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Hi there,

How can i change the order of my project when i viewmy portfolio?

I’ve tried changing the publish times but that doesn’t change anything…



Did you try this: when the [cell] shortcode is generated you need to add the class “block-color” and nothing else. So something similar should work: [cell size=”4” class=”block-color content-bigger”]..[/cell] Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com if you don’t succeed. Thanks


I didn’t create that box, i fill out the contact options in the theme dash and that what it creates. And ok i’ll ask there


Thank you

Do you also provide an HTML version? Non-wordpress?


This is just the Wordpress version.

Firstly, love love love the theme :)

second a question. Is there anyway to control the size of a blog’s featured image in the blog archive? I’ve tried changing the image’s size yet it sill is quite large


Hi and I’m glad you like our theme! The featured images in blog archive are not cropped, they are just resized proportionally. So you can have a smaller image height by using an image, for example at 1000px width and 400px height. Thanks

h2orange Purchased

My url is http://broaklyn.org Two quick questions:

How may I get the “type” option to display on my contact page? Looks like I’m missing another column, too. Can you link me to the contact code you’ve used for yours?

Is there an example of a super fresh subscription plugin I might add on the home page? I have one, but it doesn’t look as fly as the theme you’ve designed.

Lastly, is there an easy way to display logos of partnering orgs on the front page?

I know I’ve asked a lot. Thank You. You’re helping people do great things.


Hi, Can you open a ticket on our support system so we don’t overcrowd things here with lengthy code? Thanks.

h2orange Purchased

Thank You


I have answered your ticket.

Hi, love the theme and would like to purchase but the responsive menu seems to freeze on an iPhone at points, is that a bug you’re aware of?


Hi Paul! I tested the menu on an iPhone and works well on internal pages – seems to be a small glitch on homepage. We will try to fix. Thanks

Hi, I was just about to buy this theme (it’s stunning), however loaded it up on my iPad 3 (iOS7), and whenever I load your live preview it crashes the browser, be it safari, chrome or dolphin. It crashes it every time, no fail, even after a restart!

Any other reports of this?


I have checked it and the problem is with the ThemeForest frame. You need to remove the frame on mobiles and all problems will go away.


Glad we got this sorted. We will investigate changing the default ThemeForest frame with one of our own.



Hi looking to buy your theme, possible to customize the color scheme form Blue to a custom color? Tahnk you!


Hi. You can definitely change the accent color to whatever color you want from the Theme Options using a simple Color Picker.

Hi, absolutely love the theme. Very exciting design.

I was wondering if it is possible to have a home page where the banner image (where the menu is located) is much smaller in pixels height. For example the one shown on the Photography page. Could that be a home page?


Hi wolf and thank you for your interest! There is an option on homepage to set the slider height – so you can make it smaller without problems. Thanks


thanks for your prompt reply!



Hi, I’m dating this theme and thinking about getting it for months ( i did some deep research haha)

I would like to know 2 things:

1) if is it possible to use only the blog part (as homepage) and still have the giant slider on top with the featured posts.

2) If is it possible to mix and match and have the traditional posts as regular posts and some blog posts as the amazing projects structure.

Thanks in advance! ;)


Hi Sams and thank you for your interest!

1)You can have the blog posts as homepage but you cannot have the slider in the same time. There is an option to display the latest posts in 3 a column layout on homepage, so you can have the big slider too.

2) Unfortunately not – sorry about that.


Hi, nice looking theme. Does it come with the PSD File?


Hi. We haven’t included the psd files in the archive to keep size small. But we can provide you with a download link after you buy the theme, through our helpdesk.

I like most people love the this theme. The only problem I’m having is with the support. If you look through the comments section you may convince yourself that support is fast and friendly. Don’t be fooled. I followed the directions, even went as far as to register on pixelgrade’s support page, only I’ve had an issue with this theme since September 27th 2013 that has not been resolved. I emailed twice, even got an initial response from the team asking me for login privileges. I provided those….TWICE. Just like the first time, no response after that, no fix, no anything.


Hi RokkCzar and really sorry to hear about that – can you tell me your name from our HelpDesk to see what’s happened with your ticket ? Thanks and my apologies about this situation.


We have answered your ticket. I hope everything is ok now. We try very much to provide the best support we can possibly offer and we are saddened when something like this happens.

I just bought you theme, and so far OMG its the best theme I have ever bought period, everything works as it should, I will definitely be buying your lens theme too! Amazing…


You are too kind :) Thanks

Mugen Purchased

Hi I’d like to add a circle icon using the short code editor but would like to change the color to say #f1eb83 .. so is it possible to do this by applying a custom CSS class ? If so how ?



Hi Mugen! Try by targeting the icon by their class – should be something similar:

i.icon-e-skype {
   color: #f1eb83 !important;

This is an example for skype icon.

Thanks, George

You will see a post from me approximately 5 days ago commenting on the lack of support I’ve had with Pixelgrade over the course of a month. I think Envato users understand that when purchasing themes at the rates that we are purchasing that we can’t have it all. However, most of the theme designers don’t stop with providing a great theme design. Actually the more popular ones provide some level of support. It’s been over a month now and I’ve been complaining about an issue that’s persisted since installation. Somehow, my ticket keeps getting closed, I’ve been given the run around, I’ve been told my “ticket is being put in the front of the line and will be resolved quickly,” and finally “I’m out of office but I will take care of it tonight – when I will get home.” Maybe their intentions aren’t malicious but here’s what I suggest: If you are an intermediate to beginning user of wordpress and theme optimization, you may want to consider another theme design by another theme designer. Not blaming pixelgrade because overall it was MY DECISION to purchase the theme, but the longer I waited on them to reply and/or resolve the more time and money I lost that I couldn’t replace…And I’m STILL waiting.


Hi again Damien and sorry to hear about that! We asked you to check again the credentials for wordpress login – did you receive our message? Thanks

Hi, still rocking your theme, I’m trying to change my theme color from blue to green but the “Filter by” area under Portfolio doesn’t change. How do I fix that?


Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with the url and we will help you. There may something we’ve missed but we will fix it.

wbrenner Purchased

Hi. Could you please send me the code for font styling i should insert in the css box? I just want to change size/space between letters. Thank you.


Hi! I need to know more details about what are you trying to achieve. Can you please open a ticket on our helpdesk ? http://help.pixelgrade.com Regards

Mugen Purchased

Hi, was wondering if you could help me out , currently I have a read more call to action button on the Home slider but the shape of the button is the more speech bubble style rather than regular rounded corner button that you have in your current demo , how can I change it to look more like your current call to action ?



Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with the url so we can see what are we talking about. Thanks.

zaclab Purchased


I have been writing you about this issue more than a month ago regarding the latest update of the FUSE theme. I have rolled back and waited that you push the update to Themeforest to upgrade because of the issue. So now when you have, I upgraded and issue is still there.

http://www.zacvanlab.com/moments/ http://www.zacvanlab.com/moments-category/souls/

Custom color isn’t showing on these pages.

This wasn’t the issue in the previous version, I hoped it wont be that hard for you to fix and didn’t expect it will take more than a month to do so.


Sorry Zac for taking so long – I still need to do some further tests, not sure why that color is not being applied everywhere. We will push an update as soon as I find a solution. Thanks

We’re excited to announce a new UPDATE that is now live!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.3.3:

Some new features that were added:

  • Added Autoresize for textareas
  • Fixed Custom Main Color Missing Classes
  • Fixed Flickr Widget Error – user not found
  • Fixed Twitter Feed Widget in Footer
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

Great Theme and also fast friendly and effective support. Just perfect!!!


Thank you!