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Absolutely love it! The colors and JS are just fabulous. Does the background have a better quality in the downloadable one besides of the PSD ? Also, it might just be me, but the items in the right might look better if they were closer to the right edge.

Beautiful design onuro!! Really stunning!

@Lahdekorpi: I’m glad you loved it, thank you! Yes, the psd has the full quality background but I guess I thought the ridges were something about my buggy lcd monitor, so we might not have the greatest background since I can’t really see the quality difference between the jpeg (even on 100% quality) and PSD in my monitor =/

The layout is for 980 width and the works container box is aligned max to the right, so I think it is your widescreen perception ha =))

@collis: Thank you, I’m flattered!

@segen: Thanks man!

freakin genius…it’s all right there…love it! question: how do you add pieces to the portfolio sections? xml? thanks!!

@kko: even easier, just add them to the HTML !

oh yea… this rox

I like this one. Simple but good use of typography and JavaScript gives all freshness and modern look. Nice work.

I noticed a javascript error in FireFox 3.0 on WinXP.

$.effects is undefined bounceslide()(function()) ui.js (line 34) ui.js()() options.complete();}});},bounceslide:fun…ments);el.dequeue();}});});};})(jQuery);

That’s odd, I just checked it on an another xp computer with ff3 and it looks alright. I will seek into that.

Thank you very much!

Got it. it is fixed.

nice template

this is not a wordpress theme I just purchased, it’s just a html page? am I missing something here?

Hello david, Yes, you are not mistaken, this item is an HTML template =)

Wow, amazing quality!

JWG Purchased

Hello, I purchased your template and it works great. Thanks a bunch!

Hello JWG ,

You’re more than welcome, and thank you!

very very nice job there onuro! love the clean style… :)