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Hi! My pages (home and single) are loading the header img in 2 stages – with a little delay between them (first it loads the header image in the default size and then a second later the image gets bigger in the correct size I’ve chosen). Any tips on that?

Here’s my site: www.updateordie.com (check any single page and you will understand what I mean)

Thank you very much.

Hi! That’s because the javascript script that do some calculations in order to place the image in header and align vertically. First the image is loaded and just after javascript is loaded the image jump to the right position. You can try to have smaller size images – that might reduce the loading time but the jump will still be present. Thanks

Hi, Would love to see this theme grow out. Any plans on implementing WooCommerce or any other shopping solution?


Right now we don’t have plans to implement WooCommerce because few have asked for it. You can go to help.pixelgrade.com and add a new feature in the Feature Requests section and if enough people want it we will consider it.


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Hello, how can we change the homepage slider height?


With standard settings it’s almost full-page (too big) changing the settings it becomes too small to be a slider.

I need it to be 50%-60% the height of the screen.

Thanks for help.

Hi. The slider has multiple options. If you go to Theme Options > Home Page you will find the setting for height in pixels. Please note the not everybody has the same display size. If on your display it will be 50% that doesn’t mean that to others that can’t be 70% or 40%.

Reinstallation fixed the custom color problem! Thanks.

Glad to hear that. We will investigate and see why that happens.

Hi, It’s been about a week since I submitted help ticket 2529. Any luck on a solution?

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with Pixelgrade. The ticket is now marked closed, with no explanation or solution. I have listed the issues with the new installation and sent you my login information, yet you have not resolved the problems or had the courtesy to tell me why you could not. I extended you the courtesy of not listing the issues with this theme here initially, and in return you closed my ticket that did list the issues. So here goes. I still have the following issues: 1. Both menus show up at the same time, sticky and standard. http://i44.tinypic.com/2mm9va1.png 2. Images do not load in the slider. http://i39.tinypic.com/n5ig0n.png 3. The footer area is blank. 4. The contact us page is blank. Note this is a clean install. I have deactivated the plugins and left only your required plugins active. Pixelgrade has had over a week to look into this and ensure a fresh installation worked. I have reinstalled the theme, and tried it on a different server. I am sure my rating of this theme will be based on whether or not a clean installation works as described.

Hi Benson and my apologies for this situation! I responded on helpdesk – please let me know if everything it’s ok. Thanks

Thank you for resolving these issues. I appreciate your attention!

Did you guys discontinue CityHub? I love Fuse and was planning on purchasing CityHub, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

Hi Zorrin! Unfortunately yes – CityHub is no longer available on ThemeForest. Sorry about this situation. Best

Can’t tell you how much i love your theme. You can check out what I did with it here: www.wolfshadowphotography.com

One question though – how can I do SEO on the individual portfolio (gallery) pages?


I hear you…i would like to do SEO for the portfolio pages and I see no option to do that within your theme

Unfortunately that it’s not a theme related issue – if you edit a project you should see on the bottom of the page a block named All in One SEO Pack – from there you can do different SEO changes. You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/1df2fUM Thanks

thank you for your prompt response :-)


I am interested in purchasing this theme for my portfolio but would really like to see other examples using your template. Do you have a list of sites that I would be able to browse?

Thank you!


We’re in the process of making a list. In the meantime someone above posted a link: www.wolfshadowphotography.com


My twitter feed is not displaying correctly on iPhone, can you help please?

Hi. Could you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with wp admin access? Thanks

Question: Is there a way to embed mp3 audio on a page?? Instead of a post?

Hi! You can use a plugin like this one: http://bit.ly/1gHLebx Thanks

Great theme! Just purchased it, and having a bit of trouble with the slider. I thought you could have a full screen background image, with a smaller image on top like the 3rd slider in the demo, however I just realized now that that’s a video. How can I do this, because I don’t need a full screen slider. Still want to use a blurred background image though. Thanks!

Hi!You can select a blurred image for the background and inside the content insert an image instead of text. I hope it helps. Thanks

Hi friend,

I am owner of : www.lukaszklosinski.com

On the bottom of the page: http://lukaszklosinski.com/fotografie/ Is: “WI?CEJ…” that is “see more” in english language”.

This button is not working.. please help me

Hi Lukas! Have you done any changes to the theme files? Make sure you didn’t changed the link for that text. I just checked your website and it’s working fine. Thanks


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I hope you guys had a great Christmas and will have a great time tonight.

I am writing with regards to the auto update feature, I’ve been searching the entire admin section to try and have the template updated (currently at 1.3.2) but can’t find it, I’ve updated Fuse twice now from its earlier versions with any issues, but now, I just can’t seem to be able to do it.

Not quite sure if I am doing something wrong here, would appreciate some advice. No rush on this though!

Thanks for your time and I wish you guys all the best in this new year! Mani

Hi Mani and Happy New Year!

Could you please try the manual update solution: Go to your ThemeForest account – Downloads section and there you will see the download button from where you can download the latest version. After this you will need to extract the contents of the archive and upload the theme folder files through FTP to overwrite the old ones.

Let me know if it’s working. Thanks

What are the short codes for this theme (awesome theme btw)

Hi and thank you for your interest! All the shortcodes are presented in the demo pages and so they are:

  1. Grid Columns
  2. Progress Bar
  3. Tabs
  4. Team Member
  5. Icon
  6. Button
  7. Divider
  8. Quote
  9. Testimonials
  10. Arrow

Most of them are shown in About Us page.


I have already bought a few themes but this one is really fantastic.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! We’re so glad you like it

i just learned that you cant see this site on Window xp

IE looks wrong

Thank you for reporting. We will have a look into it but I cannot guarantee that Fuse will work best in IE8 (Win XP). Regards

I add a media on a page with columns around it how can I get rid of the padding?? The way it looks on the office space at your demo.

ignore this

I add a media on a page with columns around it how can I get rid of the padding?? The way it looks on the office space at your demo.

For other queries please use our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

This is really bad that this site wont look good on IE8:( window XP I didnt even realize that!

To better get track of your tickets please keep them in one place. Regards

Where can i GO AND download child theme?

Hi. You can find the child theme folder in the archive you downloaded on purchase. It’s called fuse-child.

thanks for your great theme. it´s amazing! i want to change the style of the projects overview site. but my knowledge about programming is minimal. did you do customization jobs or can you tell me somebody who can do this for me?


Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and give us more details about what you have in mind. Thanks.