will pause on hover and it will stop playing on any action (click on arrows, play video). About the comments, you can hide them using the default WordPress functionality: on a per page basis by unchecking the checkboxes in the Discussion area under the editor. If you don’t see that you need to go to Screen Options (upper right corner) and check Discussion.

Thank you so much!!!


Question, i would like to place my logo into the navigation on the phone or Ipad version. When the it becomes mobile the menu slides from the left. I would like to place my logo there as well. If any one could provide information as to how or were i could find the code lining that would be great

Best Mitjo

Hey mitjo! You can add your logo in header.php around line 94 – it’s possible that you will need to add some custom CSS too. Thanks


Why the theme do not advice me for new updates? I am using Versión 1.2.2, theres is a new update, I have added my ThemeForest Username and my ThemeForest Secret API Key, but not auto update.



Due to caching, you should see an update notice in 6 hours tops.


Great theme. Love the design (especially the portfolio) and functionality. I would like to have seen more customization options in terms of colour and behaviour but we’ll see what future updates bring us! Support from this author has also been excellent. All questions answered and in a timely manner.

Short story even shorter, I recommend this theme ;)


Thank you so much! We’re glad to have such a client :P


I’m getting a lil confused about the whole pages, projects and portfolio hierarchy.

1. What does the page called Portfolio with template as Portfolio do.

2. The Projects menu has – Projects, Project Page and Portfolio Archive. I guess Projects and Portfolio Archive are created from Portfolio page but how does it know what to display. I want to create a similar menu called Services which will display a list of projects for each of my service. but am unclear as to how to link my projects to the menu.

3. Can the images also display the description or caption when clicked?



Let me try and remove that confusion.

1. You have a page template called Portfolio that will display your portfolio archive. That page will be you portfolio archive.

2. The top menu link is to the archive, and for the sake of clarity we’ve added a second link in the submenus. The project link is to a single project page. About how the archive knows what to display, well it shows your latest projects (the number you’ve set in the theme options). They are ordered by date descending if you have custom ordered them. If you are asking how to show portfolio categories, then you can get the links from the side menu in the menu editor. If you don’t see them, make sure Portfolio categories is checked in Screen Options (top right corner)

3. Yes, when a caption is present it will be shown in the modal.

I hope this cleared your questions. If you need more help please use our support system.

Hi, I’ve interested in buying this theme but was wondering a few things.

1) I’d like one of the landing page sliders to have a logo in there without any copy, is this possible ?

2) Is there a generic page layout or is it possible to use the custom admin panel to make one ?


Add the transparent PNG directly into content – isn’t what you want?

Yes but when you add the PNG it scales and stretches the logo from the top of the slider to the bottom . I can show you if you like!?

Hi Mugen! Please open a ticket here http://help.pixelgrade.com and let us know more details

Hi man! Great theme, I’m really enjoying working with him.

Help me. I am not able to create submenus. I place all right but after that everything is saved anyway.

Hi! Did you follow this steps? http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide also did you assign the menu to the Header Menu position ? Thanks

Thanks man! But it was not quite figured out where the error was.

Can the homepage be just a background image with the logo and navigation and that’s it?

For the portfolio section, is there an ability to do a simple grid layout rather than what is provided in the theme? (are there other layout options?)


Hi! You can disable block of elements on the front page and you can show only the slideshow. But in the same time you will have the footer you which you can hide with a simple CSS rule. About the portfolio sections – unfortunately there is just one flexible layout that let you create different rows – you can see a video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuTEGuCjO0 Thanks

Thanks for the response – guess that it won’t work out for me – but this is a excellent theme all the same! Good work! :)

Thank you :)

I bought this theme and i am very happy about it.

Just a few problems.
  • On my blog http://www.diefstal-en-inbraakbeveiliging.be/blog/ the title of the last blog post is not visible
  • The site is made in the dutch language, were do i change “Posted on” in to “Gepost op” and “Search” into “Opzoeken” Thx in advance.

Hi Steven! The first problem seems to be caused from the logo text that is too long – we can get rid of this, just open a ticket here http://help.pixelgrade.com Also I will give you direction on that ticket about that second issue with translation. Thanks!

Hi man! I have three questions.

1 – How can I translate the words “Published” and “Categories” that are in the post?

2 – How can I modify or remove the image from Avatar which is in the post?

3 – How can I leave the page Contact identical to what you have in the demo?

Hi! Please use our support site for further questions http://help.pixelgrade.com

Just 2 questions:

One—> when we scroll down the page…The menu on top moves with you. Which is great! I can’t find way to change the FUSE Image to my own logo?

Second> Is there a shortcode to change the font color? If I pick the dark background on the column how i can make the font and the icon white?

Again, thank you for noticing! We will try to get rid of them.

Was this issue ever resolved? picture testimonial and menu margin-top? Is it safe to update the theme?

It is safe – but please make sure you make a backup first, so you can revert if anything bad happen. Thanks

Love the theme! Only ONE problem, how can I get the sidebars to display on BuddyPress pages? Buddypress is full-width and I want it to show the sidebar on the right :( HELP

Hi MDandBeyond! Did you to use the Right Sidebar Page Template ? Thanks

Hello! What a great looking theme! Id like to buy it so please could you answer the following for me? Please keep in mind I don’t know css and only a little HTML. Thanks

1. On the homepage can I have 1 static image instead of slider

2. On the homepage if I have a slider as shown in demo, can I remove the loading/slider bar up the very top?

3. Can I make the Header and Footer Light color or custom color

4. Can I make the header and footer transparent/see through

5. Does the color picker allow me to make changes to the sections that contain “from the blog” About the authors and Contact details as shown at the bottom of the homepage



Hi Jamanius and thank you for your interest!

  1. If you have just one slider without any content on it then the slider will act as a static image
  2. You can remove that with a simple line of Custom CSS – I can help you with that
  3. Unfortunately not without some more custom coding which is out of our scope for support.
  4. That should be easy with a simple line of Custom CSS – I can help you with that too.
  5. Using the Color Picket you can change the Accent Color of the theme – so everything you see in blue can be changed to fit your branding color.

Thanks, George

Hi, My twitter feed, does not display anymore since latest update.

I followed each step to obtain necessary keys from Twitter but it does not work.

Can you help

Oops, sorry, it came back….

Hi! Can you please open a ticket and let us know more details ? (URL, admin access would be useful) http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

EDIT: I’m glad you solve it :)

I apologize thx. Great theme.

Pre-sales question….is this child-theme friendly for custom css?

one last (hopefully) pre-sales question…for the site I am going to put together…..I will want to implement a plugin I like: RSS Multi-Importer….and, I configure the feeds to automatically post like on my blog page: http://www.northstarmultimedia.com/fresh-news/ Do foresee there being incompatibility?

If the plugin is properly coded shouldn’t be any imcompatibilities because Fuse blog is acting as a default WordPress blog.

ok, great…I can hardly wait to dive in….

Has anyone used the Woocommerce plugin with Fuse?

As far as we know, not. Woocommerce might require some custom styling.


Great theme I just bought it and enjoying it :) Just one question, on the Contact page how can I change background color of REACH US field, it doesn’t change automatically.

Example: http://www.zacvanlab.com/touch/


Also smooth scrolling isn’t working on that page. I have tried recreating it still the same. And I wanted to remove twitter from the page because it is huge (not properly formatted).

I know it is a lot of questions but I dont know how to fix this :)

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Zac!

  1. Reach Us color: when the [cell] shortcode is generated you need to add the class “block-color” and nothing else. So something similar should work: [cell size="4" class="block-color content-bigger"]..[/cell]
  2. Are you reffering to Twitter bar above the footer ? You can go to Theme Options – Footer – Twitter Box – OFF
  3. The Smoothg scrolling – that’s because there is an error on Contact Map URL that you have pasted. Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and give me admin access?


1. Reach us color – that cell is not generated by me it is on the page. 2. Yes Twitter box and footbar is not properly formatted. 3. SORRY I have changed the link in the meantime lol totally forgot you won’t be able to access it, the new contact link is http://www.zacvanlab.com/contact/

I will open the ticket on your site. Thanks!

Oh and one more question, in Porfolio when I have multiple rows of images they get severely cropped out.. like third image here. http://www.zacvanlab.com/moments/morning-reflections/ OR http://www.zacvanlab.com/moments/once-was-a-stranger/

The same happens in Featured projects on home page or Portfolio Archive (Moments).

Please advise how to avoid this.


Hi zac! The images are sized to fit the Text Container. So – make sure you add some blank spaces (
). Thanks


How to change color of arrows from shortcodes ?


Hi prajn! In order to keep the consistency throughout the site the arrows colors are changed based on the background. On a light/gray background the arrow will be blue (or the accent color) and on a dark/black background the arrow will be white. You can change that using some custom CSS. Thanks