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Nice clean design…

Hi – I just purchased this awesome template and was wondering what font you are using for those headings (welcome, services, clients etc)?

It is really cool that this page is working 100% without flash!

Hello thinkability,

Thank you very much! The font used on the headings is Cholla Sans Thin from Emigre font foundry


I love it. I am also using it as my personal portfolio… it is just what I was looking for. I am now trying to add a new section along Print and Digital and also I will have to make the Contact section send email at my address… hope I get them right. :D


Keep them coming…

Hi onuro,

I am trying to make the Contact form work for me and to send emails to my address easier.

Can you help or give me a hint please.

Thank you Constantin

Constantin WOW ! Your adaptation looks amazing, it even looks way hotter than the theme itself!

For the contact form, you can check out my form mailer script here that I included on my other themes.

Thank you!

Ok… you see I am not very good at HTML . :D

What should I do with this… :))

I mean I know how to change some codes, insert my email but I have no idea where to put this php file so I can make the form work.

Amazing theme, it has (almost) everything I could wish for! As I’m not very html-savvy I’m struggling with two issues I hope you can help me with:

1) Like Constantin I have no idea how to implement the sendmail.php

2) Would it be possible to make the lightbox feature work with the view-icon on the “Print” and “Digital” sections? What I mean is that if I click on a thumbnail the lightbox feature will kick in, which is just the way I want it. If I click on the text that says “View” or “Visit” I’m taken to another site but as all my work is related to graphics I would like “View” or “Visit” to also feature the image in lightbox style. Any easy way for me to implement this, you think?

Hope you can understand what I mean :)

Once again, great theme!

Hey guys,

For the sendmail form, It explains pretty detailed, here

And cartesius, the links on the text is exactly why I made them so. So all you need to do is to link that visit anchor to a site or wherever you want other than an image =)

Thank you!

Yes I also like this theme. could you provide me a link on how to edit the psd file – newbie here – especially to edit the Welcome, Contact images.

Thanks in advance

Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl and see what I come up with!

Oh, just one more quick question: I’ve been trying to group the images in sets or groups (one for “Digital” and one for “Print”;) but it looks like the instructions on the Lightbox 2 site does not work with your modification?

@Cartesius: On the contrary, it exactly fits with Lightbox’s needs. All you need to do is set up 2 different lightboxes for each section instead one single on the theme =)

very hot template, congratulations !

thank you oxylusdesign!

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This is so nice, it’s worth 15 USD :D

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There is a error / bug in it, when you have to much content in one of your “accordings” and you open it, then the text will go down into the footer, the footer dont move with the content…

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Me again, theres no bug, i figured it out :)

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea how to set up 2 different lightboxes so I suppose I will have to keep just 1.

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Very nice template definitely worth the $15 USD